Gozu (called Gozul in some translations) is a finder of the Black Order . He appears in the story The Village Where the Witch Dwells in the first novel of the D.Gray-man: Reverse novels and later in the episodes 33, 34 and 35 of the anime.

Appearance Edit

Gozu is a very tall young man with red (dark blond in the anime) hair whose a strand covers the right side of his face and red eyes. The rest of his hair is very short on the left side of his head and there is none on the right side. He wears big, hoop earrings.

Personality Edit

Gozu is a very straight forward and demonstrative person. He is also very fearful, and kind at heart, seeing that he cried over a witch's death.

Plot Edit

The Village Where the Witch Dwells Edit

Gozu is almost killed by Akuma and he is saved by Kanda. They then go to investigate in Daukern about the witch and the forest of no return.