Character OutlineEdit

Maosa Han (マオサ・ハン, Maosa Han)is one of three surviving crewmembers of Anita's ship after it was attacked by Akuma at sea. He is the older brother of Chaozii Han.[1] He later became a Finder at the Black Order.

Appearance Edit

Maosa is a young man of asian descent of rather high height. He has dark somewhat spikey hair and his eyes are never visible.

Personality Edit

He is worried and protective toward his younger brother. He cherishes the hope of becoming a finder which he finally did.[1]

History Edit

He grew up with his brother and at some point they became part of the crew of Anita's ship. His mother was killed by an akuma while pregnant, she could only deliver Chaozi thanks to Anita and her mother. [2]

Plot Edit

Edo and Asian Branch Arc Edit

Maosa embarked with the others members of the crew in Anita's ship. He along with Kie and Chaozi managed to survive the battle on the see. They went into the lifeboat with the exorcists and tearfully went away from the collapsing ship and the crew in it.

In Japan they followed the exorcists and survived until reaching the capital. After the battle against the noah they reunited with general Tiedoll and his apprentice under a bridge. He and Kie were not wrapped in the Noah's ark unlike CHaozi.

Noah's ark arc Edit

He stayed next to the remaining exorcists while they fought multiple giant akumas. After the battle he reunited with Chaozi. They all joined the black order, Kie and Maosa hoping to become finders.

Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc Edit

Maosa is sent in London with a group of exorcists to look for the Innocence in the ring of late Mister Martin. After being defeated in chess, he protects the innocence from akumas with his talisman until Howard Link wins the game. They then depart with the innocence. He and Kie leave the exorcists before Father Frederico's church as they have some buisness to do.

Searching for A.W. arc Edit

He is seen next to Chaozi and Kie preparing for missions.

Trivia Edit

  • Maosa's interests include wood carving, he likes beer, and he dislikes tomatoes and the smell of strong perfumes.[3] [4]

References Edit

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