Marian Unit is the exorcist Unit of General Cross Marian. Though Cross doesn't seem to have trained himself every exorcist in his unity, the Marian Unit was sent to help him during the General Hunt of the Noah Family. With the disparition of the general, Cross united was dissolved and his members transfered to other units.

Members Edit

  • Cross Marian - Leader
  • Allen Walker: Allen was found by Cross after he lost his adoptive father. From this moment, Allen has been the apprentice of Cross for three years until he sent him to the European Branch to become an exorcist.
  • Lenalee Lee: Lenalee doesn't seem to have been trained by Cross but she was apparently integrated in his unit because her cuteness was a good way to keep Cross from running away from the Black Order.
  • Bookman : Bookman asked himself to be in Cross Unit because he was interested in Allen Walker who was his apprentice.
  • Lavi : Lavi followed his mentor in the Unit.

History Edit

As a general, Cross Marian is knowk for disappearing for years without giving news to the Black Order. When Lenalee Lee's general died, she was transfered to Cross unit to prevent him from disappearing too much. Seven years ago, Cross found Allen Walker, the host of the fourteenth Noah he had been searching for almost 30 years. Three years later, when the kid's foster father died, Cross took him with him as his apprentice and formed him to be an exorcist during 3 years before sending him to the headquarters. Bookman who was interested by the boy asked to be transfered to Marian Unit along with his disciple Lavi.

When the Noah started to target generals, Cross Unit was sent to find him and escort him back to the headquarters. Cross himself was targeted by twins Jasdevi but he kept escaping them and make fools out of them. The exorcists traveled up to far east and finally reached Japan where they fought the Noah Family. They were sucked into the Ark and had to fight again to escape the doomed ship. They were eventually saved by the general himself and returned to the headquarters alltogether.

A few months later, Marian was shot by Apocryphos and his body disappeared. The unit was dissolved and the exorcists were dispatched in other units.

Navigation Edit

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