Generals (元帥 , Gensui) often translated as Marshalls is the superior rank for an Exorcist. Five at their greatest, Generals are considered the greatest battle assets of the Black Order. As a matter of fact they are chosen only among the exorcists who have reached the critical point. Generals are directly under the authority of the Great Generals.

Outline Edit

When an Exorcist exceeds the 100% synchronization rate limit, they become candidates for the rank of General. The process for becoming a general beyond this prerequisite are currently unknown but they involve the Great generals.

Once an Exorcist becomes a General, they are assigned a team of Exorcists they can be expected to train, and, typically, the Generals who discover new Exorcists while roaming the world with several shards of Innocence they are allotted are the ones expected to train these new Exorcists. Unlike typical Exorcists, the Generals are not under Komui's chain of command; their mission assignments come from the Great Generals, five unknown individuals who rank above Komui.[14][15] The missions of Generals are often long, and they don't come back to Headquarters nearly as much as standard Exorcists, though they do try to contact the Order at least once a month.[16]

 Some Generals, though, are not so obedient; former General Cross Marian is notorious in the Order for disappearing for four years after receiving a particular mission from the Great Generals (the mission to find and destroy the Akuma Egg, which was in Noah's Ark).

Recently with the recrudescence of Akumas, the Generals tend to stay in the Headquarters and to complete missions with the other exorcists.

Abilities Edit

Generals are considered the greatest battle assets of the Black Order. As such they are given very dangerous missions that other exorcists wouldn't be expected to be able to achieve.

The power gap between generals and average exorcists is huge as noted by Lavi. [1] The generals are able to take on multiple level 3 akumas at once. [2] when regular exorcists have trouble fighting only one [3] and even level 2 akumas [4]. The generals seem even able to inflict very severe damages to level 4 akumas Members

Each general seems to be specialized in an area of battle with Froi Tiedoll being called "the best defense of the Black Order", Cross Marian being specialized in mid to long range combat, Socalo in short range weapons and and Klaud Nine in Melee.

The generals are very knowledgeable regarding the Innocence and the holy war as their position expects them to be. As such they are able to teach their exorcist disciples.

Members Edit

Cross Marian Klaud Nine Froi Tiedoll Kevin Yeegar Winters Socalo
They lead in that Order the:

History Edit

An unnamed general has been the master of Lenalee Lee but he died when she was young. He was replaced by one of the current generals.

The generals were initially 5 at the beginning of the story. The date of their promotion from exorcist to general is unknown for the five of them.

3 Years before the story Cross Marian was tasked by the Great Generals with finding the Akuma Egg of the Earl.

Upon the "End of the 7000 Years Prologue", the Noah Family decided to target the generals in order to find the Precious Heart (this was revealed later to be a lure). Unfortunately Kevin Yeegar was the first victim of the Noah and he was caught by Tyki Mikk and Road Kamelot who brainwashed him and left him to die. After these events the General Units were sent to find and protect their respective general before escroting them to the headquarters.

Tiedoll' s Unit were the first to find their general and upon his refusal to return to the European Branch they decided to follow him wherever he'd go. Meanwhile Winters Socalo and Klaud Nine returned to the Order by their own to find their unit's coffins.Cross on his side sucessfully infiltrated the Noah's Ark retrieved the Akuma Egg and allowed his unit to safely escape the ark.

After the Noah's Ark events, Cross returned to the Order. There an important meeting with the generals and High-rankings from the Black Order was organized. When the Order was attacked by Lulu Bell and an army of Akumas, The Generals fought together to defend the Order. They sucessfully wiped out all the akumas but they had to destroy the akuma egg to prevent him from returning to the Earl.

All the Generals but Cross (not here) were later infected by the Komuvitan D Virus and turned into zombies. They were cured. After the move to the new Headquarters Cross was under house arrest. He was attacked by Apocryphos and his body disappeared.

After the disparition of Cross, the Units were reorganized. The Generals were in missions with their units when The Noah attacked the North American Branch and woke up Alma Karma.

Yu Kanda, a critical point breaker exorcist was later proposed by Marshall Froi Tiedoll to become a general and fill one of the two empty spots. He accepted the proposition.

Trivia Edit

  • In the pre-war imperial japanese army, gensui is the highest military title.

References Edit

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