Message from judge


メッセージ フロム ジャッチ
Messeeji Furomu Jacchi
Chapter Information
Arc Edo and Asian Branch Arc
Night 78
Volume Our Hope
Chapter Guide
Nightmare Paradise
Battle·Edo + China

Message from judge is chapter 78 of the D.Gray-man manga written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

The Noah are in a strange place with lots of painting and a weird giant head. They comment that they feel familiar with the location even though they seldom came here. The Earl explains that the Noah's Ark they are in is the craddle of Mankind. He reminds them the great flood and the history of Noah. After Tyki notes that Akumas and humans come from the same place the Earl orders them to go back to work. Road on her side is beginning the download of the Ark.

On the exorcist side, Chomesuke pains to resist the Earl's message. All the akumas of Japan are rassembling in the capital. The Earl tells Tyki not to underestimate the exorcists. Upon this words, Tyki decides to send a level 3 akuma to the Asian Branch to make sure Allen Walker is dead.

The Earl thinks about the generals in Japan and he sends an army of akumas to eliminate them. In the Asian Branch, Allen's eye reacts.

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