Exorcist Krory  (エクソシスト•クロウリー,Ekusoshisuto Kurōrī) is the 28th episode of the D.Gray-Man animation series.

Summary Edit

Krory, Lavi and Bookman investigate several villages where people keep disappearing. They meet a friendly and mysterious Level 2 Akuma who works on a farm and plays with the children. Days later, they receive news of disappearances in another village, and when they investigate, the village is in flames. Krory believes there is another Akuma and goes after it viciously but it escapes. Krory lowers his guard as he believes in the possibility of a good Akuma, but the friendly Akuma shows its true self when a fragment of Innocence is revealed after the church’s stained glass window is broken. Krory is forced to destroy it, and accept the fate of being an Exorcist.