George (ゲオルグ, Georgu) is the mayor of an unnamed village. He requested that Allen Walker and Lavi, as members of the Black Order, help slay the Vampire that had been terrorizing them.

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George has witnessed his citizens (who were actually akumas) being attacked by the Vampire of the Castle. One day, a traveller went to the village and told him to wait for a black clergyman who would free them from the vampire.

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George notices Allen and the Black Order Emblem on his chest. He then captures him to ask for his help to fight The Vampire of the Castle. After the mob tied him up, they explain the situation. When they discover Lavi hidden in a barrel, they proceed to tie him up too.

He and the villagers accompagny the exorcists to the Castle, but when they are attacked by the vampire, they soon decide to not follow them any further .

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