Jeryy (ジェリー, Jerī) is member of the European Branch of the Black Order, where he acts as Head Chef. Jeryy learned to cook from the Head Chef of the Asian Branch, Zu Mei Chang.


Jeryy is dark skinned and wears a sleeveless chef's overall. His hair is black (purple in the anime) and set into very finely kept braids. he also is always seen wearing sunglasses despite the fact he works indoors.


Jeryy is a very flamboyant "camp" man who loves his job. He enjoys cooking for the Black Order, especially for Allen Walker, although he found it slightly hard to comprehend his first order. Jeryy is a good friend to the Exorcists and Finders at the order and is often a confidant and source of inspiration when the Exorcists are troubled.

Personal Statistics[1]Edit

  • Education: 3
  • Affinity: 3
  • Work Ability: 5
  • Mental: 5
  • Flexibility: 4
  • Sisterliness: 5


Jeryy is Indian in nationality, although his family ran Muay Thai dojos. Jeryy is adept at this style of fighting and was in line to inherit his family's dojo from his father. Jeryy did not want this life though and proceeded to travel the world, learning to cook in China. After joining the order he became best friends with Komui Lee and became close with Lenalee Lee.


Introduction arcEdit

Jerry is briefly introduced as Allen enters the cafeteria during his first days at the Order.[2] The Indian is overexcited by Allen's polite behaviour,[3] although surprised at first by Allen's big appetite,[4] soon after becomes "a fan" of young exorcist.

Seed of Destruction arcEdit

Message Jeryy anime

Jerry's secret message for Allen written on the gruel

During Allen's imprisonment Jerry prepares a feast for remaining exorcists and scientists believing that food might help them to cope with situation at hand.[5] The cook is not moved by the sad mood of his charges and forces some of them to eat by shoving the food down their throats [6] In reply to Howard Link's request, Jerry secretly prepares a rice gruel for Allen due the latter's fear of being drugged with the truth serum. [7]


  • Jeryy likes researching food recipes, people with huge appetites and cute boys and dislikes people who waste food and picky people. [8][9]
  • Zu Mei Chang was his master in cooking-art.[10] He a kitchen knife set that is very important to him. [8]
  • When first introduced, the mangaka put a male symbol next to his name to make sure readers knew that he was a man.
  • In a two-page omake of various characters that, under various circumstances, come to work for Jeryy, Arystar Krory is shown with a text bubble that states "Asked Jerry if he was gay" under his head.
  • Jeryy taught Lenalee her ladylike manners.[11]
  • "Jeryy" is only a pseudonym [12]


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