Jacob (ジェイコブ, Jeikobu) is the little brother of Elda. He died in a burned house accident, which shocked the family of him. His father made a goal to find the Leaf of Revival to revive him.

History Edit

Happy Memories

Happy Memories

He was living in a family of four, himself, his big sister, his mother and his father. One day their house got burned down due some unknown reasons, but sue that he has born with bad legs, he couldn't get outside and died inside the house, telling his family that it is fine and that they must go. That day shocked his family having his mother in a coma and having his father dwelling through the memories of him.

Personality Edit

Jacob is born with a handicap, he cannot walk stable on ground and where been carrying himself with a wheel chair. During that accident he fall down of his wheel chair without his family didn't noticed. Through the last words he has spoken, he probably cares deeply for his family and sacrifices himself of no help to keep them save.

Quotes Edit

  • (To his family) "It's fine just get out of here."[1]
  • (To his father) "Father, hurry up and get mother and sister out!"[1]

References Edit

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