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The Great Generals (大元帥 , Daigensui) or Great Marshalls are five shadowed figure who head the Black Order. Though their faces are never seen, they seem to have eyes everywhere. Rumors say that the individuals at the headquarters of the Black Order are only puppets controlled by the real generals who are in Central, in the Vatican. They welcome every new exorcist after they are examined by Hevlaska. The Great Generals are the direct superiors to the Generals.



The Great Generals and Allen

They wear a black Black Order uniforms with golden sleeves and hoods. Their faces are never seen but they are all identical in stature, adding to the theory that these are only puppets.


Not much is known about their personnality but they seem to be quite authoritarian as their rare appearances they were seen giving orders.


Introduction Arc

The Great Generals are first seen after Hevlaska examined Allen's innocence. They order him to "fight!".

Order in Crisis Arc

When Generals Winters Socalo and Klaud Nine arrive at the headquarters, they are called by the great generals who are waiting for them for a meeting.

Noah's ark Arc

Komui Lee informs Reever that the great Marshalls are not informed that the Ark has been retrieved by the science section and tells him not to inform them. Komui is apparently late for a meeting with them and they require to know the reason for this before Hevlaska announces the apparition of a new critical point breaker. They seem rather enthousiasts about it.

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