Character OutlineEdit

Jaime Dark

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Character Information
Kanji Name ジェイミー・ダーク
Romaji Name Jeimī Dāku
Gender Female
Status Alive
Nationality German
Seiyū Risa Mizuno
Manga Debut Chapter 53
Jaime Dark is the daughter of Suman Dark. Because she was sick and her father could not afford to pay for her to be treated, he joined the Order with the stipulation that they would pay her medical bills.

Appearance Edit

In Suman's flash back she is shown as a little girl with pigtails. In the present she just had a long hair. She is seen in both flashback and the present carrying a teddy bear.

Personality Edit

She is a sickly girl who misses her father very much.

History Edit

The reason Suman Dark joined the Black Order is to be able to give Jaime the medical care she needs for her incurable disease. She is seen with her mother crying that Suman is leaving to the Black Order.[1]

Plot Edit

Suman Dark's Fallen arc Edit

She is in a hospital telling a doctor about her dream that she saw her father waving as if saying good bye. Then, seeking assurance, she asks the doctor if her father is still out, alive, in the world.[2]

Reference Edit

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