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The episodes of the D.Gray-man anime are based on the manga series of the same name written by Katsura Hoshino. They are directed by Osamu Nabeshima and produced by Dentsu, TMS Entertainment, Aniplex and TV Tokyo. TMS Entertainment produced the animation and Aniplex was responsible for the music production. The plot of the episodes follows the adventures of Allen Walker, an exorcist that wields the power of "Innocence" in order to fight against the The Millennium Earl, an ancient sorcerer seeking to destroy the world with monsters called akuma.

The episodes began airing on October 3, 2006 in Japan on TV Tokyo. The first season of the anime, known as the "1st stage", aired for 51 episodes, finishing its run on September 25, 2007. The second season, known as the "2nd stage", began airing on October 2, 2007, and finished its run on September 30, 2008, lasting 52 episodes. The English adaptation of the series has been licensed by Funimation, and the first season of the anime is set to air in the beginning of 2009.

Twelve pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: four opening themes and eight closing themes. Singles have been released of the individual songs, and three original soundtracks, each containing tracks of the series' theme music, have been released on March 21, 2007, December 19, 2007, and December 17, 2008 respectively.

Twenty-six DVD compilations have been released by Aniplex between the first on February 7, 2007 and the latest on March 4, 2009. The first thirteen compilations contain episodes of the first season, and all successive compilations have episodes of the second season. On March 31, 2009, Funimation released the first thirteen episodes of the anime as a DVD compilation. The next thirteen episodes were released on June 23, 2009, and on Blu-ray released on January 5, 2010.

Episode list

Season 1: 2006 - 2007

Image Episode Title Air Date #
Episode 1 The Boy Who Hunts Akuma

Akuma o Karu Shonen
October 3, 2006 #1
Allen Walker and his golem, Timcampy have recently arrived in London, planning to visit the Black Order Headquarters. Meanwhile, Officers Moore and Charles are investigating a supposedly haunted church. While searching this abandoned building, Moore and Charles are separated due to Allen's "kidnapping" of Moa. After he is handcuffed to a chair, Allen tries to explain his situation to Moa when Charles is suddenly killed. Since Moa was unconscious due to the attack, Allen is suspected of Charles's death. Allen attempts to tell the chief that an akuma killed Charles and that he would like to help. However, due to the disbelief of the chief, Allen is placed under house arrest while the rest of the police unit investigate the church themselves. During his stay at Moa's home, Allen explains to Moa about akuma and later on, he meets Moa's brother-in-law, Marc, who is the akuma that killed Charles and countless others who visited the church. Upon investigating, Allen finds out that Moa's sister, Claire, is the soul entrapped in the akuma. The akuma later kills the police units excluding Moa and later, Allen destroys it by using his anti-akuma weapon.
Episode 2 The Black Order (Episode)

Kuro no Kyōdan
October 10, 2006 #2
Allen finally arrives at the Black Order Headquarters. Due to a misunderstanding, everyone thinks he is an akuma. Yu Kanda confronts Allen and damages his anti-akuma weapon. Eventually, it is resolved when Komui finds a letter of introduction from Allen's master, Cross Marian. Afterwards, Allen is allowed into Headquarters and is given a tour by Komui's sister, Lenalee Lee. After getting his arm repaired by Komui, Allen is examined by Hevlaska, an exorcist who is able to measure his synchronization ratio. In addition, she predicts that Allen will create a powerful "Destroyer of Time" in a dark future. From Komui, Allen learns more about the war between the Earl and the Innocence. Reever Wenham, the unfortunate assistant to Komui, is introduced in this episode as well. We also get a glimpse of Allen's "dark" yet comical past with Cross Marian.
Ep003 The Ghost of Mater

Matēru no Bōrei
October 17, 2006 #3
After Komui wakes up from his nap, he assigns Allen and Kanda on a mission to investigate strange occurrences in the ruins of a town called Mater, located in Southern Italy. An Innocence is discovered there, but it is in danger of being taken by the akuma. There is a legend that a ghost roams Mater, killing anyone who wanders near it. The ghost is somehow connected to the Innocence. Along the way, Allen talks to Toma, a Finder, who told him about how strange occurrences in history are usually related to the Innocence. Meanwhile, the Finders in Mater capture two akuma in barriers, but they are attacked by a third one. Shortly after the two exorcists and Finder arrive, they witness the akuma attacking the last remaining Finders. While Allen runs to fight the akuma and tries to save the Finders, Kanda rescues Guzol and Lala, whom the Finders protected in a barrier. During Allen's fight against the last akuma, the akuma evolves to Level 2 and calls himself Clown Akuma. Kanda refuses to help Allen and leaves with the Mater residents to a safe place. The episode ends with a stunned Allen being attacked by another Allen.
Ep004 Aria of the Land and the Night Sky

Old Man of the Soil and a Lonely Night's Aria
October 24, 2006 #4
Allen sees two of him but realizes that it's the Clown Akuma. He tells Allen that level 2 akuma gain new abilities. His ability is to imitate anybody. Allen and Kanda struggle to protect the Innocence from Pierrot and are forced into hiding in a secret underground chamber beneath the city, where they learn that the ghost of Mater is not the old man but is really the young girl that is always with him. They also learn that the ghost of Mater is not really a ghost but a moving and singing doll.
Ep005 Let Me Hear the Lullaby

Komoriuta o Kikasete
October 31, 2006 #5
After discovering the truth about the Ghost of Mater, a conflict arises between Allen and Kanda. When Pierrot makes an attack, Allen's Innocence transforms into two new type of weapons, thus initiating the final battle against Pierrot.
Ep006 That Which Calls Out Disaster

Wazawai o Yobu Mono
November 7, 2006 #6
On the way back to Headquarters, Allen meets a boy named Jean who is interested in the extermination of akuma. Despite Allen's warnings, Jean heads out with his friend, Leo, to take down the most vile evil there is. Allen must now confront his demons to show Jean the truth of what stands in front of him.
Ep007 Tombstone of Memories

Kioku no Bohyō
November 14, 2006 #7
Allen reveals his tragic past about his adoptive father, Mana Walker, and how he met General Cross Marian, one of the five exorcist generals of the Black Order. Lenalee joins Allen in the cemetery to help destroy the akuma and help Jean's friend Leo, who has turned into an akuma, to find peace in the next world.
Ep008 The Black Order Annihilation Incident (Episode)

Kuro no Kyōdan Kaimetsu Jiken!?
November 21, 2006 #8
Komui's latest invention, Komurin II, is designed to make exorcists stronger. However, Komurin II goes out of control and starts hunting the exorcists within the Black Order. Its all the scientists can do as they try to stop the robot from capturing Allen, and despite his experience with Komurin I, Kanda refuses to help. Meanwhile outside of the Black Order, the Millennium Earl holds a dinner with several strange humans with golden eyes and crucifixes on their foreheads, one of which is a young girl with spiky dark hair.
Ep009 The Rewinding Town

Makimodoshi no Machi
November 28, 2006 #9
Allen and Lenalee are sent to investigate a town where the day of October 28 keeps repeating itself. Once there, they meet a woman named Miranda Lotto and thus learn of her significance to the strange phemonenon of the town. The Millennium Earl announces to his family, the Noah Clan, that it is time for them to head out and continue their mission, thus leading one of the Noah, the young spiky haired girl Road Kamelot, to investigate the Rewinding Town.
Ep010 The Bad Luck Woman's Innocence

Fukō na Onna no Inosensu
December 5, 2006 #10
Allen and Lenalee resolve to help Miranda in order to prevent time from repeating itself. Unbeknownst to them, Road has been watching their every move and has special plans for them.
Ep011 Miranda Lotto's Feelings

Miranda Rottō no Omoi
December 12, 2006 #11
The terrible realization that Road Kamelot is a human horrifies Allen, who cannot understand why a human and akuma work together. The talking umbrella Lero chastises Road for going against the Earl's plans, but Road points out this little incident was only to 'spice things up'. To prove herself as different from regular humans, Road stabs herself with Allen's Innocence, only to recover right in front of him quickly. She stabs Allen in the cursed eye, and makes to kill Miranda, but Allen rescues her. Through this Miranda has a realization about herself, which causes a reaction from the Innocence.
Ep012 And Snow Falls Over the Town

Soshite Machi ni Yuki ga Furi...
December 19, 2006 #12
Thanks to Miranda's Innocence, Allen and Lenalee temporally recover and fight for survival against Road and her akuma. Just when things seem to be going well, Road decides to torment Allen by ordering an akuma to self-destruct, explaining that an akuma who dies this way will never be saved and their soul will be forever lost. Desperately, Allen tries to exorcise the akuma before it happens, but Lenalee stops him, and the akuma explodes. The soul is seen begging for Allen's help, and he takes out his anger on Lenalee, who slaps him before telling him as a friend she had to stop him. Road laughs at the scene before leaving, and Allen tries to stop her, but is unable to bring himself to kill the Noah. Road leaves the dimension promising Allen that they will meet again. The Exorcists, along with Miranda, return to Miranda's home. Then, Miranda turns off her innocence (after some persuasion by Allen and Lenalee), causing the injuries Allen and Lenalee sustained to come back.
Ep013 With the Coat

Kōto to Tomo ni
December 26, 2006 #13
The battle with Road is finally over and Allen is unsure on his reasons for becoming an exorcist, but after meeting a new exorcist partner, Lavi, his sense of reason returns to him by understanding the significance of wearing the exorcist uniform.
Ep014 The Leaf of Revival

Fukkatsu no Ha
January 9, 2007 #14
Allen, Lavi and Kanda are sent to investigate a mysterious rapid snowstorm, which could be due to Innocence. Here they meet a young girl and her father, who is obsessed with finding something called The Leaf of Revival to bring back his dead son. Meanwhile, also searching for a possible Innocence in the same area are three Level 2 akuma under the command of a Noah named Skin Bolic.
Ep015 The End of the Snowstorm

Fubuki no Hate
January 16, 2007 #15
Allen, Lavi and Kanda continue their search for the Leaf of Revival, which they assume to be the Innocence. After realizing it is Innocence after all, the three Level 2 akuma attack to retrieve it from them.
Ep016 The Millennium Swordsman

Sennen no Kenshi
January 23, 2007 #16
While searching for an Innocence in Rome, Kanda encounters a mysterious swordsman named Victorio, whose power is unbelievably strong. When Kanda has not returned after a while, Komui asks Allen and Lenalee to go to Rome to investigate why Kanda is taking so long, thus they learn the history of Victorio and the Princess, whom he vowed to always fight for.
Ep017 The Pride of the Swordsmen

Kenshitachi no Hokori
January 30, 2007 #17
Allen, Lenalee and Kanda find themselves in a predicament when they battle Victorio. How can they stop someone who apparently cannot die from shear wounds?
Ep018 Lenalee's Love

Rinarī no Koi
February 6, 2007 #18
Seeing Lenalee and Russell going out together, Komui assumes that they are dating and in rage, chases after them with his newly built, Komurin v2. Concerned, Allen, Lavi and the Science Division work together in an attempt to stop his reckless behavior. Meanwhile, an akuma with amazing transformation skills has targeted Lenalee, but keeps being on the receiving end of Komui's explosive inventions.
Ep019 The Vampire of the Ancient Castle

Kojō no Kyūketsuki
February 13, 2007 #19
While on a mission to search for General Cross, Allen is beseeched by several villagers complaining about a "vampire problem." Soon after the ruckus, Lavi and Bookman join Allen on his new mission.
Ep020 Do Your Best, Mr. Exorcist

Ganbare Ekusoshisuto-sama
February 20, 2007 #20
Allen and Lavi decide to investigate Alastor Crowley, the vampire who is supposedly terrorizing the village. They head up to Crowley's castle and meet his beautiful lover, Eliade.
Ep021 Krory, Attack

Kurōrī, Shūgeki
February 27, 2007 #21
When Allen and Lavi discover the truth about Crowley's attack on the villagers, he appears before them with an intention to fight, thus leading to a rather fierce battle.
Ep022 Eliade's Truth

Eriāde no Shinjitsu
March 6, 2007 #22
While Lavi and Crowley continue their battle outside the castle, Allen finds out the truth about Eliade.
Ep023 The Vampire I Loved

Watashi ga Aishita Kyūketsuki
March 13, 2007 #23
Devastated by what he just learned about Eliade, Crowley decides to fight her, despite his feelings toward her. Finally, Eliade is defeated and Crowley decides to become an exorcist.
Ep024 Krory's Journey

Kurōrī Tabidachi
March 20, 2007 #24
After finishing the mission that General Cross left for them, Allen and Lavi accompany Krory back to Headquarters so he can be inducted as an official exorcist. Krory is inexperienced to the outside world, and is very easily deceived by others. He soon gets hustled in a game of cards by a rag tag group of three men, and Allen proves his cheating skills when he wins everything back. One of the men, Tyki, gives Allen a pack of cards before they leave; but this Tyki is soon revealed to be an ally of the Millennium Earl and a Noah.
Ep025 The General's Chain

Gensui no Kusari
March 27, 2007 #25
Having been sent by Komui to deliver a package to General Kevin Yeegar, Allen arrives at Holland, but the general does not show up. Finding out that General Yeegar went to Belgium to investigate a newly-discovered Innocence, Allen heads for Belgium as well. There he meets Yeegar for the first time and discovers what a nice and kind person he truly is.
Ep026 Beginning to the End

Shūmatsu e no Makuake
April 3, 2007 #26
The Millennium Earl makes an announcement that the next chapter in this wonderful story is about to begin as General Yeegar is confronted by Road Kamelot and Tyki Mikk, two of the Noah, along with a hoard of akuma. Allen meets Lenalee and the two discuss the kindness of Yeegar, but soon receive a phone call from headquarters telling them to support Yeegar. Yeegar proves himself more than capable of dealing with the akuma, but falls victim to his own memories of his tragic class. Road sings an eerie song about the Earl's search for the Heart of all Innocence, and when Exorcists finally arrive to where Yeegar is, her song is the only thing he can say. Komui is forced to explain what the 'Heart of all Innocence' is.
Ep027 My Master, General Cross

Waga Shi, Kurosu Gensui
April 10, 2007 #27
After General Yeegar's tragic death, Allen, Lenalee, Lavi and Crowley are separated into two groups and sent to look for General Cross and guard him from the enemy. During this time, Allen tells Lenalee his bitter memories of Cross and the tragedy of a good friend.
Ep028 Exorcist Krory

Ekusoshisuto Kurōrī
April 17, 2007 #28
Crowley, Lavi and Bookman come upon several villages where people keep disappearing. They soon learn of a possible Innocence and a mysterious Level 2 akuma. The akuma works on the farm and plays with the children, and Crowley lowers his guard as he believes in the possibility of 'good akuma' like Eliade. When it seems as there is another akuma, Crowley goes after it viciously but the akuma escapes. When the truth is revealed, Crowley is forced to accept the fate of being an Exorcist.
Ep029 The Person Who Sells Souls(Part 1)
魂を売る者 (前編)

Tamashii o Uru Mono (Zenpen)
April 24, 2007 #29
The Millennium Earl is seen bouncing about cheerfully, answering several phone calls and confirming business deals. Allen and Lenalee arrive at Liverpool to meet Mother, who took care of Allen during his training years with General Cross, to ask her about his master's whereabouts. Both exorcists soon discover akuma in the area and a possible conspiracy at a local hospital.
Ep030 The Person Who Sells Souls(Part 2)
魂を売る者 (後編)

Tamashii o Uru Mono (Kōhen)
May 1, 2007 #30
While Allen comforts Lisa as she mourns her sweetheart's death, Lenalee investigates the cause of why there is a large quantity of akuma in the area, thus revealing the work of a Broker, who sells souls to the Millennium Earl. There are two suspects, the chief doctor, and a young money-hungry one. Working undercover as a nurse, Lenalee is determined to find out who.
Ep031 Lost Miranda

Maigo no Miranda
May 8, 2007 #31
While heading off to Headquarters to become an exorcist, Miranda gets separated from her Finder escort. Here she meets a nice traveling family who takes her in, however, when akuma discover her Innocence, they attack her but Officer Moa saves her just in enough time for Lenalee to come and rescue them both.
Ep032 The Mysterious Ghost Ship

Nazo no Yūreisen
May 15, 2007 #32
While waiting for a ship to rendezvous with Lenalee, Allen encounters a group of wannabe pirates who claim that a pirate ship is sinking ships along the coast.
Ep033 The Village Where the (a) Witch Lives (Part 1)

Majo no Sumu Mura - Zenpen
May 22, 2007 #33
While on his way to meet up with fellow exorcist, Daisya Barry, Kanda hears a rumor about "The Forest of No Return" and discovers he must pass through it. There, he meets a Finder named Gozu and soon comes upon a village where, according to a legend, a witch is supposed to live.
Ep034 The Village Where the (a) Witch Lives (Part 2)

Majo no Sumu Mura - Kōhen
May 29, 2007 #34
Kanda and Gozu discover the truth about the legend of the witch and Sophia's tragic past, which leads to a fierce battle.
Ep035 The Exorcist Who Wears the Wind

Kaze o Matō Ekusoshisuto
June 5, 2007 #35
As she is on her way to reunite with Allen, Lenalee agrees to accompany Gozu to the next town. However, in the midst of the forest, they meet a group of stranded villagers, running away from their home because of wolf attacks. The wolf attacks are revealed to be the work of akuma and Lenalee receives help from Suman Dark, an exorcist and long time friend, who is searching for General Zokalo.
Ep036 Chapter of Darkness

Yami no Tobari
June 12, 2007 #36
Continuing their search for General Cross, Allen and Lenalee get attacked by akuma and bump into a group of Finders. Meanwhile, at another breakfast gathering, The Millennium Earl announces to the Noah Clan that he's come up with a plan to get rid of the exorcists. He gives Tyki, Jasdero and David (Twins), and Skin a card with names on it of whom he'd like them to kill and get rid of.
Ep037 The Neighborhood Boy ~Charity Bell~
隣人の鐘 〜チャリティベル〜

Rinjin no Kane ~Chariti Beru~
June 19, 2007 #37
As Kanda and Daisya head out to Barcelona to meet up with General Tiedoll, Daisya reminisces about his past on how he became an exorcist and how he met General Tiedoll.
Ep038 Froi Tiedoll (Episode)

Furowa Tiedōru
June 26, 2007 #38
With their destination not too far away, Kanda and Daisya meet up with another fellow exorcist, Noise Marie, and together they head for Barcelona. Meanwhile, a massive attack from a legion of akuma brings crisis in Barcelona where it is thought to be the location of General Tiedoll. In fact, he is travelling with a family and still sketching landscapes. The large groups of Finders struggle to protect the city as they wait for the exorcists to arrive, but are ultimately overwhelmed. Luckily, Kanda and the others arrive just in time, but to their misfortune Tyki is in the same area. While the Exorcists are split up, Daisya meets Tyki and realizes Tyki is not human.
Ep039 Coffin of Silence

Chinmoku no Hitsugi
July 3, 2007 #39
Daisya attempts to fight Tyki, but is no match for the powerful Noah, thus leading to a tragic conclusion. Meanwhile, Allen and Lenalee rush over to Barcelona when they heard that it had been attacked. When they arrive there, they find the bodies of their comrades. Meanwhile, Kanda and Marie finally meet up with General Tiedoll. Tyki gets himself lost, and meets up with Suman Dark and his teammates. The tragedy of the war is escalating, even the Noah appear sober in comparison to their previous antics. Back in the Black Order, Komui is forced to show a more ruthless side as he forbids the Finders from telling the decreased's families of the deaths. Tiedoll and his exorcists briefly meet Allen and Lenalee, and tells them that Timcampy could be their guide for Cross.
Ep040 Requiem Rose

Chinkon no Bara
July 10, 2007 #40
Following Timcampy on the continued search for General Cross, Allen and Lenalee reunite with Lavi and Crowley in a town celebrating the Rose Festival. Lavi tells them the total number of casualties, and how one of the Exorcists were killed by a Noah. Meanwhile, Road is seen abusing Lero, while the Millennium Earl talks about his concern with General Cross. During the night, Allen remembers the people he could and could not save. He cannot stand the fact that he cannot protect his companions, but with the help of Lavi, realizes the true reason for why they fight. The next day as they make to leave, a beautiful blonde woman is seen watching them.
Ep041 A New Assassin

Arata Naru Shikyaku
July 17, 2007 #41
Allen, Lenalee, Lavi, and Crowley arrive at the Bosphorus Strait but a storm delays them from going further. A cat leads them to an inn, but during the night an akuma attack prevents them from resting. Indeed, the cat is seen with the Millennium Earl, and taking orders. It seems that lurking and plotting to kill the exorcists is the beautiful blonde Noah, Lulubell, and her Level 2 akuma servant, Mimi. When Lulubell reveals herself, the rest of the exorcists realize their trip was going to be more difficult then ever now that they had a new Noah to deal with.
Ep042 The Black Cat's Trap

Kuroneko no Wana
July 24, 2007 #42
The exorcists explore the oriental world they find themselves in, but are far from being able to relax. Lulubell initiates a devious trap to separate the exorcists in an attempt to eliminate Allen and stop them from reuniting with General Cross. She seizes her chance when Crowley gets himself lost, and impersonates as Lenalee to lure him to the outskirts of town. Crowley is nearly defeated by her akuma, but the other exorcists arrive just in time. In the struggle, Lenalee and her imposter became confused, and both of them are captured by akuma who then take separate paths. Allen and Crowley go after one, while Lavi goes after the other, forcing the group to split up and rendering Allen and Crowley lost.
Ep043 The Wandering Stone Statue

Samayoeru Sekizō
July 31, 2007 #43
Allen and Crowley, having been separated from Lenalee and Lavi, arrive in a town and meet a boy named Selim, who is accused of stealing a stone statue, which is the town symbol. Everyone seem unwilling to believe him, except the mayor's daughter Karya. The villagers threaten to kill Selim, but Allen senses akuma and destroys them in front of the villagers. Afraid, the villagers chase the exorcists back into the forest, as planned by Lulubell and Mimi. That night, Selim tells Allen and Crowley how he witnessed the stone statue moving; suspecting Innocence the exorcists decide to investigate. They spot the stone statue moving into a ruined temple, and they follow it, where they become target of Mimi's akuma.
Ep044 Iron Fan Maid

Tessen no Jijo
August 7, 2007 #44
Lavi races against time to try and make it to Bookman's location to cure Lenalee's illness, and in the canyons saves a young maid from an akuma. The maid is actually Mimi, who plots to steal Lavi's Innocence and kill them both. Luck does not seem to be on her side, Lavi always managed to directly or indirectly stop her from stealing his weapon. Lenalee's condition is worsening, and she tells Lavi to leave her but he refuses. The situation stirs up memories in Mimi of her own creation, and she becomes more determined to finish the mission and see Lulubell smile. She finally manages to steal Lavi's Innocence and attempts to kill the two exorcists, but Bookman's arrival turns the favour back on the exorcists' side. A defeated Mimi returns to Lulubell, who decides not to dismiss her. That is all it takes for Mimi to smile once more.
Ep045 Strange Mansion

Kimyō na Yakata
August 14, 2007 #45
Kanda, Marie, and General Tiedoll arrive in Czechoslovakia where they meet a man named Klaus, who tells them the history of Jan Novak's famous mansion. The Exorcists soon discover a trio of Level 2 akuma who lure them into Jan's mansion, and ultimately, a trap. The mansion is full of tricks and twists, along with hoards of akuma. With Tiedoll curiously poking around and Klaus' interference, Kanda and Marie have their hands full just protecting them.
Ep046 Illusions in the Snow

Shirogane no Gen'ei
August 21, 2007 #46
In order to be reunited with Lenalee, Lavi, and Bookman, Allen and Crowley must cross the Himalayan Mountains, in spite of a snowstorm. Behind the scenes, Lulubell sets up her plan to deceive the exorcists and trap them on the mountains forever. Impersonating as a young guide, she takes the two exorcists through a 'shortcut' in the mountains, then uses the weather as an excuse to set up tent. That night, both Crowley and Allen sees the illusion of their loved and feared ones: Eliade and Aleister Senior for Crowley, Mana and Cross for Allen. Eventually after an akuma attack and then an avalanche, the group finally reunites, but Lulubell states an almost sinister fact regarding their mission.
Ep047 The Crystal Girl

Suishō no Shōjo
August 28, 2007 #47
After Allen, Crowley, Lenalee, Lavi, and Bookman are reunited with each other, they arrive in a town where a strange phenomenon is causing a water shortage. They soon discover a girl named Mei Ling and a history with a crystal ball that might be the cause of the water shortage and a possible Innocence. Also searching for the possible Innocence is two Level 2 akuma.
Ep048 Wavering Accomodator

Yureru Tekigōsha
September 4, 2007 #48
The exorcists race to save Mei-Ling from the two Level 2 akuma who have kidnapped her in an attempt to steal the Innocence. After some rough encounters, Mei-Ling is too frightened to do anything, and Lenalee offers her the chance to simply walk away. Upon hearing the explanation about exorcists and akuma, Mei-Ling finally accepts her destiny as an exorcist. At the end, disgusted by the akuma's failures, Lulubell orders it to self destruct.
Ep049 Lulu Bell´s Bell

September 11, 2007 #49
Annoyed that another Innocence has reached its compatible user, the Millennium Earl orders Lulubell to investigate the new Innocence. Sensing that the Noah is frustrated, Mimi offers to do the job for her, and gets to keep a bell of Lulubell's. The scouting akuma are foreshadowed by Mei-Ling's Innocence and this allows the exorcists to defeat them all, so Mimi decides to try stealing the Innocence before attacking any of the others. Things do not go as planned and she ends up in a fight with Lenalee. Mimi decides she will not retreat this time and finally reveals her akuma form: a large dragon with the power of ferocious wind. While challenging, the exorcists' combined efforts effectively defeat her, and the Millennium Earl gives Lulubell new akuma to use instead. Realizing that Lulubell is leaving her, Mimi follows, ignoring her injured state.
Ep050 Feelings of Devotion

Ichizuna Omoi
September 18, 2007 #50
Allen, Lenalee, Crowley, Lavi, and Bookman accompany Mei-Ling to meet with her Finder at the Asian Headquarters. However, Lulubell and her hoards of akuma are hot on their trail. Even though she is badly hurt, Mimi decides to help Lulubell in any way she can, even at the cost of her own life. Lulubell succeeded in destroying Mei-Ling's innocence and was congratulated by the Millenium Earl.
Ep051 Set Sail to the East

Shukkō, Higashi e
September 25, 2007 #51
Allen, Lenalee, Crowley, Lavi, and Bookman arrive in Guangzhou, where they meet the beautiful Anita and servant, Maho-ja, who are supporters of the Black Order and who also inform the exorcists that General Cross has already left China and is heading east to Edo, Japan. However, his ship was attacked by akuma and it is unknown if he survived or not. Anita and Maho-ja decide to prepare the ship and accompany the exorcists to Edo.

Season 2: 2007 - 2008

Image Episode Title Air Date #
Cover 052 Invasion

October 2, 2007 #52
The episode starts by showing Suman and two other Exorcists of General Zokalo's team, being attacked and killed by Tyki Mikk. However, Suman was revealed to be still alive. When Suman awoke, he was turned into a monster. On the other side, after the ship's preparations are completed, it begins to set sail. Lenalee saw that Allen's left hand was flaking. In the distant horizon, Allen's left eye picks up legions of both Level 1s and 2s, approaching the ship. Realizing a massive attack, the Exorcists prepare for battle. However, they soon discover that they are not the intended target. One of the Level 2 akuma separates Allen from the ship. Lenalee saves him and followed him which leads them straight towards the akuma's intended target. Allen and Lenalee saw a giant white object similar to a torso which was attacked by many akuma.
Cover 053 Fallen

October 9, 2007 #53
Recognizing the enormous and uncontrollable white object as fellow Exorcist and good friend, Suman Dark, a horrified Lenalee wonders how he became a Togaochi (Fallen One). The legions of akuma continue to assault the huge Suman, but fail. Allen and Lenalee desperately try to discover how to stop Suman's Innocence from insanity and try to save him. While they tried to pulled Suman out, a girl is in the hole which Suman is in. Allen pulls her out which leads him into the hole. While Allen is inside, he discovered the truth. Suman had made a deal with Tyki. Allen realised that Suman's Innocence has taken control of him and is sapping his life.
Cover 054 Beginning of the Night's End

Owari no Yoru no Hajimari
October 16, 2007 #54
The Fallen One continues to destroy the nearby town. Allen attempts to stop Suman from destroying a nearby village by increasing his Innocence's synchro rate to its maximum power. Meanwhile, Lenalee learns the truth of a Fallen and Suman's fate from Komui that he could not be saved and that he will die. She also learned that Suman had betrayed the Order and God. Back to Allen, his left arm stopped activating and broke, causing him to have intense pain.
Cover 055 Howl

October 23, 2007 #55
The attack of the akuma on the ship continues and Suman continues to destroy the town. The huge body of Suman begins to deteriorate and Allen wastes no time activating his Innocence, but unfortunately, his arm begins to grow in intense pain as he tries to remove Suman's Innocence. Miraculously, Allen manages to get Suman and his Innocence out of the body. Then, Allen and Suman fell to the ground. Unfortunately, when Allen wakes up, he realizes that Suman cannot move or respond. His body is still alive but his mind is dead. Allen holds on to Suman's Innocence in his hand. When suddenly, a hole opens from Suman's head and butterflies come flying out.
Cover 056 Delete (Episode)

October 30, 2007 #56
After watching Suman crumble away in front of him, Allen meets the sadistic Noah, Tyki Mikk, whose ability, besides controlling the devilish butterflies known as Tease, is to pass through absolutely anything at will. He rips off Allen's left arm and destroys his Innocence. Knowing that he is near his final moments of life, Allen orders Timcanpy to escape with Suman's Innocence. Tyki, with the help of his list keeper, Cell Roron, discovers Allen is on his death list. He then orders a Tease to tear a hole through Allen's heart, killing him slowly.
Cover 057 Disappearance and Reunion

Shōshitsu to Saikai
November 6, 2007 #57
Lavi and Lenalee travel through the air with Lavi's hammer. They saw Timcanpy being attacked by akuma. After saving Timcanpy from the remaining akuma, Lavi and Lenalee follow Tim back to the bamboo forest, but find that Allen is not there anymore. Tim shows Lavi and Lenalee the memories of what happened there, causing great distraught to both Exorcists. When they return to the port, a man from the Asian Branch named Wong, explains that Allen was found and is being held at their headquarters (in so doing, suggesting that Allen is dead) and that the Exorcists are to continue their journey to Japan without Allen, but arriving as his replacement is Miranda Lotto, who uses her Anti-akuma weapon, Time Record, to restore the ship's damage. Thus, the Exorcists finally depart China. At the Asian Branch, Allen awakes and realizes that he is still alive.
Cover 058 Asian Headquarters

Ajia Shibu
November 13, 2007 #58
Allen finally opens his eyes and wonders how he is alive. He discovers from Asian Headquarters Chief, Bak Chan, that it is his own Innocence, which although was destroyed, lingered on as a cloud of particles and actually filled the hole of his damaged heart, saving his life. Determined to rejoin his companions, get to Edo, and fulfill his promise to Mana, Allen vows to restore his Innocence at all costs. However, he discovers it will not be as easy as he thinks. Also, Allen meets Wong, who is Bak's assistant; Fou, who is the guardian of the Asian Headquarters; and three division workers: Rikei, Shifu, and Lou Fa.
Cover 059 Road of an Oath

Chikai no Michi
November 20, 2007 #59
Still unable to restore his Innocence by himself, Allen begins his special training with Fou, doing battle with her while constantly trying to activate his Innocence to fight. Meanwhile, General Cloudnyne and General Winters Zokalo return to the Black Order upon news of the deaths of their Exorcist units.
Cover 060 Title
題名 -タイトル-

November 27, 2007 #60
Back on the ship on route to Edo, Lenalee finally decides to accept the fact that Allen had to be left behind and she puts on her new Exorcist uniform. However, the ship is attacked by Eshii, a powerful Level 3 akuma, who was once a Japanese painter, which explains why he uses the word "Title" before every attack. Lavi and Bookman fiercely fight against Eshii, but is no match for him, resulting in Bookman getting a serious injury, only saved temporarily by Miranda's power. Realizing that everyone is in serious danger, Lenalee leaves the ship to confront Eshii alone.
Cover 061 Sinking Darkness

Shizumu Kuro
December 4, 2007 #61
Lenalee and Eshii continue to fight fiercely in the air while the ship comes under attack from akuma hiding up in the clouds. Many crewmen are struck by the blasts and killed, only to be revived temporarily by Miranda's Innocence. Lavi tries to determine how they can fight an enemy that they cannot see. Meanwhile, Lenalee and Eshii's battle reaches the ocean surface where Eshii reveals its true ability. He uses its dark matter to create chains around Lenalee and the ship, increasing the gravity around them and dragging them underwater. Lenalee struggles to stay afloat, but Eshii pushes her down and she disappears into the ocean depths.
Cover 062 The Saint-Girl Falls into Darkness

Yami ni Ochita Seijo
December 11, 2007 #62
Lenalee, floating in darkness, remembers Allen and what she said to him concerning her view of the world. Afterwards, she pushes herself and her Innocence to the limits and even exceeds them, defeating Eshii in the process and disappearing once again.
Cover 063 The Ship of Evenness and the Girl who Didn't Return

Fune Modorogi Shōjo Modorazu
December 18, 2007 #63
The sailors and Exorcists on board the ship are trying to protect it from other akuma. After finally defeating them, they now wait for Lenalee's return anxiously. But Lavi could not wait and he uses his hammer to find Lenalee. Suddenly, a yellow akuma appears, holding Lenalee in a crystal-like shield.
Cover 064 Message (Episode)

December 25, 2007 #64
Lavi leaves the ship to search for Lenalee. He eventually finds her encased in her Innocence, which crystallized in order to protect her. The Innocence is in turn supported by Chomesuke, a level 2 akuma that was converted by Cross Marian. With Chomesuke's help, Lavi brings Lenalee back to the ship. When the crystal melts, she is unable to walk. Chomesuke delivers a warning from Cross and explains the dire situation in Japan. Nevertheless, the group decides to push forward. Since they are pressed for time, the Exorcists (along with three surviving sailors) board a lifeboat that Chomesuke propels. Miranda deactivates her Innocence, causing the ship and its crew to revert back to real time with Anita, Mahoja and the people onboard disappear into the sea.
Cover 065 Landing

January 8, 2008 #65
The five Exorcists and three surviving sailors finally arrive in Japan, but they are in bad shape. Chomesuke (whose real name is Sachiko) tells them that Japan has long been under the Earl's control. On the way to Edo, the group witnesses one of Chomesuke's friends being killed and eaten by three Level 3 akuma. Chomesuke is captured by one of them, who prove to be more than a match for both Lavi and Krory. However, Lavi cleverly attracts the attention of the other two Level 3s, and the three akuma begin fighting amongst each other over who will kill the Exorcists, who seize their chance to escape.
Cover 066 Disturbance and Impatience

Konwaku to Shōsō
January 15, 2008 #66
Allen trains endlessly, trying to reactivate his Innocence, but he makes little progress. Frustrated, he begins to try harder, as he desperately wants to return to his friends and to fight the akuma alongside them. Fou disguises herself as Lou Fa and talks with Allen, reminding him that he fights not for the sake of fighting, but for something precious to him. Allen remembers that he is fighting for the sake of his friends. Meanwhile, Tyki Mikk checks with the Earl to see if the Cell Roron is correct about Allen's existence. He then sends a Level 3 akuma and a Tease to China to kill Allen.
Cover 067 To Edo

Edo e
January 22, 2008 #67
A Level 3 akuma heads for China to kill Allen. Lenalee and the others head towards Edo and are ambushed by the Level 3 akuma that they saw on the shore. They manage to evade them for a while, but eventually, they are surrounded. Before they can do anything, however, the Earl summons all akuma to Edo, so they leave without doing anything. Chomesuke also parts with the group because the Earl's order is too strong for her to resist, but she manages to tell them that the Earl is at the Edo Castle. Meanwhile, while training with Fou in the Asian Branch, Allen's eye activates. The Earl orders the akuma to kill General Cross and General Tiedoll and dispatches the Noah Clan. Lavi and the Exorcists appear and challenge them in order to protect the Generals. Tyki Mikk recognizes them and challenges Lavi, who knows him only as the Noah that killed Allen. Tyki tells them that Allen is still alive, but he had sent a Level 3 akuma to kill him.
Cover 068 Silence

January 29, 2008 #68
Allen slowly improves his fighting technique, but he still cannot cause his Innocence to materialize, though it does respond to the training. Allen focuses deeply on returning to his friends, causing his Innocence to show high energy readings. However, just as the energy readings peak, Allen's left eye activates and searches for an unknown target, which causes Allen great pain and alarms the scientists. Allen describes a growing sense that an akuma is calling him and he tries to continue training, despite the immense pain. However, at that point, the pain spikes and Allen faints. As they take a break, Bak and the apprentices contemplate Allen's fate. Suddenly, Fou senses something strange as Tyki Mikk's Level 3 assassin approaches, and she tells Bak to hide Allen. The akuma blows a hole through Fou, breaking her barrier. The Branch alarm goes off, and everyone panics; Allen, having come to, runs into the apprentices then comes face to face with the Level 3. Allen's left eye immediately activates and omits a strange sensation. Fou tells Allen to run (as his life is the top priority), but Allen refuses. At that moment, the akuma attacks Allen with its dark matter, piercing through his chest.
Cover 069 Invasion

February 5, 2008 #69
Tyki's Level 3 akuma assassin hits Allen with its dark matter that partially breaks down his molecular structure, making his body highly unstable. Meanwhile, as the Asian Branch enters lockdown, Bak awakens the guardian deity with a blood seal on his hand, trapping the akuma in a web of light. The group then retreats, with Bak carrying a wounded Fou and Rikei carrying an unstable Allen. Bak leads them to a large room, which he attempts to seal with the guardian deity. However, before he can finish, the akuma catches up with them. Fou decides to sacrifice herself in order to allow Allen and the others get to safety. She takes the form of Allen and enters the passage to face the akuma as Bak seals the section away. Allen, who is deeply upset by Fou's sacrifice, tries to force Bak to unseal the doorway (even threatening to expose Bak's secret stalking of Lenalee). When Bak still refuses, Allen expresses his realization that he fights for the sake of both humans and akuma. Then, black blood drips from his left eye instead of tears. His Innocence manifests itself around him, and he warps to the door, which Bak finally unseals. Allen enters the room just as Fou is about to be killed. Allen jumps onto the akuma's back and injures it with his right hand.
Cover 070 God's Clown

Kami no Dōke
February 14, 2008 #70
Allen engages the Level 3 akuma in battle. Allen speaks to the soul trapped within the akuma, and learns that this soul was the one that had previously been calling out to him. The soul asks Allen to save him, and Allen consents. However, because his body's composition is unstable (due to the akuma's prior attack), Allen literally begins to fade during the fight. When Allen is almost atomized, the akuma turns on Bak and Fou, partially disintegrating their bodies too. Enraged, Allen finally decides that he will save humans with his right hand and akuma with his left hand. This reactivates his Innocence, and he destroys the Level 3. His new Innocence gives him a long black arm with razor sharp talons for fingers. He also acquires a white cowl that shoots web-like projectiles and is fitted with a mask. Before the akuma dies, he tells Allen of the gathering of the Noah, the Level 3 akuma, and the Exorcists in Edo.
Cover 071 The Signed Name

Shirusareta Namae
February 19, 2008 #71
After Allen recovers his left arm, he reflects on his old Innocence while many tests are done on the Ark. The tests show that his Innocence has completely synchronized with his body. Bak and Allen decide on a new name for Allen's newly evolved Innocence: God's Clown, also known as Crown Clown. He is then given a new Exorcist coat by Wong, and he bids farewell to the Asian Branch, preparing to leave and board the Ark. Bak gives Allen a wireless communicator in a form of a gold earring, which allows him to talk to Komui. Lou Fa, Rikei, and Shifu return Allen's deck of cards, and Allen prepares to head off to Edo via Noah's Ark. The episode ends with Lavi preparing to engage in battle with Tyki Mikk.
Cover 072 Decisive Battle

Teito Kessen
February 26, 2008 #72
The battle between the Exorcists and the Noah continues. While Lavi fights Tyki, the Earl combines the Level 3 akuma into one giant akuma and attacks the Exorcists. Meanwhile, Lavi attacks Tyki with a new move (a combination of the Fire and Heaven Seals). The Exorcists attack the Combined akuma, but their attacks have little effect. The Combined akuma uses its Evil Star Gita attack and destroys much of the battlefield. Chomesuke sacrifices herself to enable Lavi, Krory, and Bookman to attack the Combined akuma's head (its weak point). Although they succeed in knocking it down, the akuma manages to get back up again and severely injures them. Meanwhile, Allen enters the Ark and is surprised to find that it is a lovely place filled with white buildings, just like any other country. When he expresses his concern for his friends, Komui cheers him up by telling him to think about happy thoughts. Kanda, Marie, and General Tiedoll arrive in Edo, overlooking the scene of the battle between the Exorcists and the akuma.
Cover 073 Kanda Engages in Battle

Kanda, Sansen
March 4, 2008 #73
The fight between Lavi and Tyki continues. While Lavi is repeatedly beaten down by Tyki, Bookman and Krory continue their assault on the Combined akuma, but their attacks continue to fail. Meanwhile, Miranda can no longer maintain her Innocence's barrier over the storage room, giving Tyki the opportunity to capture Lenalee. Chaoji and his comrades attempt to help her, but their efforts are in vain. Just as Tyki is about to deal them the killing blow, Kanda intervenes and begins a fight with Tyki. With Lavi's help, he manages to save Lenalee. Tyki prepares to counterattack, but he retreats when ordered to by the Millennium Earl. Marie uses his Noel Organon's ability to paralyze one of the Combined akuma. Kanda then reveals Mugen's second illusion, Nigentou, and destroys the akuma in one slash. However, before the Exorcists can relax, the Earl fires off a black orb of energy that grows larger and larger, engulfing Edo in the process.
Cover 074 Edo's Annihilation

Edo Shōmetsu
March 11, 2008 #74
The Earl's black orb of energy completely destroys Edo. The Exorcists are left in various conditions, though General Cross' group is more severely wounded. Lenalee, however, is protected by her Innocence, which once again encases her in a crystal-like form. This form catches the Earl's interest, and he sends Tyki, Skin, and the Combined akuma to obtain her Innocence. Kanda fights Tyki, Lavi and Marie confront Skin, and General Tiedoll confronts the Combined akuma. However, with all the Exorcists doing battle with the Noah, Lenalee is left unguarded, giving the Earl a chance to obtain her Innocence himself. Just as he is about to kill Lenalee, a white arm stops him. The Ark's gate is shown open, leading directly to Lenalee, where Allen and the Earl meet face to face once again.
Cover 075 Clown and Auguste

Kuraun to Ōgyusuto
March 18, 2008 #75
The battle in Edo continues. After greeting the Earl, Allen vows to protect Lenalee. The Earl retaliates and thus, begins fighting Allen. During the fight, the Earl reveals some of his hidden abilities by turning Lero into a sword. Eventually, Allen hits the Earl with a Cross Grave attack, but the Earl seems unaffected. The Earl laughs and assures Allen that they will continue their fight another time, and he fires a purple orb of energy, which causes a massive explosion. When the smoke clears, The Earl, Tyki, and Skin are gone, and the Exorcists are in confusion. Inside the Ark, the Earl reveals to Tyki that both Allen and his Innocence are still alive. In Edo, the Exorcists seize their chance to heal and regroup. Despite General Tiedoll's warning of the upcoming dangers, General Cross' group decides to keep moving forward. Lenalee awakens and thanks Allen for trying so hard to save Suman. A pentacle suddenly appears on the ground, and Lenalee is kidnapped by Lero and disappears.
Cover 076 Key and Noah's Door

Kagi to Noa no Tobira
March 25, 2008 #76
Lero kidnaps Lenalee, who is sucked into a portal. Seeing Lenalee disappear, Allen reaches into the portal and is pulled in as well. Lavi, Kanda, Krory, and Chaoji follow suit. Soon after, those who are left behind, look to the sky and see a strange object in the sky; General Tiedoll and Bookman realize that the object is the infamous Noah's Ark. They are then attacked by a horde of Combined akuma. Marie attacks with Noel Organon while Tiedoll attacks with Art. Miranda, who is still tired from the previous encounters, tells Bookman that everyone's time is still inside her Innocence, but any new injuries that they receive will not heal. Inside the Ark, Allen and his friends see a projection of the Earl, who tells them that they will be deleted (along with the Ark) in three hours. The Exorcists raced to find the exit that Allen had previously used. Tyki appears and tells them that there is an exit situated at the Ark's highest point, the top of a tower. Allen realizes that Tyki is the Noah that destroyed his Innocence. Tyki gives them a key to Road's exit door and leaves. The room that the Exorcists entered is occupied by the Noah, Skin Boric. Kanda, who recognizes Skin as the Noah targeting General Tiedoll, tells the others to go ahead and prepares to challenge Skin by himself.
Cover 077 Skin Boric's Room

Sukin Borikku Rūmu
April 1, 2008 #77
Kanda decides to fight the Noah, Skin Bolic, and tells the others to go ahead. They refuse and insist on staying with Kanda until he finally attacks them in fury. They go ahead after Lenalee makes Kanda promise to follow them. Nonetheless, they worry because they know that the room will be destroyed once it finishes downloading. Now alone, Kanda fights Skin one-on-one. Tyki Mikk watches them (as well as the other Exorcists) in a room with Road. Skin transforms and starts battling Kanda. In Edo, Marie and Tiedoll continue to fight the Combined akuma.
Cover 078 Taboo, Three Illusions

Kinki, Sangenshiki
April 8, 2007 #78
Kanda, superior in speed, and Skin, superior in power, fight to an apparent stalemate. Skin reflects on his past while barraging Kanda with blasts of lightning; Kanda responds by using his Nigentou. The room shakes, signaling that it will collapse soon; Kanda then activates his Kinki Sangenshiki (Taboo Three Illusions). As he uses this move (which drains part of his life), Kanda remembers a conversation that he had with Komui, regarding the duration of his life, as well as a lotus blossom that symbolizes the amount of time that he has left. Suddenly, chains (representing Skin's dark energy) materialize, connecting Kanda to Skin. Skin uses these to throw Kanda around, telling him that the Noah can never die. Finally, Kanda unleashes a final attack. As Skin falls, Kanda tells him that anyone can die as long as they remain mortal. Sure of his victory, Kanda heads for the exit. However, as he approaches it, Skin reawakens and prepares for his final attack.
Cover 079 Noah's Memory (Episode)
ノアズ メモリー

Noazu Memorī
April 5, 2007 #79
Believing he defeated Skin, Kanda walks to the exit of the room, but the numbness in his left hand and knee hinder him. In addition, too much of his life was consumed in the battle with Skin. As he is about to lose consciousness, Skin's eyes start to bleed. Skin remembers three years ago, when he went to see a priest who told him about Noahs. Remembering the pain that the Innocence caused his ancestors, the Noah revives to fight Kanda once more. Draining more of his life, Kanda restores Mugen momentarily and destroys him, but the exit crumbles before he can leave. As the room crumbles, Kanda thinks of his comrades and of the lotus blossom, representing the remainder of his life, wilting, and he smiles before he disappears. The room then completely collapses. In Edo, Miranda notices that someone's time has vanished.
Cover 080 Twin's Trap

Tsuinzu Torappu
April 22, 2008 #80
As Skin Boric dies, the Noah within the others, begin to cry. They then find out that General Cross had escaped from the Noah twins, Jasdero and David, once again and left them with the debts. Road notices that Allen's name is on the bills. While the group continues walking down the corridor, the twins set several traps which involve liquor bottles and gambling. Allen manages to beat these challenges through his knowledge of past experiences with General Cross. Eventually, they come face to face with Jasdero and David. The fight begins with the twins using their guns to fire Cross' bills at Allen, before firing a bigger bullet.
Cover 081 Debt Crisis (Episode)

Shakkin Kuraishisu
April 29, 2008 #81
The Exorcists begin fighting the twins, Jasdero and David. The twins fire several kinds of bullets: blue (freezes everything it touches), red (ball of fire) and white (nulls the effect of their own power). The twins want Allen to pay the debts General Cross tricked them into paying, which Allen claims that they are nothing compared to those that he had. Soon after, the twins fire a purple bullet covering the eyes of the Exorcists causing them to hallucinate. The twins hide from sight and Allen loses Road's key in a sea of illusionary copies summoned by the Twins' ability.
Cover 082 Bad Game

Baddo Gēmu
May 6, 2008 #82
No longer visible to the group, Jasdero and David attack. After Allen fails to force them out of hiding, the twins fire a new bullet: the green bomb, enclosing Allen in an airless jelly-like blob. Lavi helps and reveals, as he is Bookman's successor, he can identify the key. As he searches for the key, Krory also reveals that he can find the twins, and directs Allen in successfully catching them. To get out of their hold, the twins release a mud-monster called "Jasdevi's Hatred" on Allen and Krory, devouring them whole. The twins then take Lenalee and use her as a shield, angering Allen, who breaks free, only to be kept busy by an illusionary Earl with all the strength of the real one. Lero reveals that the twins' power is "Materialization", where when they are thinking the same thing, they make it real. Lavi finds the key, the masks and illusions disappear, and the twins are visible once again. They become angered from being called 'kids' and annoyances, so they merge and reveal their true form, Jasdevi, "the Strongest Body Ever Imagined".
Cover 083 Jasdevi, Enters

Jasudebi, Tōjō
May 13, 2008 #83
In their combined form, Jasdevi has become exponentially stronger. Krory fights Jasdevi one-on-one to allow the others time to escape. When Krory drinks one of his three bottles of Chomesuke's blood, he is able to fight almost on par with Jasdevi. Jasdevi angers him by casually calling him a vampire and a monster. It reminds him of his lost love, the only one allowed to call him "vampire." Fueled by his anger, Krory drinks a second bottle of blood, but the fight has left him too weak to break down the poison within his blood. He grows weaker, but tries to avoid drinking the last bottle. As the fight wears on, he decides that he must drink the last bottle, but Jasdevi takes it from him and drinks it himself. With Krory greatly weakened, Jasdevi is able to enclose him inside an iron maiden.
Cover 084 Bloody Krory

Buraddi Kurōrī
May 20, 2008 #84
After Krory's defeat, Jasdevi moves onward toward Allen and the others. Meanwhile, the dying Krory encounters his lost love, Eliade, who tells him that by dying, he'll lose those humans who considered him a friend. More determined than ever, Krory's blood leaves his body and attacks Jasdevi in a form created by his Innocence called "Bloody Krory." This weakens Jasdevi a lot and after one final clash, Jasdevi de-materializes into Jasdero and David, causing them to stop and rest, ultimately falling through the door and disappearing. After the room Krory is in, collapses, Allen and the rest continue their walk through the Ark and come to the final room, at the top of the tower, where Road and Tyki await. Upon arriving at the top, Allen is tackled by Road Camelot, the dreams of Noah, and is kissed by her. There they discover that the tower is the only building left intact in the Ark.
Cover 085 Dark-Colored Rhapsody

Yamiiro Rapusodī
May 27, 2008 #85
With only the tower left standing on the Ark, the group is now trapped inside with two Noahs. Lenalee and Lavi are shocked to learn that Allen's Innocence has literally become part of his heart. This leads Lavi to speculate Allen, in addition to Lenalee, may be the heart. Soon after, Allen and Tyki face off once again. Meanwhile, Road traps Lenalee and Chaoji and sends Lavi's mind and spirit to another dimension, where he has to confront himself and Road promised that if he survives, she would released their trapped comrades.
Cover 086 The Weak Person
ヨワキ ヒト

Yowaki Hito
June 3, 2008 #86
Allen's battle with Tyki Mikk and Lavi's struggle with Road's dream continue. Tyki is determined to crush Allen's Innocence once again. Then Allen remembers Komui saying that Innocence is the weakness of Noah and vice versa. Tyki attacked Allen with a strong power damaging Allen's Innocence, but it healed. Allen pushes his Innocence to injure Tyki's Noah within him. Thus, Tyki uses his ability to create a vacuum in the atmosphere around Allen, disabling his ability to breathe and suffocating him. As Tyki enters the vacuum to finish off Allen, he notices that Allen is still conscious. Allen attempts to activate his Innocence with stronger synchronization and power, but Tyki drives his hand into Allen's heart. And as he is about to crush it, Allen's body begins glowing. Meanwhile in the HQ, Hevlaska is experiencing pain and chanting that a new General is coming. Komui and Reever both suggest that it is Allen. Back at the Ark, Allen pushes Tyki away and his forearm is transformed into a sword handle. As he pulls it out, he mentions that the critical point has been broken. The episode ends with Tyki shocked and Allen wielding the sword, with his left arm gone.
Cover 087 Critical Point

June 10, 2008 #87
After exceeding critical point, Allen's power and synch-rate with his Innocence has exponentially increased. His new sword, which resembles the Earl's, scares the Noah upon first sight of its power. As Allen escapes from Tyki's vacuum, Lenalee and Chaoji attempt to escape Road's cell, but hurt themselves in the process. Meanwhile, Tyki defends against Allen's Innocence and remembers events from his "white" side and his "black" side. Allen finally breaks through the defenses and cuts him. Thinking he should be dead, Tyki and the others are confused to see he has suffered no apparent damage yet felt pain. Allen reveals purpose: to save the human, or "white" side, of Tyki Mikk. He pierces Crown Clown through Tyki. Stigmata began forming where the cut should be and Tyki begins to feel the pain of the Noah inside him dying. As Road watches in horror, Allen exorcise the Noah from Tyki and the Noah's gray skin and forehead stigmata fade away. But Chaoji is suddenly stabbed by Road's candles. After watching her family member exorcised, Road surrounded them with candle stakes and swore her revenge, deciding to destroy Lavi's mind trapped within her. Meanwhile, Lavi realizes that his illusionary environment can still hurt him. Surrounded by his "dead" allies come back to life, Lavi prepares to attack the illusions.
Cover 088 Lavi (Episode)

June 17, 2008 #88
In Road's dream world, Lavi cuts down his comrades as he tries to ignore their pleads. His other self looks on and lectures Lavi, who is soon defeated by his illusionary friends. Road reveals Lavi was never injured, but went into shock because he believed his friends stabbed him. She releases Lavi, now controlled by his bookman heart, and orders Allen to kill him, or Lenalee and Chaoji will die by her candles. But Allen refuses and instead, stabs Road. But she is uninjured as it is not her true body. Allen is engulfed in flames, but realizes that the heat is not affecting him. The candles surrounding Lenalee and Chaoji begin to melt instead. Back in control of his body, Lavi burns himself and engulfs Road in flame. She still seems uninjured however, until a blade pierces her body. Back in the dream world, Lavi realizes that Allen in Road's dream is the true Road, and succeeds in damaging her.
Cover 089 The Voice of Darkness (Episode)

Yami no Koe
June 4, 2008 #89
After damaging Road in the dream world, Lavi starts to fade away. However, the other Lavi realizes he is the Exorcist's real mind and returns to his body. Screaming Lavi's name, Allen manages to save him and the Fire Seal turns into stone. Road breaks out of the stone and is unable to move. Lenalee starts to believe that Allen and Lavi are gone, but they also emerge from a pile of stone. Road starts to laugh hysterically until she bursts into smoke. Soon after, the room starts to crumble. When they reach the exit, Allen decides to save Tyki, but is pulled down to the floor below. After the dust clears, it seems something is wrong with Tyki, who has transformed into something terrifying.
Cover 090 Black Carnival

Burakku Kānibaru
July 1, 2008 #90
The transformed Tyki is too fast and too powerful for Allen and Lavi and with the door destroyed, there is no way out of the Ark. Despite that there is little hope, the Exorcists fight back. When the tower crumbles, Chaoji reacts to an Innocence, saving his and Lenalee's life for the while. The fight continues, as Allen vows to fight until his life ends. Meanwhile, strange beings guard a large round object and seem to be defeated by one of their own.
Cover 091 Judgment

July 8, 2008 #91
Tyki is gaining momentum while Allen and Lavi are weakening. As Allen falls through a hole, he is saved by a stranger who turns out to be his master, General Cross Marian. Cross singlehandedly defeats Tyki with Grave of Maria and Judgment. Just as he is landing the final blow, the Millenium Earl interrupts. The Ark crumbles with Lavi and Chaoji falling into the abyss, as the Earl and Cross face each other.
Cover 092 Shadow of the Musician

Sōsha no Kage
July 15, 2008 #92
The Earl and General Cross share a brief conversation, and when the Earl mentions all of the Exorcists who "disappeared", Allen becomes enraged and attempts to fight the Earl, despite the fact that he is quite seriously wounded. Upon seeing Allen's new Innocence, the Earl comments that it is just like his own sword, and after trading a few blows with Allen, decides to take the unconscious Tyki and escape the crumbling Ark. As Allen attempts to follow the Earl, General Cross uses the Carte Garde ability of his Innocence, Grave of Maria, and orders Allen to stop fighting the Earl from his hatred. The General then takes both Allen and Lenalee to the akuma Egg Plant, and orders Allen to control the Ark, and sends him and Timcampy into the "secret room" of the 14th Noah, where Allen faces a dark apparition in the mirror who calls Timcampy "My Timcampy." The black Ark of the Earl is revealed, and it seems that all is lost as the original Ark disappears; but when Allen begins to play on the white piano, using a mysterious set of symbols projected by Timcampy as the music, the Ark begins to join back together again.
Cover 093 Melody

July 22, 2008 #93
Allen managed to control the Ark, so the Ark was repaired with all the Exorcists, who perished in the Ark, back to life. Furthermore, the "factory" Egg for creating akuma was half downloaded due to General Cross's spell, so it does not function. Chaoji then gains his Innocence in the form of two bracelets interlocked as he tried to rescue the Exorcists when they fell through a bottomless door; a pair of interlocked bracelets attached to his left hand. They suddenly realise that General Cross, who is a womanizer, is alone with Lenalee. They hurry back only to discover the General and Lenalee appear to be in a passionate embrace.
Cover 094 Homecoming

July 29, 2008 #94
Allen and all of his comrades return safely to the HQ and Miranda deactivates her Innocence, making the injuries the Noah inflicted on the Exorcists to reappear. While the Exorcists recover in the hospital of HQ, Bak and other scientists study the Ark's ability to teleport people anywhere in the world. Allen goes into the piano room with Tim and ponders on how the symbols he and Mana created years ago were the song to move the Ark. Elsewhere, the Earl becomes enraged by the fact that the 14th Noah has somehow helped the Exorcists obtain the Ark and the akuma "Egg".
140px Sheep and Dog

Hitsuji to Inu
August 5, 2008 #95
Komui and Bak meet with other Branch heads and the four Generals, and were confronted by Special Inspector, Malcolm C. Levellier and his assistance, Howard Link. Levellier and Link outlined all the events that started in Edo, and proposed severe punishments for Cross because of his unorthodox handling of his mission. They also proposed putting Allen on trial for heresy, because he and Cross clearly have some sort of tie with the enemy, specifically the Fourteenth Noah. Cross was alarmed that Leverrier knew about the Fourteenth, but he was confident that nothing would be turned up in any investigation. Thus, Leverrier assigned Howard Link to supervise Allen's every movement.
Cover 096 Yet the Hands of Time Move Onward

Daga Susumu Koku no Hari
August 12, 2008 #96
Howard Link confronts Allen in the cafeteria, while notifying him that he will be under surveillance. After hearing Howard talk to Allen, Lenalee talks to her brother to understand the meaning of this. She comes in contact with Inspector Malcolm C. and remembers her past, when she was traumatized by him. The Inspector said that the will of the 14th is continued by multiple people and General Cross is one of them. Eventually, Allen learns that he is suspected of being related to the 14th Noah and he is banned from having contact with Cross. And Allen saw the shadow in the piano room again. Later on, it is discovered that the science department of the Order somehow removed the akuma "Egg" from the Ark to study it. The heads of various branches came in and offered to help with the study of the Egg as well, but they were rejected by Johnny. Then, Johnny was stabbed by the Noah, Lulubell, who was in disguise as one of the Black Order Branch Head, Andrew, while hundreds of akuma appeared behind her.
Cover 097 Headquarters Under Siege

Honbu Shūgeki
August 19, 2008 #97
The Noah, Lulubell disguised as Branch Head Andrew Nansen, and her army of akuma and Skulls attack the Headquarters' Lab 5, where the akuma "Egg" is being studied. The army injures the entire science department and intending to turn them into Skulls; Tapp is the first to be transformed. Allen and Bookman arrive through the Ark just as Reever was about to be the second. Lulubell orders the akuma to hold off the Exorcists until she has retrieved the Egg, throwing Allen immediately into battle. Lenalee and Lavi attempt to reach Allen, but they are stopped by Komui and locked into the infirmary. Lenlee begs Komui to let her go so she can see Hevlaska and re-synch with her Innocence. But Komui refuses, saying he cannot lose her. Meanwhile, Allen and Bookman still struggle with the endless army of level 3 akuma. Lulubell opens up a gate, and prepares the Egg for retrieval.
Cover 098 The Power of a General

Gensui no Chikara
August 26, 2008 #98
Allen and Bookman are still fighting the akuma, but Lulubell has already secured the akuma "Egg" and opened a gate to the Millennium Earl. With nobody to help them, Allen and Bookman struggle to keep up. Many of the researchers have already been transformed into Skulls as Bak and the rest of the survivors attempt to make a Talisman. Outside, Komui arrives and Malcolm criticizes him for being slow and suggesting the worst case scenario. Inside Lab 5, Miranda Lotto, Noise Marie, and the Generals arrive just as the Egg is being transferred and Allen is kidnapped. With surprising efficiency, the Generals take down the giant akuma, take back the Egg, and rescue Allen.
Cover 099 The Noah of Lust

Shiki no Noa
September 2, 2008 #99
The Exorcists defeat all but one Combined akuma. However, when Lulubell came back for the Egg, she transformed into a liquid form and the Generals were unable to damage her. Lulubell trapped Miranda inside her liquid form and escaped with the Egg. The Generals use their Anti-akuma weapons to fire at Lulubell, despite Miranda being inside her. However, Miranda is protected by Allen, so she was not harmed. Meanwhile, Johnny went looking for Tapp. However, Tapp was already a Skull and thought of Johnny as an enemy. Johnny is then swallowed up by the only remaining alive Combined akuma. And Allen heard someone laughing, foreshadowing that a Level 4 is coming.
Cover 100 Level 4

Reberu 4
September 9, 2008 #100
The Level 4 Mother akuma appears out of the remaining alive Combined akuma. Another Level 4, the baby, came out of the mother's body. Allen is stunned at the sight of the Level 4's soul and comments on how terrible it is. Seeing his comrades injured, Allen attacks the Level 4 but is unable to harm it and is blasted away by a beam. The Level 4 screams loudly, causing Allen to lose synchronization and being unable to move. Then, the Level 4 destroys the floor of Lab 5 causing the floor to change into a fiery pit. However, the people were transported by General Cross's Maria's Carte Guarde to a safety place. The Level 4 laughs and heads towards the Black Order to resume its annihilation. Allen loses consciousness with Link by his side.
Cover 101 To the God I Hate
だいきらいな かみさまへ

Daikirai na Kami-sama e
September 16, 20078 #101
The Level 4 starts its attack in the Central Headquarters. He targets Komui, thinking that he is an Exorcist. When the Level 4 is trapped in a shield, Komui takes the opportunity to find Hevlaska, with Kanda and Chaoji following him. Meanwhile, Malcolm forces Lenalee to follow him and meet Hevlaska, with Lavi running after them. When Komui and Kanda go down the elevator, the Level 4 attacks them. Hevlaska tries to force the Innocence into Lenalee's body, but suddenly, the Level 4 attacks Hevlaska, leaving her seriously injured. Lenalee tries to call out for her Innocence while the Level 4 steps on her head.
Cover 102 Exchange of Promises

Yakusoku no Kotoba
September 23, 2008 #102
Lenalee remembers her life before the Innocence forced her to live at the black tower. She reflects on how Komui joined the Black Order to be with her. Lenalee drinks the Innocence and then blood pours out of her legs. Later, the Innocence uses her blood to materialize into boots; thus avoiding the need to become parasitic. She battles the Level 4 with Allen and they end up pushing Allen's sword through the akuma.
Ep103 It Echoes in the Long Morning

Nagai Asa ni Hibiku
September 30, 2008 #103
The Level 4 appears to be defeated, but it isn't. It moves and attacks Allen. With the help of the Generals, the Level 4 was destroyed. In the aftermath of the battle, rescue teams are dispatched to gather the survivors. Johnny cried as Tapp turned to sand. General Cross is sent to the Central Office while everyone else must prepare for the relocation of the Black Order's Headquarters. Meanwhile, Krory regains consciousness, much to the joy of his friends. As the Exorcists ponder the significance of Lenalee's evolved Innocence, the "Crystal Type", Allen declares that they must become stronger in order to defeat the Earl. The scene changes to show that the Noahs are attending a ball. The Earl is shown in the shadows with a humanoid shape, saying that he is making a new akuma Egg and causing more tragedy. He is pondering the reasons why he did not kill Allen when Mana died. The end credits show the Exorcists continue their duties; reunited with their Innocences and sporting new outfits. The post-credits reveal the Earl buying flowers from a poor girl. Allen vows to destroy the Earl. The show ends with the letters Fin appearing.


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