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Mister Lvellie is the father of Malcolm C. Lvellie and was presumably the family head before his son.

Appearance Edit

Lvelie senior

Lvellie full face from the anime

He is quite similar to his son in appearance. He is very tall and has the same strand of hair as his son. His hair, beard and moustache are very dark .

Personality Edit

His authoritarianism and ruthlessness are part of what made his son what he is now. He is only shown in one panel in which he reacted violently to his son's commentary to Hevlaska.

History Edit

As a member of the Lvellie family he was highly placed in the Black Order Hierarchy.

He got married following the family's tradition and fatherd several children. He used several of them in the experiments conducted by the Black Order for the holy war. His only offspring still alive is Malcolm.

At some point when Malcolm was a child, he called Hevlaska a killer of her own family. The father, wrathful violently slapped him.

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