Lau Shimin (ラウ・シーミン, Rau Shīmin) is the pet monkey of General Klaud Nine as well as her Innocence. This is the only known animalistic parasitic type Innocence.

Appearance Edit

Lau Shimin is a small white monkey which usually sits on its master's shoulder. Its tail is whirl-shaped and it has round eyes. Its exact species is unknown.

Lau Shiminbig

Innocence-activated Lau

When the Innocence is activated its size increases tenfold, and its features heavily change; as well as gaining sharp teeth and claws, its arms become longer and muscular, and the fur atop its head becomes longer.

Personality Edit

Lau Shimin seems to be fiercely loyal to its master, always next to her or sitting on her shoulder. However, when she activates her Innocence, Lau's behaviour changes drastically—it becomes very violent and energetic, eagerly slaughtering hundreds of Akuma.

Plot Edit

Invasion of the Black Order arc Edit

Lau sits on the couch next to Klaude while she drinks wine with Cross Marian. Later, when headquarters is attacked, it joins the fray alongside its master. Following her orders, it becomes huge and charges at the giant Akuma, cutting them down.

Later, when Klaud orders Lau to destroy the Akuma egg, it is thwarted by Lulu Bell. Undeterred, Lau then uses Long Range Mode: Destruction Shell Lau Gunz to destroy the egg.

When the level 4 Akuma tries to fly away, Lau is seen waiting for him.

Artificial Exorcists Arc Edit

Lau Shimin is seen in his battle form in Lefkos with their unit. Lulu Bell in her dragon form shows up before them.

Skills and Abilities Edit

See Klaud Nine

Trivia Edit

  • In the anime, when Lau attacks, a high pitched eagle sound can be heard.
  • Apart from Apocryphos, Lau is the only other animate innocence.