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Character OutlineEdit

Mightra (マイトラ , Maitora) is the 13th disciple and the Noah Family who represents the "Ability" (能 ,) of Noah. They are in charge of handling the Noah's technology and was the one who created Noah's Ark and the Skulls.[1] The name of their current reincarnation is unknown.

Appearance Edit


Maitora´s introduction

Maitora is only seen briefly, wearing an odd, striped, full-body suit with three tassels on the head; one on the crown and one on each side of where their face would be.

Personnality Edit

Mightra has yet to be seen speaking but according to the author, Mightra is a very  inconspicuous Noah. They take care of everything behind the scenes: They are like a lentigo.[2]


Third Exorcists arcEdit

Maitora is only briefly seen at Wisely's awakening.[3]


Natural abilities as a Noah: As a Noah, Mightra has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of their abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, they are immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to the human's touch.

Ability: True to their "representation", Mightra is a sort of creator, being the one who made the technology that works Noah's Ark as well as being the creator of the spell that makes the Skulls.[2]

Magic: Going hand in hand with their ability, Maitora masters Magic.

Known Spells:

  • オン (On). Abata Ura Masarakato, System Conversion, Arise (起): Spell used to turn humans into Skulls.[4] Newborns are very weak and will turn into sand if not cared for after being transformed Mightra created this spell.[5]

Trivia Edit

  • Mightra didn't appear during the Noah's ark arc because true to their role, they worked behind the scenes. [2]

Reference Edit

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