Katerina Eve Campbell (カテリーナ·イヴ·キャンベル, Katerīna Ivu Kyanberu)[1] is the adoptive mother of Nea and Mana.

Appearance Edit

Back in the day, Katerina was a young woman wearing Victorian clothing. She had darkly colored hair, and wore a long dress and a bow tie. She is now an old lady with long straight white/grey hair. She has a strong nose and wears a long dress and earrings.

Personality Edit

In the past she appeared as a loving and smiling mother. She seems to be a nice vigorous lady.

History Edit

At some point she met the Earl of Millennium and became close enough with him to cry when he 'disappeared'.


Young Katerina

Then the Earl turned into two infants, she adopted the both of them, named them Mana and Nea, and she raised them as her own children.

When Mana became ill she watched over him day and night until he eventually recovered.[2]


Katerina "killed" by the earl

At some point, an a bit older Katerina was badly wounded by the Earl of Millennium. The Earl then announced to Mana D. Campbell that everything was back to what it used to be[3]. But Apparently Katerina survived.

Plot Edit

Searching for A.W arc Edit

When an injured Bookman came to her residence, she hosted him and along with Naaga took care of him. Later, she was informed by Lucia that Bookman finally regained conciousness and she took the young girl on her shoulder and ran to the House while explaining why Bookman came to them.

Trivia Edit

  • Katerina doesn't have the "D" in her name that both her adoptive son have. The "D" could come from their father or from something else peculiar about them.


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