Guangzhou is a port city in South-east China. It is the capital and largest city of the province. This is where the Exorcists start their travel to Edo.

Landmarks, Architecture and Activity Edit


The port

Guangzhou is one of the trading posts in Guangdong. It is next to the see too, so people from all around the world gather here.[1]It is traveled by several rivers that lead to the ocean and can by passed over with brick bridges. We can find huge markets where the goods brought by ship are traded. Notably a Manju shop. The main attraction of the city is of course the port . It is very lage and seems be used manly for merchandise ships. The architecture is traditional for China.


The Tenseiro

The biggest establishment is the Tenseiro [2]: A bawdyhouse held by Anita and her bodyguard Mahoja. The entry is particulary garish. Anita's office is in the back.

History Edit

Not much is known about the city's history. The Tenseiro and his affiliates have been supporters to the Black Order for several decades as Anita's mother was also a supporter. Cross Marian was known to have slept there in the past and recently when he head to Japan. Following him the exorcists arrived to the city an sailed with Anita's ship.

Known Inhabitants Edit


  • The city is unnamed in the manga. The anime reveals its name.
  • The name of the tenseiro is not given in the manga chapter but in the official fanbook later.


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