Miranda Lotto's Feelings


Miranda Rottō no Omoi
Episode Information
Air Date December 12, 2006
Arc Rewinding Town Arc
Episode 11
Opening Song Innocent Sorrow
Ending Song Snow Kiss
Episode Guide
The Bad Luck Woman's Innocence
And Snow Falls Over the Town

Miranda Lotto's Feelings (ミランダ·ロットーの思い Miranda Rottō no Omoi) is the eleventh episode of the series D.Gray-man written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


The terrible realization that Road Kamelot is a human horrifies Allen, who cannot understand why a human and akuma work together. The talking umbrella Lero chastises Road for going against the Earl's plans, but Road points out this little incident was only to 'spice things up'. To prove herself as different from regular humans, Road stabs herself with Allen's Innocence, only to recover right in front of him quickly. She stabs Allen in the cursed eye, and makes to kill Miranda, but Allen rescues her. Through this Miranda has a realization about herself, which causes a reaction from the Innocence.

Synopsis Edit

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