My Home

Chap205 Cover

Mai Hōmu
Chapter Information
Release Date April 21, 2011
Magazine Jump Square
Arc Seed of Destruction arc
Night 205
Volume Fate
Episodes adapted from this chapter Episode 12
Chapter Guide
Premonitions of Separation
Extra Story - Maria's Sight

My Home (マイホーム, Mai Hōmu) is the two hundred and fifth chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Lenalee Lee leaps off of Headquarters and begins a desperate search for Allen Walker. Inside of the Order, desperate personnel begin to try to rationalize why he would leave, some believing he has betrayed them and others firmly loyal to him, but unable to explain it, themselves. An upset Komui Lee takes command of the Exorcists and the CROW and orders them to forgo capturing the Noah, only wanting Allen to be captured and brought back before he can escape. As Apocryphos sneaks away, unnoticed, Malcolm C. Lvellie finds Howard Link and begs Zu Mei Chang to save him. Chaos reigns in the Black Order European Branch. Elsewhere, Tyki Mikk tries to escape with Allen and Road Kamelot, but, unable to convince Allen to follow him, he flees, leaving Allen to ponder over how he can call the Noah monsters when Allen holds two monsters within his own body; the memories of a Noah and the Innocence. Road then awakens and tells Allen what Neah Walker's last words to Mana Walker were: "Don't stop. Keep walking forward." The same words Mana left for Allen when he, himself, died. With his allies closing in to capture him, Allen opens an Ark Gate to escape just as Lenalee arrives. When she yells at him, Allen embraces her, assures her that he will always be an Exorcist, tells her he loves her and everyone at the Order, and then steps back into the Gate as it shatters, leaving Lenalee to collapse and cry out in sorrow.

Chapter Notes Edit

  • Renny was aware of the existence of Apocryphos.

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