Chapter 56

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Arc Suman Dark's Fallen arc
Night 56
Volume Delete
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Nightmare is the fifty-sixth chapter in the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Tyki grabs Allen by the throat and demands to know if he’s Allen Walker.

In the card that has the list of people Tyki is supposed to kill, Cell Roron confirms that Allen is the Allen Tyki is looking for

Tyki, in response, touches Allen’s Innocence arm and severs it from his body. Allen, helpless, can only watch in shock as his arm falls to the ground, both severed ends starting to break apart.

As Tyki explains that members of the Noah Family can destroy Innocence and that, once they find the Heart, they can simply destroy all Innocence by merely destroying the one, Allen asks him to stop. Tyki then proposes that, if he destroys Allen’s Cross and it is the Heart, Suman’s Innocence will be destroyed, as well.

As Allen screams out for him to stop, Tyki plucks the Cross from Allen’s severed arm and crushes it in his hand.

When Suman’s Innocence isn’t destroyed, Cell Roron reminds Tyki to ‘delete’ Allen, making Tyki start to walk towards Allen.

As Tyki approaches him, Allen tells Timcanpy to take Suman’s Innocence and go back to the others, as without Timcanpy, they cannot find Cross. After initially refusing to, Timcanpy takes Suman’s Innocence and flies off, making Tyki order several Akuma to go after him.

Back on Anita’s ship, Lavi notices something flashing in the distance, he and the other Exorcists battle worn and exhausted.

Mahoja notes that the redness of the dawn is an ill omen just before Lenalee arrives, calling out to Lavi for help.

Elsewhere, Tyki bends over Allen’s boy, a Teez coming out of his hand and being aimed at Allen’s chest. Tyki orders the Teeze to just make a small hole in Allen’s heart to he’ll suffer before plunging his hand and the Teez into Allen’s body, making Allen cough up blood.

As he pulls his hand back out, Tyki takes the silver button on Allen’s coat that bares his name, then takes the deck of cards he had given to Allen when the first met on the train and spills them on Allen’s wide-eyed, prone form, wishing him sweet dreams.

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