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Lau Shimin (ラウ・シーミン, Rau Shīmin) is the pet monkey of General Klaud Nine as well as her

Innocence. This is the only known animalistic parasitic innocence.


Lau Shimin is a small white monkey most of the time sitting on

Lau Shiminbig

Innocence-activated Lau

the shoulder of its master. Its tail is wirl-shaped and it has round eyes. Its exact species is unkown. When the Innocence is activated it size tenfolds and its features heavily change. Its paws and arms become longer very muscular, The fur of its head become longer and its gains sharp teeth and claws.


Lau Shimin seems to be fiercly loyal to its master. It is always next to her on her shoulder. However when she activates her innocence, Lau Shimin's behaviour changes drastically reminding Arystar Krory III. It becomes very violent and energetic, eagerly slaughtering hundreds of akumas.

Skills and Abilities

See Klaud Nine


  • In the anime, when Lau attack, a high pitched eagle sound can be heard.

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