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Please note that this is the D.GrayMan Encyclopedia's article on Millenary war , if you are looking for the article on Volume then you should head to Holy War Blood (volume).
Holy War

The Holy War

The Holy War (聖戦 , Seisen) is the main conflict the D.Gray-man series revolves around. Having begun more than 7000 years ago, this war opposes the Noah Family led by The Earl of Millennium and the wielders of Innocence who shall be led by the Wielder of the Heart. The events of the war are recorded by the Bookman Clan.

Noah and the Innocence Wielders Edit

Noah holy war

The Noah Family throughout the ages

7000 Years Old Prologue Edit

The Black Order Edit

Exorcists holy war

The exorcists of the Black Order throughout the ages

End of the 7000 Years Old Prologue Edit

Trivia Edit

  • "Seisen" is a word meaning war for justice, which is regarded as religiously sacred. In the christian context of the story, it is heavily referencing the crusades.

References Edit

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