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Fate is the twenty-second volume in the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Chapters ListEdit


Alma and Kanda arrive in Mater with the former dying. Allen tries to save Tokusa, but he is bound by Link. He is then held captive at the Black Order for his previous actions. A Cardinal of the Black Order attacks Allen, and accidentally reveals that he was the one behind Cross's disappearance. Road and Tyki break into the Black Order to rescue Allen, and Tyki reveals that the Cardinal is a sentient Innocence known as an Apocryphos. Allen, Road and Tyki escape the prison, and Allen is officially classified as a Noah by the Order. Tyki leaves Allen and an unconscious Road so he can fight the Apocryphos. Allen creates his last Ark gate to leave the Black Order behind forever, disappearing after telling Lenalee he will always remain an Exorcist.

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