The Lvellie Family is one of the founding families of the Black Order. Its current head is Malcolm C. Lvellie.


The Lvellie Family was one of the families responsible for helping found the Black Order over a hundred years ago.[1] Since the Black Order's founding, members of the Lvellie Family have held positions of power, both within the Order and within Central, offices based in the Vatican that oversee the liaison between the Pope and the Chief Officer of the Order.

So devoted was the Lvellie Family to their duty to the Order that, back when potential Accommodators were forcibly bonded with Innocence, they offered up one of their own daughters to the service of the Order, making her a "saint."[2] It has been strongly implied that this girl was Hevlaska.[3] It is because of their relation to this saint that the members of the Lvellie Family have been able to secure the positions they have.[4]

It was the Lvellie Family who was largely responsible for the Black Order's policy of forcibly bonding people who were believed to be potential Accommodator's to Innocence, which resulted in over sixty children, including members of the Lvellie Family, turning into Fallen Ones.[5] This policy would stand firm and was common practice for almost a hundred years, until Komui Lee became the Chief Officer of the Black Order and had it revoked.[6]

Position and Duties Edit

Though only one member of the family, Malcolm C. Lvellie, has been seen, the Lvellie Family is large, and most of its members are officials in Central.[7]

As they are descendants of a saint, all family members have to get marry when they are in age for fathering. [8]

Family MembersEdit

Name Position Status
Malcolm C. Lvellie Chief Inspector of Central to the Black Order Alive
Hevlaska Holder of The Cube; Family Saint Alive
Lvellie's father Officer of Central Unknown
Malcolm C.Lvellie's wife Deceased[9]
Malcolm C.Lvellie's siblings All deceased

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