Lenalee's Love (リナリーの恋, Rinarī no Koi) is the eighteenth episode of the first season anime adaptation of Katsura Hoshino's D.Gray-man manga series. It first aired on February 6, 2007.

Short Summary Edit

Komui sees Lenalee talking with Jake Russek a member of the Science section and soon become verious suspicious. Lenalee and Ruseel go in town together, as a consequence Komui steals Komlin II and go after them. Meanwhile in town a level 2 akuma with a morphing ability complains about being made a fool of by everyone. He transforms into a handsome man and tries to kill Lenalee. Komui arrives and attempts to kill Russel with his robot but he is stopped by Allen and the others who followed him.

The akuma stalks Lenalee and Russel all around the town still in disguize. Komui does the same, destroying a lot of building in the process. The akuma finally takes action and disquizes as Russel to kill Lenalee but he stumbles and ends up in an akward position on top of Lenalee with Komui staring. Komui calls Komlin III and chases the akum all around the city. Lenalee manages to stop him and reveals she was only looking for a present for him and Russel was helping her. The akuma tries to kill Lenalee one more time but is destroyed by Allen.

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