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I am the fourteenth Noah who destroys everything. I am Nea.

—Nea introduces himself to Allen Walker.

Nea D. Campbell

Neah Walker clean

Character Information
Kana Name ネア・ウォーカー
Rōmanji Name Nea Woka
  • The Fourteenth
  • The Pianist
Gender Male
Age 16
Status Deceased / Process of Reincarnation
Date of Birth Unknown
Affiliation Himself
Memory Destruction
Weapons Ark Control (Pianist)
Race Noah
Blood Type Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Height 177cm (5' 9 3/4")
Weight 58kg (128 lbs)
Seiyū Sanae Kobayashi
Manga Debut Chapter 59
Anime Debut Episode 57
Nea D. Campbell, also referred to as "The Fourteenth", "The Pianist" and "The Musician", was a traitor and disowned member of the Noah Family. He is the younger twin brother of Mana Walker and the adopted uncle of Allen Walker. He was the only individual, besides the 9th of the Noah Family Road Kamelot and the Millennium Earl, who is able to control Noah's Ark by playing his piano.


The 14th human form

The Fourteenth as he appears in the Earl's memories.

Initially, Nea simply appeared to Allen as a shadowed figure with no distinct facial features wearing a large overcoat. Once, he appeared briefly to the Earl in his mind as a young man with unruly, darkly-colored hair.

In his Noah form, Nea appears as a young man with short, unruly dark hair with a line of stigmata on his forehead, wearing a dress shirt, vest,a simple cravat, and an overcoat and white gloves. His facial features have been noted by both Wisely[1] and Allen[2] as making him strikingly similar in appearance to Tyki Mikk, though Tyki has more mature facial features and Nea's hair is shorter and he lacks Tyki's facial mole.


Not much is known about Nea's personality. He often speaks gently to Allen in their encounters, and seems to mean him no harm, despite the fact that he will consume Allen's body and be reborn. It is also apparent that Nea's will is to gain revenge against the Millennium Earl upon his rebirth.[3] No motive has been given as to why Nea betrayed the Earl, though Cross Marian implies in his conversation with Allen Walker that Nea discovered a third side to the war between the Noah Family and the Black Order.[4] However, Nea has shown a ruthless disposition, going as far as to bash Johnny Gill's head into a wall just to converse privately with Timcanpy.

He was, however, very close to his brother, Mana. Road claims that Nea fought on behalf of his brother.[5] Wisely states that Nea experienced the terror of knowing that there is nowhere a Noah can flee and hide from the other Noah 35 years ago.[6]



Nea (right) and Mana Walker (left)

Thirty-five years prior to current events, Nea, in order to become the new patriarch of the Noah Family,[3] attempted to stop the Family and the Millennium Earl's plan to wipe out humanity. He succeeded in killing all the Noahs except Road and the Millennium Earl.[7] During this time, he also locked the location of the Ark above Edo, making it impossible for the other Noah to change its location, although it remained otherwise functional.[8]At some point, he approached Road while she was holding an unconscious Mana with Nea staring angrily as Bookman was watching secretly. It would seem this moment caused his and Mana's mother to have been killed by the Earl, who claimed that it was Mana's fault. Eventually, he went on the run, attempting to keep his brother, Mana, safe and ensuring his eventual reincarnation should he die. He requested that Cross Marian watch over Mana, promising that one day he would return from the dead.[9]When Nea Walker was dying someone who seems to be a matured Allen told Nea that he would protect his memory. [10] After Nea died Mana hugged his dying body.[11]

Nea was eventually killed by the Earl,[8] driving Mana insane[12] and leading Cross to begin to search for his reincarnated form.  Some twenty years later, he was reincarnated within Allen Walker, his adopted nephew.[13]


Suman Dark's Fallen arc

Allen 87

Nea first appears to Allen.

After Allen is nearly killed by Noah Tyki Mikk, he spends some time unconscious, wandering around in his mind in a vaguely sketched, child-like form on a small, paved island in the middle of a body of water flanked with skeletal trees, with a white moon above and a black reflection of the same moon in the water.[14] When Allen looks down into the water and sees the European Branch in shambles within it,[15] Lenalee sitting on the rubble with his body draped across her lap as she cries, Allen reaches out for her, only for a hand to emerge from the water and take his.[16] His form solidified, Allen tries to pull away from the hand, watching as the surface of the lake freezes over, demanding that the hand let him go. The ice cracks, a shadowed form (Nea, though this is unknown to Allen at the time) tells him "no, not can't", and immediately after Allen awakens.[17]

Noah's Ark arc

The 14th

Nea's "Fourteenth" shadow form.

Because of Nea's actions thirty-five years before, Noah's Ark, which the Noah Family has been using for years, is locked in place above Edo, Japan.[8] Road and the Earl attempt to start a 'download' of the old Ark's information to make a new one, but Cross Marian intervenes at the last moment and sends Allen Walker into a special, white room within the crumbling Ark where a piano sits.

Nea tells Allen how to control the Ark.

There, Allen sees the shadow of the Fourteenth again,[18] the Fourteenth speaking to him this time and telling him he can use "his" Timcanpy and the piano, which the Earl does not know of, to pilot the Ark.[19] When Allen tries to ask the Fourteenth who he is, he does not receive an answer, Nea simply continuing to smile at him.[20] As Allen begins to play, recognizing the crest and musical 'notes' Timcanpy is displaying for them, the Fourteenth explains that the notes are a song within Allen,[21] encouraging Allen to "hope" to get the Ark to do what he wants it to.[22]

Invasion of the Black Order arc


Allen accepts the fact that Nea's shadow won't go away.

After appearing in the Ark, Nea begins to appear in his "Fourteenth shadow" form in every reflective surface Allen encounters, throwing Allen off at first[23] before he starts to accept his presence, rationalizing it by thinking of Nea's shadow as being like something of the souls bound to Akuma, something only he can see.[24]

Destruction of the Black Order arc

While packing up the things within the European Branch and preparing to move to a new location, Allen reflects on whether or not Mana loved him or if the man was just using him, willingly looking at the Fourteenths reflection in a mirror as he thinks about Mana telling him (Allen) that he loves him.[25]

Disappearance of Cross Marian arc

Nea's old ally and Allen's master, Cross Marian, eventually chose to reveal that Allen is the host for Nea's rebirth and that he is the brother of Allen's adoptive father, Mana.[26] This revelation ultimately resulted in Allen being placed under even stricter observation, with the Black Order preparing to execute him should Nea overtake his consciousness.[27]

Phantom Thief G arc

14th took control of Allen's body

The Fourteenth takes control of Allen's body.

During battle, Allen deliberately impales both himself and a Level 4 Akuma with his Sword of Exorcism. Because the sword only harms evil things (namely Akuma and Noah), Allen believes that he will not be injured, but begins to cry out in agony as it attempts to exorcise the Noah memory within him.[28] Nea awakens briefly, using the Akuma to call out to the Millennium Earl,[29] but quickly falls back into Allen's subconscious after Yu Kanda calls Allen by a much-detested nickname, "beansprout".[30]

Despite the fact that Kanda is obligated to report any signs of the 14th's awakening, Kanda does not mention the event to anyone and Allen remains unaware of his momentary lapse of control.[31]

Third Exorcists arc

184 008 2

Nea after Allen's dream.

While recovering from the injuries his Sword of Exorcism inflicted upon him, Allen has a dream of Mana, and when he awakens Nea is in control of his body.[32] Nea retreats, though, when a nearby Lenalee Lee calls out to Allen,[33] who saw the look on Allen's face but doesn't comment on it, believing that she just imagined it.[34]

Mystery of Kanda arc

After Allen and Yu Kanda are abducted by the Noah Family and brought to the North American Branch, the Earl speaks to Nea, taunting him into appearing by asking about when Nea used the Level 4 to communicate with him.[35] Nea takes over Allen's body and confirms that he did, indeed, use the Level 4 to call out to the Earl, saying that he wanted him to know that he was back and that he would be coming to kill the Earl so he could take over the title of the "Millennium Earl".[3]

Later, when Kanda impales Allen with his Anti-Akuma Weapon, Mugen, the damaged caused by the Innocence forces Nea's Noah side to react to the pain and take over Allen's body once more.[36]


Nea talking to Allen

While Allen is unconscious, Nea meets him in his mind, keeping Allen chained to an odd, throne-like chair with wings as he comments that the Earl has become a mad puppet of destruction.[37] He then comments that Allen also became an insane puppet before introducing himself by name to Allen.[2] Outside of the area, Timcanpy activates a spell that forces a barrier set up around the North American Branch to explode, which allows Allen's suppressed Pentacle Eye to activate and force Nea back yet again.[38]

Seed of Destruction arc

Fearing that Nea will consume Allen's consciousness and accusing Allen of treason, Allen is imprisoned by the Black Order.[39] During this time, Allen is barely conscious. Nea attempts once more to overtake Allen's mind,[40] but the sudden presence of danger as posed by Apocryphos gives Allen the strength to push him back. Sensing that his 'brother' is in danger, the Millennium Earl sends Tyki and Road to protect Nea's host.[41]


Kanda asks Allen if he is the 14th

Searching for A.W. arc

As Allen is briefly reunited with Kanda and Johnny after three months, he flees from the arriving Akuma. After being taunted by Wisely and Tyki, Nea begins to resurface in Allen. Soon Nea is discovered to have finally awakened and knocks out Johnny. Nea is surprised with Allen's body, commenting on his "white" face and his notable scar. Nea looks to Timcampy and says, "Tim. Tell me about Allen." Timcampy then shows Neah Allen's life then he becomes upset and reveals a flash back of himself with the sword of salvation identical to the Earl's. A man that looks just like Allen was in front of him saying that he'll protect his memory no matter how long it'll take. Then asks himself the question why Allen doesn't remember him. He is soon discovered by Kanda, where he is questioned as the 14th.

However, five minutes before Kanda arrived Nea was watching Allen's memories from Tim and became frustrated over Cross leaving him alone and wonders why Allen doesn't remember him. He says since it really has been 35 years he wonders why Allen's body hasn't become older, but rather younger and is shocked to see Allen's left arm with Innocence and recalls when he met Allen when he was a young adult promising him he would look after Nea no matter what. He tells Allen now they are enemies and will not hesitate to gain his goals and tells Tim not to tell anyone about what happened and from now on he'll see things from Allen's eyes and tells Tim to show him bits of him from time to time and when Allen dreams he will dissipate. He says this is his last journey and now he must fulfill his promise to Mana. As Kanda has Mugen at his throat, Nea switched back with Allen already.

As Allen senses that Apochryphos is near and makes a run for it, The Earl appears before him in an alley, calling him "14th..." He then takes out a balloon and blows in it and attempts to crush Allen with it. He then mutter's Nea's name constantly and displays a far more deranged look as his appearance becomes much more larger and crazier. He asks if Nea recognizes him and as he continues to attack Allen, his face begins to come apart revealing his Noah form inside and looks at an unconscious Allen and almost crushes him as Johnny saves him. He sees Johnny try to take Allen away after seeing a similarity with Mana looking over Nea asking the Earl why did he do this. The Earl's human form then cries asking who Johnny is and angrily throws him to a wall. At that moment, the Earl and Allen seemingly lock minds causing Allen to see the Earl killing Mana's mother calling him "Mana D. Campbell" and he brought upon this tragedy. As Allen questions what he just saw, the Earl then remembers about Mana and shouts that Mana is the cause of everything. Millennium Earl then hugs Allen, after Nea takes over and is shocked by Nea's explanation on why he cared for Nea so much. Nea reveals to the Earl that he is actually Mana and that they weren't twins at first but actually the Millennium Earl himself, two parts of one whole.

Then Nea says that eventually the Millenium Earl returned to the "one" they used to be as his current self, when Mana devoured Nea 35 years ago. But Earl still can't understand what Nea is talking about and why he calles him Mana all over again. Nea adds it's fine even if Mana isn't able to remember this, because he still can destroy Mana. Just as Nea apparently prepares to do so, the agents of the Black Order, who were tasked to find Allen, interfere in the sutuation and try to capture him.

Abilities and Powers

Natural abilities as a Noah: As a Noah, Nea is naturally gifted with abilities that only humans with the Noah gene within their bodies active are able to possess, including a natural command of Akuma, immunity to the Akuma blood virus, and the power to use Dark Matter.


Nea, his Piano, and Timcanpy, his musical "score".

The Pianist: He is also one of the three members of the family that have the authority to control Noah's Ark, the other two being Road and the Millennium Earl.[8] Nea also has the power to pass on his abilities to use Noah's Ark to others, these powers referred to as being his "Will". Wile in Allen's body in Noah's Ark arc, he moved Allen's fingers and controlled the Ark.

Sword: Shown in one of the Flash backs, When The older Allen from 35 years ago, made a deal with Nea, He had the same sword that Millienium Earl uses today. (Could infer that when he killed Nea, he took his sword) [42][43][44]


  • He was the creator of Timcanpy.[19]
  • It is implied that Nea had red hair.
  • Before he died, He made a deal with Cross.[45]


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