Fiedla [1] (フィードラ , Fiidora [2] VIZ: Fiidora) is the 6th disciple of the Noah Family. He represents the "Corrosion" (蝕 , shoku) of Noah. The original human name of the current incarnation is unknown.



Feedler's human form in the manga

Like all Noah, in his Noah form Feedler has dark skin and stigmata lining his forehead. He has light blue hair,[3] the top layer cut in a bowl fashion while some on the back has been left long and drawn back into a ponytail that is held in place by several hair bands. He has a distinguishing pair of triangular earrings.

His human form has paler skin than his Noah's, but his hair is much darker.

His Noah outfit during the Artificial Exorcists Arc is a sleeveless white shirt and white trousers. he wears three black headbands on his left forearm two on his right arm and one on his right forearm.

In his civilian outfit He wears a set of tramp or gypsy-like clothing. [4]

Personality Edit

Feedler is noted by Howard Link to be a very carefree individual, asking is opponent to release him so he can go and eat in battle. He appears to be a rather passive person prefering to follow the indications and requests of his fellow noah rather than taking decisions on his own. However he was shown to get angry when the earl is in danger, seeming very protective of him.


Nothing is known about Feedler's past, but it seems that like the rest of the Noahs (except for Road, and the Earl), his previous incarnation was also killed by the 14th.


Artificial Exorcists arcEdit

Feedler meets Bookmen

Fiidora appears to Bookman and Lavi

He is first seen greeting Wisely with the rest of the Noah Family, at his awakening of becaming a Noah. He later confronts Bookman, Lavi, and Chaozii in battle.[5] During this battle, Fiidora infects Chaoji with his parasites and abducts Lavi and Bookman.[6]

Seed of Destruction arc Edit


Feedler sitting next to Lavi

Once the battle at the North American Black Order Headquarters ends, Sheril Kamelot meets with Fiidora. He explains to Bookman that they do not agree with the Millennium Earl's decision to bring the 14th to safety and he wishes to search the Bookman logs for information on him. In exchange, Lavi, who has also been infected by Fiidora's parasites, will be spared. Feedler stays sitting next to Lavi during the meeting as Sheril is talking.[7]

Searching for A.W. arcEdit

Link vs Feedler

Feedler against Link

Feedler is seen beside the Millenium Earl's cart and, while Wisely and Tyki Mikk were arguing about the whereabouts of the Millenuim Earl, Feedler had informed them that Jasdevi, Sheril and Maashiima had captured Apocryphos.[4] Soon afterwards, he interrupts the conversation between Howard Link and Nea (in control of Allen's body) and attacks the former, demanding him to release the Earl from the binding spell. Link responds that after the attack the spell was cancelled anyway to what Feedler smiles.[8]   


Enhanced agility. Feedler is able to dodge Howard Link's magic scrolls for a brief amount of time by contorting.

High resistance: Feedler seems to have a very resistant body as he received a direct kick of Howard Link (that can smash a level 3 akuma into a wall) and didn't suffer any apparent damage. He also underwent electric shocks without being fazed too much.

Fiidora's parasite-covered tongue

Natural abilities as a Noah: Feedler has absolute command over all the Akuma, as well as destroying Innocence by simply touching it. All of his abilities, like other Noah, are based on Dark Matter. As a Noah, he is immune to the Akuma blood virus, which is normally fatal to the human's touch. These are the natural abilites of the Noah.

Parasitic Tongue: Feedler's tongue is covered in eyeball-like parasites that he can inject into multiple hosts at will. These parasites can be both volatile and benign, Sheril threatening bodily injury to Lavi using these parasites and Chaozii Han having one in his body that had previously been causing him pain currently going unnoticed. The parasites, in their benign form, can also be used for observational purposes, with Chaozii's body currently being used to spy on the Black Order while the Noah keep an eye out for Apocryphos. The eyes seems to be able to talk . It is unknown if they express themselves or only transmiss the words of others. In the fight against Link, Feedler could advance the ability further, forming a massive mouth on his stomach which he can fire powerful dark matter blasts from.

Major Battles Edit

  • Feedler VS Lavi, Bookman and Chaozii
  • Feedler VS Howard Link

Trivia Edit

  • Feedler has a mostly untranslatable verbal tic: he replaces various bits of his speech with “buu,” which is a kind of tongue-sticky-outy sound like “bleh.”
  • Feedler enjoys drawing in his sketchbooks. He likes Paper, colored pencils, beautiful colors and he dislikes Losing his sketchbook. He necessitates Sketchbook, pencils and naps. [9]


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