Emilia Galmar (エミリア・ガルマ一, Emiria Garumā) the daughter of Inspector Galmar. She joined the Black Order's logistics section as Timothy Hearst's tutor.


Emilia is a young woman of average height. She has brown shoulder-length hair fixed to high ponytail and fair (blue in the anime) eyes. She often wears white blouses with a high collar, as well as a tie or bow, a long skirt and practical boots. In the anime, she is blonde.


Emilia is a woman of short temper and has no problem with showing her emotions, angrily calling her father out on his workaholic ways in front of his men, leading him to accuse her of "sounding just like her mother". She is also brave, shooting several akuma who were attempting to abduct Timothy despite the bullet hole in her shoulder. Even after one threatens to spill her guts and charges at her, she continues shooting despite her terror.


Very little is said about Emilia's background, though it seems her mother left her father for another man because he was so devoted to his work, a topic she brings up to him several times throughout the arc when she feels that he is being particularly stubborn.[1]


Phantom Thief G arcEdit

Emilia is first introduced at the very beginning of the Phantom Thief G arc, where she is having an argument with her father, Inspector Galmar.[2] When she is about to leave at the end of their argument, she bumps into Kanda and becomes immediately smitten with his appearance and forceful attitude. The Inspector notices this and quickly becomes abrupt and irritated with Kanda. It is then revealed that Kanda, along with Howard Link, Noise Marie and Allen Walker, have been sent to investigate the detainment of several of Black Order personnel under Inspector Galmar's command.

Emilia is then banished from the police station by her father, only to have her breasts groped by Timothy Hearst almost immediately after walking outside, leading to her hitting him in the head.[3] Emilia is next seen at the Hearst Orphan Asylum, looking for Timothy so she can force him to go to study.[4] When her efforts only end in her getting groped once again, though, she kicks Timothy in the back of the head, making him hit Allen (who was just walking in through the front door) and accidentally making Timothy take over Allen's body.

When Emilia and the Mother Superior of the orphanage have it explained to them that Timothy is an Exorcist, both women are skeptical and refuse to allow Allen and the others to take him. Before that conflict can be solved, though, several Skulls lock the orphanage on a separate plane of existence and send a Level Four Akuma and three others (mixed Level Twos and Threes) to apprehend the Order Exorcist and the new Exorcist and steal their Innocence.[5]

After being ordered to by Link, Emilia and the Mother Superior herd the children down to the cellar while Kanda and Allen engage the Level Four. When Emilia, Timothy and Link make it to the bottom of the staircase, though, they find one of the Level Two Akuma has used its special ability to turn the Mother Superior and the other children into dolls.[6] Emilia rushes forward in a panic at their condition, but ends up getting shot by one of the other Sisters who works at the orphanage, who turns out to be a Broker (an ordinary human who gives the Earl information and other humans in exchange for money).[7]

Link moves to protect Timothy and Emilia, but ends up being turned into a doll, himself. When Timothy is about to get abducted, Emilia challenges them, using the pistol the Broker had and shooting the Akuma repeatedly. [8]The Akuma move to kill her, but Timothy manages to possess the Level Two and uses its body to protect Emilia.[9] Amusingly, when Timothy meets his Innocence, Divine Possession, in its 'secondary' form, Emilia, who cannot see it, is left to question his sanity.[10]

As Timothy uses the special ability of the Level Two he has possessed to turn the other Akuma into dolls, Emilia drags Link's body to safety and watches in shock. When Timothy abandons the Level Two's body, though, and it disintegrates, Link's body goes back to normal and he leaves Emilia's side, going back to the battle.[11] Soon after that, Madarao, a Third Exorcist of CROW, arrives,[12] and the battle ends quickly.

As a whole, the events force Inspector Galmar to accept the existence of Innocence and the Akuma, and upon hearing that Timothy must be taken away, he offers to take Timothy, himself, and protect him.[13] Emilia, who is present at that, is one of the many who tells him he cannot, despite being moved by his words.

Emilia, the Mother Superior and the children are taken back to the Black Order Headquarters for treatment of their wounds and the exposure to Dark Matter (which caused terrible fevers in all of the children and the Mother Superior[14]), and it is there Emilia tells her father that she is joining the Order to stay by Timothy's side. This causes the Inspector much grief, because Emilia said she would only leave home "once she had found a man".

Emilia is seen soon after that, having, indeed, joined the Black Order, where she is acting as Timothy's tutor under the sharp eye of General Klaud Nine.[15]

Seed Of Destruction arcEdit

Emilia is seen briefly fretting over Timothy when he comes back from a mission with a fever, putting a bag of ice on his head and scolding him for not bringing a bellyband on his mission like she told him to. She uneasily listens to Chaozii Han's vow to fight Allen Walker along with the rest present in the room.[16]


Marksmanship: Being the daughter of the Inspector of police, Emilia seems to have some ability with marksmanship, as she was able to wield a handgun with only one hand and a gunshot wound through her other shoulder. Even in this state, she managed to shoot repeatedly at several Akuma without hitting Timothy.[17]


  • It is shown that she may have feelings for Yu Kanda when they first bumped into each other.[18] Kanda holds no feelings in return.
  • She seems to assist in the infirmary when Timothy is out on missions.
  • Emilia's hobbies are volunteering and helping people. She likes people's smiles and children and dislikes men who don't take care of their family. [19]


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