Lulu Bell (ルル = ベル, Ruru Beru) is the twelfth disciple of the Noah Family, and the current incarnation of Lustol (ラストル, Rasutoru). She represents the "Lust" (色, Iro ) of Noah. She is one of the main antagonists of the Invasion of the Black Order Arc and the main antagonist of the anime-only Lulu Bell's Attack Arc.

Appearance Edit

Lulu Bell in her human form

Lulu Bell in her human form

Lulu Bell appears as a beautiful, but cold and outwardly emotionless young woman in her early- to mid-twenties with long blonde hair tied with a purple ribbon, which holds a small bell. She always wears dark shades and her eyes are rarely open; when they are, she is extremely serious. She is often seen wearing a black suit with a blue tie and high-heeled boots.

While in her human form, Lulu Bell was one of the women Lavi considered to be physically attractive.

In her Noah form, her hair darkens to black and she removes her shades to reveal her eyes, which are gold upon transforming. She has black nails and her hair loosen a bit to reveal her forehead (and middle stigma)

In the anime, she also appears disguised as a black cat with a pale silver stigmata on her forehead and the ribbon and bell around her neck.

Personality Edit

Lulu Noah

Lulu Bell in her Noah form

As the Noah that protects lust, Lulu Bell is more subdued, quiet and calm, prefers to stay in the shadows, analyzing the situation and her opponents before fighting on her own. Personality wise she is quiet and polite, while elegant and refined. Her talking is somewhat clumsy. [1]

She likes to play with her victims causing them to fall into her traps continuously. She's a strategist. Unlike the other Noah, who usually attack their opponents directly, she uses masses of Akuma to aid her, though she is able to carry on fights on her own. Though she is cruel and merciless in the quest to destroy her enemies she is not heartless. Her softer side is show in her relationship with Mimi. She is attached to her Akuma servant and though she has no problem sacrificing other Akuma to complete her mission, she values Mimi, giving her one of her bells as a keepsake. She is the only Noah to actually save one of their Akumas. She even mourns Mimi's death something the other Noahs would never do. 

She is also one of the Noah who shows more respect and obedience to their master, the Millennium Earl. She is a stern young woman . She shows a very high investment in her Noah role as she cried when she failed her mission to retrieve the egg. 

Most of her interests and concerns seem to revolve around the Earl as she likes watching him, sleeping on his lap, his smile and she dislikes when he is sad. It could be noted that their relationship is not unlike that of a pet and its own, making Lulu Bell a person with a personality similar to an animal's.[2] 

Personal StatisticsEdit

Statistics Previous[3] Current[4]
Sophistication 2 2
Humanity 1 1
Combat Ability 4 4
Mental 4 4
Flexibility 1 1
Extra Statistics
Loyalty 5 5

Previous Incarnation Edit

Original Lustol Edit

Like all Noah, the first Lustol assisted the millennium earl during his battle against Innocence. When he was defeated and the earth was submerged, Lustol found refuge in the Noah's Ark and there bred, becoming one of the twelve ancestors of mankind.

Previous Lustol Edit

The previous Lustol was killed by Nea D. Campbell 35 years before the beginning of the story.

History Edit

At some point of her life she awakened as a Noah and swore loyalty to the Earl of Millennium. Her awkward talking maybe caused by a particular childhood. [1]


The Black Order Attempted Annihilation Incident arcEdit

Lulu Bell is first seen, briefly, during a family meeting, when the Earl of Millennium decides to make his first move against the Black Order in some time.[5]

The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story.

Lulu Bell's Attack arc Edit

Lulu (2)

Lulu spying on the Exorcists

The Earl orders Lulu Bell to eliminate the exorcists Allen, Lavi, Lenalee and Krory, who are searching for Cross Marian. She has to stop them from reuniting with Cross. She starts by disguising as Lenalee to lure Krory and kill him, but the other exorcists notice Krory missing and go after him. When they meet up with him they find out that there are two Lenalees. The exorcists get separated, Allen and Krory, Lavi and Lenalee. When Allen and Krory get separated, Lulu Bell's attacks mostly focus on them. The exorcists eventually reunite.

The Crystal Girl arc Edit

After the Earl found out about the Innocence of Mei-Ling, he ordered Lulu Bell to destroy it, which she did successfully ending her path before becoming an official Exorcist. But in the process of doing that, Lulu Bell's Akuma servant died.

Concludes non-canon section.

Noah's Ark arcEdit

Road and Lulu

Road and Lulu watching the Millenium Earl

When the Earl's download of the information of Noah's Ark seems assured, Lulu Bell is seen arriving through one of Road's doors and asking if the Earl is really so worried about the Fourteenth that he'd go to the lengths of destroying the Ark go get rid of him. When the Earl asks her what she means, Lulu Bell points out that, while he is celebrating, he is also crying an seems sad.[6] Then, when Allen manages to use the piano in the room Cross Marian sent him to cancel the download and stabilize the old Ark, leaving the new one the Earl was attempting to create incomplete, Lulu Bell notes that eighty percent of the data was lost and that the destabilization of their attempts must have been what Cross had been after.[7]

Invasion of the Black Order arc Edit

Not long after the Earl's failure to completely download the Ark, Lulu Bell is sent to infiltrate the Black Order European Branch, killing and disguising herself as Oceanian Branch Head Andrew Nansen to sneak in. Once she is inside and is in Laboratory 5 and within reach of the Akuma Egg, she attacks and seriously injures Johnny Gill[8] while shedding her disguise and opening up an Ark Gate to let in an army of Level 3 Akuma that have been sent to accompany her.[9] As her Akuma begin to attack, Lulu Bell calmly introduces herself to the panicked scientists, remarking that the Earl has always told her to be polite.[10]

Lulu and the Akuma Egg

Lulu Bell with the Akuma Egg

After her Akuma have immobilized most of the scientists and lined them up to the Skulls can begin sorting through them, Lulu Bell goes to the Akuma Egg and presses herself to it, embracing it.[11] When Allen Walker and Bookman arrive via their own Ark Gate, Lulu Bell lets her Akuma handle them while opening a black Ark Gate, planning to withdraw once they have secured the Akuma Egg.[12] Then, when Allen is captured by several Level 3 Akuma, Lulu Bell goes over to him and strikes him,[13] knocking him out and cancelling his Crowned Clown invocation before remarking that they'll take him with them when they leave.[14] After she orders the withdrawal of their units, ordering the rest of the scientists in the lab to be killed, she lets an Akuma drop her into the black Ark Gate along with the Egg, but before the Egg can be taken, Miranda Lotto arrives and pulls it back into the lab with her Time Record, and when Komui Lee orders the Egg's destruction and the Generals prepare to comply, Lulu Bell comes back and traps Miranda within her water form,[15] demanding that she release her invocation.[16]
Water Lulu

Lulu Bell's Watery form

As the Generals begin to fight Lulu Bell, she protects it, but is unable to keep them from damaging it.[17] Lulu Bell then tries to use Miranda as a hostage to keep the Generals from damaging the Egg further,[18] but when that doesn't work and the Exorcists attack with their full power, Lulu Bell is forced to revert back into her human form as the Egg sinks into her Ark Gate.[19] She notices a white spot on the Egg's surface, though, and, realizing it is Allen, she screams out at him to not damage the Egg further, calling Allen a bastard as he destroys the Egg and flees back to the laboratory with Miranda.[20]

Lulu bell

Lulu Bell at the dinner party

Once she has returned to the Noah Family, Lulu Bell, distraught by her failure, locks herself away, and is noted by Road to have been "weeping pitifully."[21]

In the anime she is seen next to the Earl at the party he is hosting and commenting on their future plans.

Artificial Exorcists arc Edit

When the Noah Family was gathered together, Lulu Bell is shown among them in the form of a black panther.[22]

During the assault on the North American Branch, Lulu Bell is seen in Greece in the form of a dragon, facing

Lulu dragon

Lulu Bell as a dragon in Greece

off against Klaud Nine, Lenalee Lee, Goushi and Timothy Hearst.[23] As the Noah retreat, Lulu Bell taunts Lenalee and the others, telling them that Allen will soon become a Noah and that they can either believe in a Noah or destroy Allen like they had been forced to the Third Exorcists.[24]

Abilities Edit

Natural abilities as a Noah: As a Noah, Lulu has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of her abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, she is immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to humans. It seems the Dark Matter also grants her the extreme increases in speed, strength, endurance and power.

Lulubell water

Lulu Bell in her water form, taking the Akuma Egg

Shapeshift (変身[25] Henshin): Lulu Bell represents the Lust of Noah. She has the power to change, adjust, alter, adapt, transform, and shape-shift her body in anyway she wishes and into whatever she wants, be it alive or inanimate, her transformations can even seemingly break the law of conservation of mass. Instead of extreme transformations she could just change the color of her hair, skin, eye color, alter her smell, shift genders, or species, etc. The transformations she has shown so far include:

  • Human disguise: By altering her body shape, height, face and color skin she can transform into whoever she wants, using this as a disguise to deceive acquaintainces of the person. She used this skill to pose as Black Order Oceanian Branch Head Andrew Nansen to infiltrate the European Branch,[26] Even Allen Walker's cursed eye couldn't it through it.
  • 'Water humanoid' :  A massive, multi-armed, humanoid creature[27]. It can flood someone into its body and let them drown. The creature is seemingly immune to physical attacks given its liquid nature.   In this form, Lulu Bell can further alter so the arms take on a solid construction. The arms are solid enough and move quick enough to parry the blows of Critical Point animal innocence Lau Shimin and even punch him away. [28]
Lulu Bell as a Cat

Lulu Bell in her cat form

  • Panther: A big Black Panther. [30]
  • Dragon : A Dark-colored (black in the anime) imposing dragon with four legs, two bat-like wings and a very long tail. [31] It can fly and though it didn't show his battle ability is probably very dangerous.
  • Cat : In the anime, Lulu Bell is seen taking the form of a black cat. The form was later draw by the author on a supplementary material with a 12 (her apostle number) on the forehead.[32]

For close-combat purposes, Lulu Bell can change her right hand into a whip with a spade-shaped blade on the end.[33]

Major Battles Edit

  • Lulu Bell and Mimi VS Allen Walker, Lenalee Lee, Arystar Krory III and Lavi
  • Lulu Bell VS Allen Walker
  • Lulu Bell VS Winters Socalo, Cloud Nine and Cross Marian
  • Lulu bell VS Klaud Nine's team


  • Lulu Bell's interests include carefree strolling, she likes milk and dislikes vacuum cleaners.[34]
  • The word (色, Iro) in Japanese literally means "color" but it is mostly used with a sexy implication and is often used in sentences expressing the attractiveness of a woman. Hence the choice of "lust" (which is also the base nounce for "Lustol") as a translation.
  • Lulu Bell is the only character's name which uses a "=" instead of "" as a separation. This may be used as a hyphen (-) to make an hyphenated first name or double-barreled first name (fr) such as it is common in few languages like French. In such case case "Lulu-Bell" would be the first name and her surname would be unknown.
  • Her ribbon was given to her by the Earl of millennium. [2]


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