Jasdevi (ジャスデビ , Jasudebi) is a member of the Noah Family, and represents the "Bonds" (絆 , Kizuna) of Noah. He is the combined version of the twins, the eleventh disciple Jasdero[1] (ジャスデロ, Jasudero) and the tenth disciple Devit[2] (デビット, Debitto), and is seen as the two up until his fight with Arystar Krory. They are the current incarnation of Bondom (ボンドム , Bondomu).

Appearance Edit

The twins are always in their Noah form. Their human forms have yet to be seen. They are rather short for their age and have juvenile traits.

Devit Edit

Jasdevi 9


The more dominant member of the twins. Devit wears heavy makeup around his eyes and has the stigmata on his forehead. He wears a wife beater, tight leather pants with corset stitching, with the left pant leg ending at his thigh, and a fur-lined leather jacket. He also has bandages wrapped around his neck.

Recently, his hair has gotten longer, and he wears a little less make-up than he used to. He also appears to be showing more skin, his chest is exposed, and he retains a shorter pant leg.

Jasdero Edit

Gun pointing


The more submissive of the twins, Jasdero, like his brother, is male, not female.

Jasdero closely resembles a rag doll due to his wide eyes and stitches across his mouth. His clothes are of the same style as Devit's, though his belt is reversed, he does not wear an undershirt or underwear, he has a vest rather than a jacket, and both of his pant legs are full-length. Instead, he wears thick bandages over his forearms and hands, which resemble casts. In addition, he wears what appears to be an adornment made of ribbons on his head that ends in a lantern ball. His face is also more chubby than his brother's.

Recently, his hair seems to have gotten longer, and he no longer has stitches over his mouth. Jasdero also adapts a more serious look. Jasdero is most of the time leaning, making him look shorter than his brother whereas they are the same height.

Jasdevi Edit

A combination of the twins, Jasdevi wears a long red robe with hearts on his shoulders and sports very long, blond hair with black wave patterns at the top of the head It is implied that most of the hair that hide his left eye and cheek. In this form, Jasdevi's stigmata are absent. He appears to have dark lips and some level of fangs on his teeth as well as the same eye make-up as Jasdero.

Personality Edit


The more dominant of the two, Devit is similar to a stereotypical teenager: cocky, mischievous, rude and immature. He is also ill-tempered, lashing at Tyki for him mocking his and Jasdero's inability to kill Cross. He's also not very bright, as he answered all of Road's homework questions in math as just the number 5 (though this was just likely him just giving a sarcastic response to her). Regardless, he gets along well with his brother Jasdero and the two are a strong force.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Statistics Previous[3] Current[4]
Sophistication 2 2
Humanity 1 1
Combat Ability 4 4
Mental 3 4
Flexibility 2 2
Extra Statistics
Pride 5 5


The more submissive of the two, Jasdero is childish and usually indulges in self-simulator behavior such as drawing on his face and adding unnecessary giggles to the end of his sentences. He also appears to be quick to anger, such as defending his and Devit's attempts to kill Cross being unlucky. He has a habit of repeating some of the words he says and also tends to end some of his sentences with "Hee!". Regardless, he gets along well with his brother Devit and the two are a strong force.

Personal StatisticsEdit

Statistics Previous[3] Current[4]
Sophistication 2 2
Humanity 1 1
Combat Ability 4 4
Mental 3 4
Flexibility 4 2
Extra Statistics
Talkative 5 -
Wig - 5


Jasdevi's personality leans more towards Devit. He takes matters more seriously then his components, and is overly vain and sadistic. Jasdevi tends to mock others, calling Krory a monster, and is easily infuriated when he is insulted and/or dominated. Also, he tends to be much more intelligent from his counterparts.

Previous Incarnations Edit

First Bondom Edit

The first two apostles sharing the name of Bondom [5] fought alongside their fellow Noah 7000 years ago. Adam lost his battle against the heart of Innocence causing the great flood and forcing both Bondoms to take refuge in the Noah's Ark. The couple brought forth one or several children either with each other or with the other Noahs.

They became two of the ancestors of humanity. During 7000 year, Bondom's memory reincarnated from human to human. Bondom seemed to have been one being at some point for each of their incarnation. [6]

Previous Bondom Edit

The previous tenth and eleventh apostles were killed by Nea D. Campbell, the fourteenth apostle, about 35 years ago.

History Edit

According to the song they intone, Jasdevi was born as a single baby. He was apparently chosen from birth by Bondom for in their cradle, one became two: Jasdero and Devit.[7] The so-formed twins grew up and they are implied to have faced some social difficulties with regular humans and even rejection due to their difference.[8] At some point they completely awakened as Noah and joined the Noah Family.

Plot Edit

Edo and Asian Branch arc Edit

Jasdevi and Tyki Mikk 3

Devit and Jasdero meet up with Tyki in Japan.

Devit and Jasdero are first seen when they meet up with Tyki Mikk near Edo, Japan as they search for the target the Earl of Millennium assigned to them, Cross Marian.[9] The three decide to head to Edo to meet up with the Earl, Jasdero pulling Devit and Tyki in a rickshaw, and as Tyki taunts them about losing Cross three times, Devit similarly teasing Tyki about not being able to kill Allen, Jasdero accidentally runs over Skinn Bolic with the rickshaw, Skinn quickly recovering and joining Devit and Tyki in the seats.[10]

When the four meet up with the Earl, who explains some of the history of Noah's Ark, Devit notes that it's ironic that humans and the Noah have the same birthing place. The Earl then asks about their missions, which makes Jasdero and Devit cringe.[11] The four then accompany the Earl to Edo to meet up with the Exorcists, Jasdevi teasing Tyki again about another mission he's been assigned to.[12] When the Earl angrily reminds Jasdevi of their own target, they become meek and apologetic.[13]

Jasdevi 2

Jasdevi arrive in Cross' location, but find only chickens.

Devit and Jasdero attempt to join the fight when the Earl orders an army of Akuma to attack the Exorcists, but the Earl sends them after Cross, instead, fearing he might be after the Ark.[14] When the Earl explains that, before he died, the Fourteenth passed on his skill of piloting Noah's Ark to a new person, the twins conclude after a belated moment that it might be Cross and agree to go after him.[15] They arrive at where Cross had been, though, to find him gone, a rooster wearing his hat in his place.[16]

Noah's Ark arc Edit

After the death of Skinn Bolic, Devit and Jasdero meet up with Tyki and Road Kamelot, the four unable to stop crying because of their Noah-inherent familial sympathy and the twins' mascara running.[17] After the four spend a moment reminiscing, Tyki asks the twins about their mission, and when they don't answer immediately, Tyki assumes they weren't able to find him, which makes the twins explode with anger. A thick stack of bound paper falls out if Devit's coat and Road picks it up and questions them about it, Jasdero admitting that it's a stack of bills Cross left for them to pay. As she looks over the bills, Road realizes who Cross' apprentice (Allen Walker) is and tells them.[18]

Infuriated, the twins intercept Allen, along with Lenalee Lee, Lavi, Arystar Krory III, Chaozii Han and Lero, and begin attacking Allen with their guns.[19] Jasdero asks Allen if Cross will come to save him if they take him hostage, to which Allen answers with a blunt, immediate "No", amusing the twins to no end. Devit then tells Allen to hope that Cross trained him well enough to survive.[20]

Jasdevi 5

Jasdevi angry over Cross leaving them to pay his debts.

The twins fire first a ball of ice, and then a ball of fire at Allen, confusing him about the exact nature of their powers, and when Lavi and Krory intercede to try to help Allen, the twins seem to use their guns again to make the attack that had been thrown back at them disappear, Lero thinking to himself in the face of the Exorcists' confusion that the guns the twins are "using" aren't even loaded.[21] Lero, who is the Earl's golem, then demands to know why the twins aren't out looking for Cross, making the twins "fire" their guns at him and answer that they'll hunt Cross down after they take out their anger on Allen for Cross pinning them with his debts, much to Allen's horror.[22]

The twins suddenly turn into dolls.

Jasdero and Devit angrily inform Allen that they plan on taking the debt (100 guineas or $20,000 in modern day USD), to which Allen responds by telling them that they debt they have to pay is "chicken feed" and that his master is a "devil" who they should expect to give them money problems, making the twins burst out laughing before they attack.[23] Allen fights back and seemingly delivers a harsh blow to the twins, who turn into dolls just before Allen realizes that he seems to have purple paint splashed across his eyes. Calling this ability "Trick Glasses", the twins put the paint on the others, as well (even Lero), taunting them invisibly while they aim their guns at them without the Exorcists knowing.[24]

Allen grabs the Invincible Jasdevi

Allen catches the invisible Devit and Jasdero.

The twins knock the key that will get the Exorcists onto the next room from their possession, making the illusion that the floor is strewn with similar keys before they begin attacking again,[25] first with several fire attacks and then with a "Green Bomb" of goo, hitting Allen from behind. Krory then throws Allen in Jasdero and Devit's general direction, hitting them only to have them dodge when he attacks, himself, managing to rip out some of Jasdero's hair.[26] Jasdero becomes distraught by this, which distracts both him and Devit long enough for Krory to find them again, both of them barely managing to dodge when he attacks. Krory chases them, luring them into Allen's range, and Allen, acting on Krory's instructions, manages to catch them.[27]

Jasdevi traps Lenalee

The twins capture Lenalee.

The twins, in response, use their "Grudge" and escape, leaving Allen and Krory to struggle to fight it while they capture Lenalee.[28] When Allen, angered, tries to attack them, the twins summon an "Earl" to fight him, and as Allen struggles to keep up with it, Lero triumphantly and silently notes to himself that the twins' powers allow them to manifest their simultaneous thoughts.[29] As Allen fights the fake Earl, Lenalee begins to struggle within her prison, managing to kick Jasdero and punch Devit,[30] and when Devit pistol-whips her in response and tells her they have no chance of winning, Lenalee angrily tells him that Allen will "kick their bratty butts".[31]

Complete Jasdevi

The twins Devit and Jasdero combined into Jasdevi.

Just then, Lavi finds the real key, which makes the twins' "Trick Glasses" disappear, and, with the twins visible again, Allen and Krory punch them both.[32] Enraged, the twins begin singing an eerie song, the room around them warping in response to their power, and when they shoot one another in the head with their guns, their shadows merge and their bodies begin to evaporate.[33] Then, out of the smoke, a figure attacks Krory violently, sending him flying and making him slam into a bookshelf with enough force for a lot of the blood in his body to spray out behind him. The smoke then merges into the twins' joined body, Jasdevi.[34]

Jasdevi attacks Allen, first, planning to turn his body into a bomb to blow up the now opened exit,[35] then Krory intervenes and saves Allen. Jasdevi tries to attack around Krory and Lavi as they gather to protect Allen, and when Krory and Lavi continue to intervene, Jasdevi first delivers a harsh punch to Lavi's face, then pierces Krory's body with his hair. Krory is then attacked in the same manner as Allen first was and was sent flying into another bookshelf.[36]


Jasdevi capture by Krory; Krory tells the others to go ahead.

When Jasdevi continues to outmaneuver the Exorcists, Krory grabs him and urges the others to go on ahead and leave him.[37] By the time Jasdevi has managed to free himself from Krory's grasp, the others have already fled,[38] leaving Jasdevi to turn his attention to fighting Krory. Picking up a flask Krory has thrown at him, Jasdevi tastes it to see if it isn't human blood (having been taunting Krory about his vampire-like appearance) and is disgusted to realize that it is Akuma Blood.[39]

Jasdevi attempts to crush Krory.

Jasdevi taunts Krory over this, calling him a freak and surmising that the others left Krory behind to be rid of his "freakish" presence, to which Krory responds by noting that Jasdevi must know what it's like to be considered a freak. Enraged, Jasdevi attacks and attempts to crush Krory,[40] but Krory survives and delivers a harsh blow to Jasdevi, who realizes that Krory can boost his power and heal by consuming the blood of Akuma.[41]

As he and Krory continue fighting, Krory managing to break Jasdevi's hair,[42] Jasdevi steals Krory's final flask of Akuma Blood and drinks it so he can't use it,[43] then locks Krory in an Iron Maiden,[44] noting to himself when Krory almost escapes before, seemingly, dying, that he was "one serious freak".

Jasdevi then attempts to leave to go search for Cross again, but before he can leave Kroy's blood drains from his body and forms a humanoid body that attacks him,[45] though Jasdevi doesn't initially realize who his attacker is. Once he does, Jasdevi prepares to fight back, but Krory's blood form shoves its fist into his stomach and draws Chomesuke's blood out of his body,[46] and Jasdevi's body starts to suffer from Innocence poisoning from an earlier attack.[47]


Jasdero and Devit break apart.

They continue fighting, exchanging blows that cause the room to warp around them.[48]

The last attack weakening him too much, Jasdevi heads for the exit and sits on the ledge, then breaks back into Jasdero and Devit, who both fall backwards through the doorway.[49]

Third Exorcists arcEdit

Jasdevi Tryde

Jasdevi along with Tryde confront Socalo's unit.

Some time later, Jasdero and Devit are shown to have recovered and physically matured, seen welcoming Wisely to the Noah Family with several other new members.[50] They then head to Russia with Toraido to intercept and fight with General Winters Socalo's unit, consisting of Krory, Miranda Lotto and Third Exorcist Kiredori.[51]

Seed of Destruction arcEdit

After Socalo is forced to kill Kiredori when the Alma cells in her body drive her mad, Devit taunts the Exorcists, telling them that Yu Kanda has managed to make the Noah within Allen (Nea Walker) awaken.

Searching for A.W. arcEdit

Jasdevi VS Apo

Jasdero and David engage the battle against Apocryphos

As Apocryphos leaves a beaten Kanda and Timcampy, Jasdero and Devit appear and attempt to lock him in a large coffin only for Apocryphos to break it easily. They then shoot his head off and mock him for having his guard down not thinking the Noah were keeping an eye on him. They introduce themselves and has a large monster rise up from where Apocryphos's head was and have it materialize as the twins prepare to fight him. Later they report to Fiidora that together with Sheril and Maashiima they successfully captured Apocryphos and ask for Tykki's assistance.[52]

As Tyki and the others are very late, busy to look for the Earl, The twins have fun imitating Sheryl's face with the creature they created to capture Apocryphos. [53]

Wisely disappears through the ark and prepares to head to the twins to help them and take care of the catch of the day as they are still waiting for Tyki.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Natural abilities as a Noah: As a Noah, Jasdevi has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of his abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, they are immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to the human's touch, though Jasdevi noted how disgusting it tasted.

Superhuman resistance : Both twins are capable of enduring a direct hit of Allen's innocence, a blow that would probably kill most regular humans.

Great Speed (Jasdero) : Though they didn't show it in battle, Jasdero was able to run at a huge speed while pulling a coach-- a speed that he sent flying the 222 pounds (100 kg) Skinn Bolic without slowing down.

Pulling Force (Jasdero): Jasdero showed being able to pull a coach with his brother and Skinn Bolic with ease and without showing any sign of exhaustion.


One of the two guns that Jasdero and Devit use.

Materialization (実現[54] Jitsugen): Jasdero and Devit fight using a pair of identical golden revolvers. These guns, though, according to Lero, aren't loaded. The ammo that the pair use are created with the twins' power of "Materialization", which is when they simultaneously think of what ammo to use. The revolvers merely serve as a medium for their synchronized imagination.

During their confrontation with Apocryphos, Jasdero and Devit's guns now appear slightly larger, but as small shotguns.[55]

Ammunition Edit

  • Blue Bomb (青ボム[56] Ao bomu): Freezes anything it hits.
  • Red Bomb: Burning Red Planet (赤ボム「灼熱の赤い惑星」[57] Aka bomu "Shakunetsu no akai wakusei"): Combines to form a large fireball, which they name "Blazing Red Planet" . Can be used at least twice in rapid succession.
  • White Bomb (白ボム[58] Shiro bomu): Creates a concussive blast capable of negating attacks on impact. Whether this works on all attacks or only their own launched back at them is unclear, though it is likely only the latter, as that is the only time it is used.
  • Green Bomb (緑ボム[59] Midori bomu): Traps anything in a green slimy prison.
  • Purple Bomb: Trick Glasses (紫ボム「騙しメガネ」)[60] Murasaki bomu "Damashi megane"): Covers the eyes of their enemies in a purple goo that is impossible to remove, called the "trick glasses" after which, the twins can make their enemies see anything that they want. They have used this ability to make themselves invisible, conceal their attacks and make duplicates of the key Tyki Mikk gave to Allen, as well as the Millennium Earl. They seem to have to imagine what the duplicate is like, as the keys were inaccurate in their details, and the Millennium Earl they created was supposedly a copy of the "real, angry one" (said by Lero). Also of note is the fact that the "trick glasses" disappeared after Lavi opened the door to the next room. Trick glasses cause the room to have keys covering the floor's surface and a few bouncy balls strewn about.
  • Explosion: They were able to blow up Apocryphos's head by pointing their guns at him.

Other materializations Edit

  • Jasdevi's Grudge

    Jasdevi's Grudge

    Grudge (怨念[61] On'nen): Not a bullet launched by their guns. Instead, Jasdero and Devit summon a large mud-like creature which takes the appearance of several human corpses called "Grudge".
  • Monster Clown : Shown in the battle against Apocryphos, the monster clown is a huge multicolored creature with a clown face and arms. They can make it appear directly on the target so as to immobilize it.
  • Iron Maiden: A large iron maiden they have summoned in Jasdevi and and in split form too. They can control the two parts of the torture device to close it at will. Though it is tough enough to lock a parasite type exorcist like Arystar Krory, Apocryphos was able to break it instantly.
  • Star Bomb: A human-size star-shaped bomb. They can pin someone to it while it also releases shock waves that immobilize that target. When they decide so they can make the whole explode. They can also create to stars and stuck someone between them before crushing them.

-TF- D.Gray-Man 83 0122

Jasdevi's true form

Jasdevi (ジャスデビ): Once the twins shoot each other in the head, they merge back into their original form: Jasdevi. Jasdevi, like the twins, have the power of "Materialization". As their bodies are one, they no longer need the guns to act as a medium, but instead simply think to create whatever they want.

Unlike the two weaker bodies of Devit and Jasdero, Jasdevi has extraordinary strength and speed, and can harden his body to augment his defense greatly. This is because they are materializing the "strongest body imaginable".

Jasdevi hair

Jasdevi using his hair as a weapon.

Using this body manipulation, he can also manipulate his hair to extend, pierce through humans, and act of its own accord if cut. The manipulated hair are implied to be his creation.

With the same power of "Materialization", Jasdevi can create almost anything. He is able to create and manipulate pentacle-shaped screens that he can use as shields or to trap and crush his enemies. He can create shock waves that can smash his opponents hard and send them flying a great distance.

Major Battles Edit

  • Jasdero and Devit VS Allen Walker, Lavi and Arystar Krory
  • Jasdevi VS Arystar Krory
  • Jasdero, Devit and Tryde VS Socalo's team
  • Jasdero, Devit, Sheryl Kamelot and Mercym VS Apocryphos

Relationships Edit

Jasdero and David

Jasdero and David

Each Other: Jasdero and Devit are twin brothers who are incredibly close to each others. They have absolutely no problem with encroach on the living space of each other, going as far as sitting on each other, and being perpetually clinging to each other. They share an inimitable bond, as their memory would imply, is so strong that they are able to guess what the other twin is thinking, enabling them to use their power. It is so infallible that it would be compared to telepathy, which makes sense considering they were originally the same person. Devit, who generally acts cocky and rude, is very kind to Jasdero, and immediately offers to pay back the strands that were ripped during the fight with the exorcists. He is also a bit directive, being the one who mostly take decisions for both. Jasdero seems to highly trust his brother. It comes as no surprise that they immeasurably care for each others, starting to panic whenever one of them seems to be in danger.


  • In the second popularity poll all three characters placed. Jasdevi came 16th, Jasdero came 14th and the top ranking character was Devit coming 6th behind Tyki Mikk and the four main protagonists[62]
  • In an after chapter special, it is jokingly revealed that Devit does not wear undergarments.[63]
  • In the Chara Gray Character book, Hoshino revealed that Devit and Jasdero are still suffering from the effects of the Innocence Krory infected them with, and have not fully healed yet.
  • Jasdevi bears some similarity to the Bleach character Szayelaporro Granz.
  • Jasdero's lantern ball is actually an anachronistic dragon ball. [64]
  • Jasdero likes strong curried rice and collecting Dragon ball stuff and dislikes sweet things. [65]
  • The twins enjoy pranking people, shoplifting, graffiti. They like makeup, staying up late, fighting, the black market and tandem sleeping and dislike Hunger, debt, adults, girls (aside from Road and Lulu), Arystar Krory.[66]
  • Devit likes break-dancing and rice and he dislikes toadstools[65]
  • "Bondom" probably comes from the word "bond".
  • Jasdero's appearance is based on a friend of the author named Adam who drew “DGM Theater” as a comic. Devit's is based on a friend of Adam. They are both female.[67]


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