Miss Bonnaire is a drag queen who was involved in the Phantom thief G case in Paris. She joined the Black Order as a Finder afterwards.

Appearance Edit

Miss Bonnaire is a transvestite man with light hair. He wears heavy lipstick and makeup on his eyes but months of unshaving seem to have let him grow his beard.

After joining the Black Order he can have shaved and he now can be seen with a brown ponytail and a strand of hair on each side of his face. He is tall and wears a handband.

Personnality Edit

He seems to have a sedate demeanour, calmly thinking his situation and being the one who correctly puts the clues about G together. He is not shy neither, easily calling cute the exorcists who just entered the room. As a drag queen he displays a rather effeminate behaviour

History Edit

6 months before the arrival of the exorcists in Paris, Bonnaire was taken over by Timothy who used his body to commit thief. Still he was arrested by Inspector Galmar and put into jail where he soon became the "leader of the cell".

Plot Edit

Phantom Thief G Arc Edit

Bonnaire made correct assumptions about G's nature. When Gigi Lujun and finders were arrested by Galmar and put in the cell as well he explained them his point of view which them believed. Later the exorcists from the HQ arrived and after calling Allen and Kanda cute, he confided them his assumptions about G.

Later when hearing the finders talking about the Order coming to free them he complains about having noone coming for him. Gigi proposes him to go with them and become a finder but Bonnaire is not fond of the idea. When Reever Wenhamm arrives for them, Bonnaire seems to have love at first sight and suddenly jumps on him. Bonnaire is freed along with the black order members.

The Maiden's Rhapsody (Reverse) Edit

Bonnaire is revealed to have joined the Black Order as a finder to stay with his crush Reever. Rohfa seems him arguing with Jerry about the cooking.

Seed of Destruction Arc Edit

Bonnaire is seen eating next to Rob Neal at the table.

Trivia Edit

  • Bonnaire's hobbies are yoga,, kickboxing and makeup. He likes Reever and needs love.

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