Elda (エルダ, Eruda) is anime-exclusive character who, along with her father, is looking for the Leaf of Revival to resurrect her little brother.

History Edit

Happy Memories

Memories with her brother.

They where living in a family of four, herself, her father, her mother and her little brother. Their house has been burned down by some unknown reasons, but her little brother has been born with bad legs which he couldn't escape from the house. Her father tried to rescue him but the flames where becoming bigger and bigger. Meanwhile Elda is trying to get her mother away from the flames. Jacob tells them that they must stay back and tells them that it is fine. Their house has then been set in full flames which kills Jacob. Since that accident, her mother is in coma and her father won't evenly look at her which he is regretting about that day about what has happened.

Personality Edit

Elda has a kind and friendly personality, always apologizing the ones who have been attacked by her fathers rudeness. She's also a strong and caring girl, which she shows that she cares for her father and for the ones around her. She believes that the Leaf of Revival doesn't exist, but it is because her father tries to resurrect her little brother with the leaf[1]. After the death of her little brother and that her mother is in coma, she has more of a sad melancholic appearance, talking in a soft voice. She cares about the ones that she loves, as shown to her father when he was trying to get the Leaf of Revival on his own and tells her to stay at the inn, which she won't and come with him because she don't wan't to worry about him that much at home. She's also known as a girl who is prepared by most events by Lavi, seeing that she comes with items that would help you to survive winter storms. After that the meeting with Allen, Kanda and Lavi, she was seen smiling again and showing more a happy personality.

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Elda has mid-long sort of spiky blonde hair and green eyes. She wears a puce capful with a pink fur on the top and having a Lavender pink outfit.

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Leaf of Revival Arc Edit

Main article: Leaf of Revival Arc

She was looking at the snowstorm at her place. Her father prepared his seek for the Leaf of Revival. She tells him that she goes with him because she don't want to get worried about him at home. They later got found by Allen, Lavi, Kanda, Bookman and Michael which they brought them back at their inn. The next morning they where having another try to get the Leaf of Revival and goes of this time on skies. Elda noticed that it is hot today, they then see Allen on skies which she ask if he avoid injuries, which Allen says yes. After that Allen was telling them most points of view, Elda's father gets mad at Allen but Elda stops him[1]. After noticing that the snow storm has been returned, Allen suggest that they must take a break. The next morning, she sees Allen and Lavi standing, telling them that they can go ahead and that they will manage to survive it, and apologizes for her fathers rudeness. She then tells what happens as reason why they are searching for the Leaf of Revival. Later they then meet three travellers being in fact Akuma's, which she and her father are being protected by Allen and Lavi.

Quotes Edit

  • (To her father) "No, I'll go too...If you go alone, I'll be worried."[1]
  • (To Allen and Lavi) "Good morning, sorry for causing you trouble yesterday"[1]
  • (To Allen) "Did you managed to avoid injury?"[1]
  • (To Allen and Lavi) "That's why I...won't stop my father, I want to let my father chase his dream."[1]


  • Her English voice actress is the real-life wife of the English voice actor of Yu Kanda.

References Edit

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