Kie is one of three surviving crew members of Anita's ship after it was attacked by Akuma at sea. He joined the European Branch of the Black Order as a Finder.


Kie is a fair-haired young man who wears his hair shaggy. After he joined the Order, he is typically seen in the long beige jacket that all Finders wear.


Kie is loyal to his friends, Chaozii and Maosa, and to Anita, joining the Order to support the Exorcists as part of her last request to him.


Edo and Asian Branch Arc Edit

He is shown for the first time next to Maosa and Chaoi behind Anita and Mahoja on the deck. As soon as the heroes say goodbye to each other, Kie, along with his surviving friends, goes in the boat with the exorcists to Edo.[1] After a while once having sailed on the island, Chaojii presents Kie and Maos to Linali.[2] When Linali is in the hands of Tiki Mikk, Kie takes out her gun, pointing the muzzle towards the Noah. [3]Later, when the earl and the rest of Noah leave, they rest together with everyone under the stone bridge.

Noah's Ark Arc Edit

Kie stays under the bridge while general Tiedoll fights the akumas. He is very relieved when Chaozi gets out safe of the Ark. As Chaozi is found to be an accomodator, he announces in the sanatorium that he decided to join the Black Order along with his two friends hoping to become a Finder.

Disappearance of Cross Marian Arc Edit

He was sent along with fellow finder Maosa and exorcists Miranda Lotto, Yu Kanda and Allen Walker to investigate about a ghost in a graveyard. They faced the haunted hand of Mister Martin in turn and Masako lost . He used the barrier to protect them.but it ran out of battery. Link finally won a game and they all left with the innocence[4]. When they arrive in front of the church of Father Frederico, Kie and him left as they had things to take care of. [5]

Seed of Destruction Arc Edit

Kie is seen besides Chaozi, telling him that he used to be worried for him but he is now happy to see he is fine.[6]

Trivia Edit

  • Kie's interests include mail corresponding and cleaning, he likes meat buns and the ocean and dislikes dogs and long train rides.[7][8]

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