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Hello and welcome to D.Gray-Man Encyclopedia, the encyclopedia for the anime and manga that anyone can edit. We currently have 569 articles and 2,592 files since April 2008, please feel free to contribute to our site and help use build the most informative site about the work of Katsura Hoshino. Don't hesitate to check our forums if you will to discuss the manga, anime or other stuff!

Please be aware, before progressing any further, that this site contains heavy SPOILERS.
  • The autumn edition of Jump SQ.Crown instead of a new chapter D.Gray-man published the finalized one-shot of Hoshino :"Demon King: re.» (妖 の 王

re.) </font>

Random Featured Article
Random Featured Article
Maashiima Mercym is the 7th disciple of the Noah family and he represents the Pity of Noah.
Random Quote
To me, the world is not only the shape on the map. On the battle field, all I see are the faces of the order and my friends... I am an awful person aren't I? Instead of the real world, all I care about is my friends. That's because they are my whole world... Even if just one of my friends dies, to me, it's the same thing as part of the world being destroyed.
— Lenalee Lee is terrified at losing a friend of hers.


Plot of D.Gray-man
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Allen Walker Full

See also: Timeline and Story ArcsAllen Walker a 15-year old kid whose left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and destroy Akumas, evolving machines created by The Earl of Millennium to help him destroy humanity. He got trained by one of the Black Order generals Cross Marian which he told him that he can become an Exorcist, humans who can destroy Akuma, for the Black Order, an organization attempting to stop the Earl. Allen became a powerful asset for the organization because he can detect disguised Akuma's with his Cursed Eye. During his battle, Allen meets others exorcists namely Lenalee Lee a young chinese girl, Yu Kanda a japanese swordsman and Lavi heir of the Bookman Clan and makes many friends. But The Earl gathes the Noah Family superhuman descendants of Noah who can destroy Innocence. Both side start to make their search for the Heart the most powerful piece of Innocence that will ensure victory to the side that finds it.


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  • ...That Hoshino moved to Tokyo in 1998 which she also dreamed of bringing her mother to the city which she was able to do it in 2006?


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