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The Former_Headquarters is the previous location of the European Branch of the Black Order. Located on

a plateau in scandinavy, it had to be abandonned following the Invasion of the Black Order and the Destruction of the Black Order arcs.

Landmarks and Architecture 

The original facility is located at the top of a dangerous-looking plateau in Scandinavia, seemingly for security reasons. It is a campanile-like building that was tighter and tig

hter the higher you go. It' surrounded by a forest with a large wall, occupied by the Gatekeeper, somewhere around it. It was organized as such, from top to bottom:[1]


Scheme of the facility

  1. Private Residences
  2. Medical Ward
  3. Bath Houses
  4. Training Facilities
  5. Cafeteria, Lounge
  6. (1st floor) Foyer
  7. Main Entrance
  8. Grand Hall/Cathedral
  9. Library/Meeting Room
  10. Corresponding team and other rooms
  11. Komui's office/Experiment rooms
    Pharmacy Room
  12. Science Division
  13. Control room/Surveillance room/Operation room

    The organization of the Science Section

  14. Research Room
  15. Hevlaska's Chamber
  16. Crematorium
  17. Waterway



The Facility has been used by the Black Order as headquarters for about a hundread years. During those decades, many Exorcists and regular members of the Black Order have lived there.

The experiments

As accomodators are incredibly rare and exorcists kept dying on the battlefield, the Black Order decided to do experiments on the relatives on the dead exorcists and their innocence. They soon noticed that the synchronization rate with exorcists relatives was higher than with other humans even though it was still not enough to correctly synchronize with the innocence. As a consequence, all the family members who were used in these experiments became Fallen Ones and eventually died. There were 61 of them:

Kate Brolly, Fanny Leroux, Olivier Virenque, Ottmar Dach, Celestine Duclay, Ernest Conan, Delphine Baum , Sim Poll, Lize Rolens, Amadeo Kier, Adolf Ende, Estelle Imelda, Zoe Cynthia, Zephyr Pucci, Siméon du Vilepin, Marie Louis, Jayia Nicola, Ava Braun, Froly Ringer, Federico Fuller, Gustav Sinclair, Barnaby Marton, Arcia Tsvet, Gianni Proscienzzo, Thomas, Brody, Brahim Auteuil, Sammy Greenburg, Alva Cederlund, Konrad Toushec, Evarist Ducas, Ferdinand Berlioz, Richard Veil, Roger Ardan, Ségolène Galois, Augusto Dorno, Orner Bohlin, Tila Orman, Indra Dahlstrøm, Leona Eilman, Julian Ringer, Laurence Dion, Emile Dumont, Jacob Cress, Jerry d’Estaing, Susan Unver, Lily Chen, Theo Morris, Calista Veil, Jerry d’Estaing, Jules Thomas, Bruno Meitner, Karl Schmidt, Hector Greff, Alice Eilman, Benedita Runarata, Odile Carnap, Mathilda Kerholm, Josephine Sickler, Apolline Rousseau, Louise Nicolas-Ledoux, Virginie Fraga.[2]

One of them was seen deafened by the failed syncronization by Lenalee Lee.

Eight years ago, Komui Lee was transfered to the European Branch and became the new Branch Chief. He abolished those experiments.

It was recently invaded by Noah Lulu Bell and an army of Akumas. Even if the Black Order managed to defend their headquarters, a Level 4 was born in the Order and destroyed the floor of the Research room. Just after this another incident this time with a Virus caused other damages to the facility. Central decided to have the headquarters move to a new place next to London.


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