The Invasion of the Black Order Arc is the eleventh story arc of the D.Gray-man series, which is written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. It unfolds in the European Branch of the Black Order after the events of the Noah's Ark Arc. The Headquarters are infiltrated by a Noah. The exorcists have to face an army of akumas to save their home. It Spans from Chapter 135 to chapter 158 in the manga and from episode 95 to episode 103 in the anime.

Plot Edit

The arc opens with a reunion of the high-ranking members of the Black Order following the events in the Noah's Ark. The reunion is head by Central special inspector Malcolm C. Lvellie. He introduces himself and announces that the reunion might be very interesting, exceptionally in the presence of General Cross Marian whom he is looking forward to ask some things to. [1]

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