Have you heard about "exorcists"? They are clergymen of an anti-akuma extermination group.

—Allen Walker

Exorcists (エクソシスト, Ekusoshisuto) are basically the only forces of the Black Order who are capable of destroying Akumas. They originally do so by having bonded with a shard of Innocence. The Order managed to add other forces to exorcists by implanting Akuma cells to some humans. They fight against the Earl of Millennium, the Noah Family and their army of Akuma.


Innocence can only be wielded by certain humans; these humans are called Accommodators (適合者, Tekigō-sha), or Apostles of God. Once an Accommodator has joined the Black Order, they are given the official title of "Exorcist", a rank within the Order below the Generals, the Chief Officer and the Great Generals in that order.

As Exorcists train with their Innocence, their synchronization rate, a measure of their connectivity to their Innocence, increases, empowering their attacks and allowing them to use new abilities while invoked, or while their Innocence it active. A lower synchronization rate indicates an Exorcist's inability to properly bond with their Innocence, which can be dangerous for them.[1] Parasitic type Exorcists naturally have an easier time synchronizing with their Innocence than equipment types.[2] When an Exorcist reaches and exceeds the 100% synchronization rate limit, they reach the critical point (臨界者 (りんかいしゃ), Rin Kaisha). When an Exorcist's synchronization rate drops below ten percent, it becomes too dangerous for them to continue wielding their Innocence,[3] and if it drops to or below zero (or if a non-Accommodator attempts to force a synchronization), the person in question could become a Fallen One.[4]

Recently, non-accomodators have been given the title of exorcists. They are known as The Third Exorcists.

At the beginning of the story there were 19 active exorcists including Allen. There are currently 11 active exorcists excluding Bookman and Lavi and 16 alive exorcists still excluding Bookman and Lavi.


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Uniforms are very important to Exorcists, acting as a source of pride,[5] identifying them for who they are to those who are meant to recognize them,[6] and making them obvious targets for their enemies.[7] All uniforms bear the Rose Cross (ローズクロス, Rōzu Kurosu), which is universally recognized as the official emblem of the Black Order.
Black Order Members and Lero

Exorcists wearing the second uniform.

The Science Division designs the uniforms of all Exorcists, taking requests from each Exorcist in order to personalize their uniforms to their specific fighting style (i.e., Lenalee Lee's uniforms always featuring skirts or short shorts for bottoms to free up her legs for the use of her Dark Boots). Johnny Gill, who is a tailor by family trade, is the one typically in charge of making uniforms.[8]

Exorcists with the third Uniform

Initially, the uniforms of standard Exorcists were largely black with silver trimmings, with the buttons and the Rose Cross pin being made entirely of silver and the uniforms of the Generals being trimmed in gold rather than silver, but after the move of the European Branch from the old location to the new, the uniforms are now trimmed in red and have more obvious markings of rank, including aigrettes and ranking stripes on the shoulders, and the Rose Cross metal pin has been changed to a cloth badge that bears the same emblem but is no longer made of silver.[9][10]

First Generation Edit

First generation exorcists are the original exorcists and the most numerous. They are natural accomodators for an innocence and are generally found by the generals during their journey. When those accomodators are found they are automatically considered exorcists and taken by the order willfully or not.

Second GenerationEdit

Second generation Exorcists are subjects of the Second Exorcist Program. They are artificially made Exorcists created by taking the brains of deceased Exorcists and implanting them in new bodies; these new bodies are then forced to attempt to synchronize with the Innocence that once belonged to the owners of their brains until synchronization is successful.[11] Only two Second Exorcists did not become Fallen Ones:

Third GenerationEdit

Third generation Exorcists are not actually accomodators at all. they do not wield Innocence. Instead, they are subjects of the Third Exorcist Program; former members of CROW who had mutated "Alma cells" injected into their bodies, giving them Akuma-like powers.[12] Currently, the Black Order no longer has Third Exorcists serving in their ranks.



Most Exorcists are stationed at the European Branch of the Black Order, where they live and await mission assignments.[13] Information from the other six, worldwide branches of the Order is compiled and sent to the European Branch, or Headquarters, and if the information is suspicious, Finders are dispatched. If the Finders suspect that Akuma or Innocence is involved, Komui Lee, the Branch Head of the European Branch and the Chief Officer of the Order, selects Exorcists and dispatches them to look for and ultimately destroy the Akuma and/or recover the Innocence. Exorcists are nominally under the command of their respective general but day to day they receive mostly their orders from the chief officer of the Black Order.

Name Innocence Type Generation Status
Allen Walker Crown Clown Parasitic First Branded for treason/AWOL
Yu Kanda Mugen Crystal Second Active
S1x 03
Lenalee Lee Dark Boots Crystal First Active
Lenalee Hallow
Lavi Iron Hammer Equipment First Unknown
Bookman Heavenly Compass Equipment First Unknown
Noise Marie Noel Organon Equipment First Active
Marie Hallow
Daisya Barry Charity Bell Equipment First Deceased
Daisya Barry
Chaozii Han Arm of Baptism Equipment First Active
Chaozii Hallow
Tina Spark Unknown Unknown First Deceased
Gwen Flail Unknown Unknown First Deceased
Sol Galen Unknown Unknown First Deceased
Timothy Hearst Divine Possesion Parasitic First Active
Timothy Hallow
Kazaana Reed Unknown Unknown First Deceased
Chalker Laboun Unknown Unknown First Deceased
Suman Dark Unknown Parasitic First Deceased
Suman Dark 3231
Miranda Lotto Time Record Equipment First Active
Arystar Krory III "Teeth" Parasitic First Active
Arystar Krory III 2016
Hevlaska Cube Guardian Unknown Active
Alma Karma Unknown Parasitic Second Deceased
Alma Hallow
Maria Unknown Parasitic Unknown Deceased
Madarao Third Defected to the Noah Family
Madarao Hallow
Tewaku Third Defected to the Noah Family
Tewaku Hallow
Tokusa Third Defected to the Noah Family
Tokusa pic Hallow
Goushi Third Deceased
Goushi Hallow
Kiredori Third Deceased
Kiredori Hallow


Main article: GeneralWhen an Exorcist exceeds the 100% synchronization rate limit, they become candidates for the rank of

"General". Once an Exorcist becomes a General, they are assigned a team of Exorcists they can be expected to train, and, typically, the Generals who discover new Exorcists while roaming the world with several shards of Innocence they are allotted are the ones expected to train these new Exorcists. Unlike typical Exorcists, the Generals are not under Komui's chain of command; their mission assignments come from the Great Generals, five unknown individuals who rank above Komui.[14][15] The missions of Generals are often long, and they don't come back to Headquarters nearly as much as standard Exorcists, though they do try to contact the Order at least once a month.[16] Some Generals, though, are not so obedient; former General Cross Marian is notorious in the Order for disappearing for four years after receiving a particular mission from the Great Generals (the mission to find and destroy the Akuma Egg, which was in Noah's Ark).

Name Innocence Type Status
Cross Marian Judgement(Former) Equipment, Parasitic Presumed dead
S1x 06
Grave of Maria Parasitic
Kevin Yeegar Unknown Equipment Deceased
Froi Tiedoll Maker of Eden Equipment Active
Klaud Nine Lau Shimin Parasitic Active
Klaud pic Hallow
Winters Socalo Madness Equipment Active
Socalo Hallow

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