Narain is an indian boy who was best friends with Allen during Allen's stay in India. He appears in the episode "My Master, General Cross". He became an akuma's vessel for his sister Mina.

Appearance Edit

Narain is a boy with spikey gingerish hair.

Plot Edit

When Allen decides to tell Lenalee about the kind of person Cross is in liverpool he begins to recount his own experiences with the general, revealing that he did have a best friend named Narain.

At the time, he and Cross had been in India at a royal palace of a lady who Cross was involved with. Narain had worked at the palace along with his sister, while studying to go into medicine.

After one particular incident where Cross threw Allen in front of a horde of Akuma and then had to save him when Allen couldn’t fight them, Cross stepped in to save Allen, calling him useless afterward and demanding Allen make more money tomorrow as punishment. Depressed once again, Allen went to see Narain. However, he found Narain grieving because his sister had died, frustrated that there wasn’t a way in the medical books to bring his sister back -making him feel useless. This was perfect for the Millennium Earl, and Narain became an Akuma. Allen initially couldn’t think of killing his friend, but Cross told Allen not to run away. He wanted Allen to fight and sever the chains of sorrow that bound Narain’s sister’s soul to the Akuma.


Narain fixing Allen's sprained ankle.

After Allen successfully activated his arm and destroyed the Akuma, he found the experience painful, and Cross told him to get used to it, and to harden his heart to such pain in order to make it as an Exorcist.