The Introduction Arc is the first story arc from the D.Gray-man series by

Katsura Hoshino. It focuses on Allen's journey to the Black Order to become a Exorcist. During this arc, Allen meets various of peoples and various troubles which he helps the peoples who are in great danger by the Akuma, machinery used by The Earl of Millennium. Evenly at his arrival at the Black Order, he also is meeting new peoples, evenly with the ones who he creates a strong bond with. The arc chapters spans correctly from chapter 1 until chapter 7, while in the anime, the from the first episode until the second episode and the meeting with the Earl of Millennium in originally according the manga chapters from episode 6 until episode 8.


The Cursed ChurchEdit

Black Order Emblem

Cress of the Black Order.

Allen protects Moor

Allen protects Moor.

Moor and her partner Chales are investigating an old church which said by citizens that it has been cursed. After that they entered the church, they where been suddenly attacked by bats. Someone took Moore away which leaving Chales alone. The person who had take Moor contains to be a boy. Moore then handcuffed him which the boy says that he didn't mean to do that and that he was only trying to grab that cat. Moore then handcuffed him on the window, which the boy explains why he's in the church. Moor doesn't seem to believe him and tells him that she will round up his companions. A loud scream came which Moor is heading there and sees Chales binded on a pole and later has been vanished. Moore is then in a shock and now thinks that the rumors are indeed true. She then can't breath due that Chales corpse gas is poisonous. The boy then saved Moor and explains her what has happened to her partner and Moor falls unconscious.

At the Police StationEdit

Allen Explains

Allen's ask if he can help.

Moor has been awakened and where been grabbed to the interrogation room where they got the suspects. The boy turned out to be Allen Walker. They are start asking questions which Allen get high pressures from them. The chief then grabs his hand because he thinks that it is blood because it's red and sees that there is a cross in the middle of his hand. He then calls Allen a psychopath because he thinks that he has burned the cross inside his hand.
After Chiefs Request

After Chief's request.

Moor then defense Allen which one of the officers where been saying that there was a large bullet during the event and Allen had only a cat. The chief then ask Moore why she was unconscious. Afterwards, Allen suggested to help them with the investigation because he has seen the culprit. He then says that the culprit is nicknamed "Akuma" which he tells them that the cross that he has on his hand is an anti-akuma weapon. The chief is then telling Moore that she must watch Allen like a hawk and head off to the cursed church.

Arrival of The Earl of MillenniumEdit

The Earl disappeared

The Earl Disappeared.

The Earl of Millennium walks by the event of Chales death. He heads of to his "Akuma". After that his akuma where been blowing off gas, he stands behind him and ordered him to kill more and evolve. He then heard someone which he disappeared.

Appearance of the AkumaEdit

Mark has Attacked

Akuma attacked.

Moore is coming to her brother and tells him that he must eat, he then tells her that he is full which Moor apologizes to him which he soon says that he will eat something soon. They both then hear Allen voice which Moore caught him and knows that he's trying to go back to church. Later Allen looks outside and sees the church and hopes that the inspector is alright. Moore then ask Allen if he really thinks that the culprit is an Akuma because she doesn't believe it. Allen then says that these demons are a little bit different and explains it to Moor. Moor's brother rolls by and stopped and enters the room. He then starts to shake which Moor is worried about it asking if he's alright. Allen sees that Moor's brother is in fact an Akuma which Moor's brother then suddenly transform into an Akuma and starts to attack them. Allen where been hit by the blast straight to the church.

Battle against the AkumaEdit

Mark Meets the Earl

Mark Meets the Earl.

After being attacked by the Akuma, Moore sees that Allen has caught the bullet. Moore tries to touch it, but Allen says that there is a gaseous agent inside it. Which that the example where been showed to the cat. Moore is then wondering what has happened to Mark. Allen then explains what has happened to him. The Akuma then appeared at the church, which that the inspector and the officers are coming asking what Moore is doing in the church.
Allen with Claire's Soul

Allen with Claire's soul.

After seeing the Akuma, the Inspector is then ordering them to shoot which Allen says that guns won't hurt him and tells them to run. The Akuma shoots them and sees that everyone has been died. Moore is crying scolding the Akuma as a monster. Allen explains her much more about the Akuma. After that Allen has told her what Akumas are doing, an flashback about what has happened between Moore, Mark and Claire appeared. Later Allen has defeated the Akuma and saved Claire's soul. After the battle with the Akuma, they where been looking at the moon which Moore ask Allen if Mark and Claire are in heaven. Allen then says that they are.

The First Meeting with the Earl of Millennium Edit

Main article: First Meeting with the Earl of Millenium arc

The young boy and the Akuma Edit

The Akuma and the Young Boy

The Akuma and the Young Boy.

Allen was dreaming again about what happened in India with his master Cross Marian three months ago. He then wakes up and hears a scream "It's an Akuma!!" and runs of towards it. Once arrived Allen ask directly about the Akuma, which he sees a crowd and one of them said that there are no Akuma's.
Allen purify the Akuma

Allen purify the Akuma.

The one who's responsible for saying it, is a boy named Jean which according to him that there is really a Akuma. Jean then points to a homeless guy and evenly tells them what has happened. The man defending himself saying that he played with the kid and he got into it. When they leave, the Akuma sees a chance to kill Jean. Allen then activates his arm telling the Akuma that he cannot defy his eyes and purify him. Jean is happy to see an exorcist and knowing that it is a anti-akuma weapon and wants to see it.

The meeting of Allen and Jean Edit

Jean Happy to see a Exorcist

Jean happy to see a Exorcist.

After that Allen rescued Jean from the Akuma, the two are talking with each other while they are walking. Jean tells Allen that he want to be a scientist due to his father and that he will make a weapon that can vanish the Akuma.
Union Bomb

Union Bomb.

He then tells Allen that he is physically weak, according to what he has seen that exorcist are normally macho's. Jean then ask Allen on how many Akuma's did he defeated, how he obtained the anti-Akuma weapon and how it was when he destroyed his first Akuma. Allen tells Jean that he must not ask too many questions. Allen then says that he must not do anything to get the creators attention because it is dangerous. Jean gives Allen a union bomb which explodes which the gas hits his eyes. Jean then goes to his friend telling Allen that the Akuma won't attack them all.

Jean's long-time partner and the Secret Edit

The Earl starts to appear in Leon's Eye

The Earl starts to appear in Leon's Eye.

Jean appeared at his friend Leo's house, where he is talking with him that it has been awhile and that he has seen him since his mothers funeral. Jean noticed that Leo has changed a little bit and thinks that it maybe happened after his mother death and wonders if there is anything to cheer him up. Jean tells Leo that he saw an Akuma while he was patrolling and knew that the skeleton was a machine. He tells Leo that he also have seen it's creator, The Earl of Millennium. Jean then draws it for him and tells Leo that they will go around town and ask about him. Leo then grab Jean's hand asking him if he wants to go somewhere with him. Allen appeared at Jean's house and sees one of his maid's. Jean then pushes his maid towards Allen and ask him why he was coming for. Jean then leaves Allen which his maid still upon him. When Allen sees Leo, he tells Jean to wait, but he is gone already.

The Meeting with The Earl of Millennium Edit

A Shocked Jean

A shocked Jean.

Allen entered Jean's home and sees the sketch of Jean of The Earl of Millennium on a chair. He tells before he wants to go to the order, he want to meet the Earl. Jean and Leo arrived at the cemetery which Jean thinks they came here for Leo's mother. He then collide to The Earl of Millennium which shocked him. Leo then throws an union bomb to him and tells Leo to get away from his. The Earl says that Leo is dead for a long time, ever since his mothers funeral. The Earl then says that Jean disturbed him and that Leo is the Akuma that will punish him. Jean cannot believe it, which Allen appeared telling him that it is true. Allen tells Jean that Leo is the Earl's Akuma. Allen tells Jean to believe him, because what Jean is seeing of his friend Leo now is just his psychical appearance, but deep down there lays a weapon of the Earl, the Akuma. The Earl of Millennium ask Allen who he is. Allen responds that he is his enemy. The Earl then knows that Allen is an exorcist. Allen activate his innocence cross, and start his attack to The Earl of Millennium and his purification to Leo.

Battle against the Akuma and The Earl of Millennium Edit

Jean protects Leo

Jean protecting Leo.

While Allen tries to purify Leo's soul, he got stopped by Jean telling Allen that Leo is his friend and evenly made a promise with his that they will protect the village from Akuma's and ask Allen which proof he needs. Leo then transform into an Akuma and starts to shoot the poison bullets to Jean, but Allen protects him. The Earl of Millennium is angry about that Jean is talking about justice and all and explained about his creation.
The Earl remembers Allen

The Earl remembers Allen Walker.

Allen then explained to Jean that Leo used the Earl's power to get back his dead mother but it became a Akuma. Allen then says that he can see Leo's mother suffering as an Akuma. The Earl of Millennium became angry at Allen because he told him that he can see the soul within a Akuma. Allen tells the Earl that he has inherited the anti-Akuma weapon which that he can nullify the poison within him. The infection is disappearing and the Earl is in shock in what he sees. Allen then says that his left eye is a curse, and tells that he made an important person into an Akuma, which he put on a curse to him which he now can see the soul that lays within the Akuma. The Earl of Millennium then remembers his saying that he met his before. He then says that he turned his father into an Akuma.

Past, The meeting of Allen and the Earl of Millennium Edit

Mana attacks Allen

Mana curses Allen.

Allen tells that he and Mana weren't related by blood, but he was the only one who adopted him after that his parents thrown him away by birth due to his left arm. After Mana's death, he made a deal with the Earl of Millennium to bring back Mana, but Mana is now an Akuma. Mana attacks Allen, cursing him by cutting at his left eye. Allen's innocence has awakened by his left arm and attacked Mana. Allen then tells Mana to run because his left arm comes closer. Mana tells Allen that he loves him and that he must destroy him. After that, he got found by Cross Marian and trains him as an exorcist. Allen then tells that this cursed is something to see the feelings of a soul within the Akuma. Allen then activates his innocence again and tells the Earl that Akuma's are sad beings which they shouldn't be existed in this world. A angry Earl says that he should kill him at the day that they met each other.

The Earl and Leo against Allen Walker Edit

Earl's Akuma's coming

The Earl send his Akuma's.

The Earl tells Allen if he can see the soul within an Akuma, and that he can save them. The Earl then tells him to try and do it and start to make a attack against Allen. Allen attacks the bullets that has been shoot from the Akuma, which Allen tells him that he managed to attack him because he was protecting Jean. He said that the anti-akuma weapon that he has possess enormous strength and speed, so a Akuma bullet or hard body has no use against it. Allen tells the Earl that it was made to destroy his weapon and claimed to be a god weapon. The Earl then summons more of his Akuma to destroy Allen. Jean then is thinking about the time that Leo was still alive, claiming that Leo is an idiot because he knew that the Earl is a bad person, he still took in the Earl. Leo then tells Allen to destroy Leo, which Allen uses his technique "Cross Grave" to destroy all the Akuma.
Allen uses Cross Grave

Allen uses Cross Grave.

The Earl then escapes saying that he can't handle it at that level and tells Allen that he will see each other soon and explains more. Allen then collapsed and ask Jean to call a doctor for him. Jean is crying saying that he will call a doctor soon, and ask him if he can faint until then. Three days later, Allen ask what Jean is making. Jean tells Allen that he is creating a cross for Leo's grave when everyone noticed that he dead because Leo has been considered as a runaway. Jean then tells Allen that he's going to the Black Order, Allen says that he goes because Timcanpy is going crazy. Jean is going to his fathers place and study more, which the two are fist bumping telling that they both must do their best.

Arrived at the Black OrderEdit

Allen climbed up a cliff to get to one of the Black Order organization branch. He gets spied by the members which they are wondering who he is. Later they are using The Gatekeeper to investigate Allen with his X-ray, which Allen suffers him that he could not figure out if he's an Akuma or a Human. The Gatekeeper then sees his pentacle and then says that he's an Akuma. Allen is then been attacked by an exorcist named Yu Kanda, which he uses his Mugen to battle him. Allen's arm starts to activate from a sudden.

Allen VS. Kanda, The Misunderstanding & The acceptionEdit

Kanda approaches Allen

Kanda approaches Allen.

Yu has damaged Allen's anti-akuma weapon, which Allen is in an shock. Yu ask him about Allen's arm which Allen simply replayed that it is an anti-akuma weapon and that he is an exorcist. Yu then looks angry at the Gatekeeper, which that the Gatekeeper claimed that he is an demon after seeing his pentacle. Allen then becomes frustrated at the Gatekeeper which he claimed that he's not a demon but a human. Yu then says that he will believe it when he sees Allen's guts, which he activates his sword saying that he will cut him in two. Allen then says that he is really not his enemy and says that he there should be a letter of recommendation from Cross Marian.
Staring at Komui

Everybody looks at Komui.

That shocks Yu which he stops attacking Allen. Allen then says that it must be there, which everyone inside the order is staring at Komui. Komui then tells one of his mens that he must search the letter on his desk, which again Komui where been stared, which he then says that he will help finding the letter. After that Komui and it's assistant found the letter, Komui then tells Reever that Kanda must stop his attack on Allen. After that Reever connects with Kanda saying that he must stop the attack, Kanda then doesn't get it anymore. After that the problem has been left behind, Lenalee then shows Allen places around the Black Order. Komui then introduce himself to Allen and fix his arm. After tha Komui has fixed Allen's arm, he then brings him to Hevlaska which she Synchronize Allen. After that she has been finished to synchronize Allen, Allen then ask them whast an innocence is. Komui and Hevlaska explains it to him. Later Allen is seen in his own room, touching a picture which he tells Mana that he will not stop walking.

Story Impact Edit


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