Character Information
Kanji Name イーズ
Romaji Name Īzu
Gender Male
Age 11 (approx.)
Status Alive
Date of Birth Unknown (Orphan)
Blood Type Unknown
Height 110 cm (3'6")
Weight 19 kg (41 lbs)
Nationality Portuguese
Manga Debut Chapter 41

Eeez is along with Clark and Momo one of Tyki Mikk's human companions, being the only child in the group of three other adults.

Appearance Edit

Eeez is fair-haired, wears a pair of baggy pants tucked into boots and a stripped sweater under a heavier jacket. He also wears a face mask, which is also his most notable feature.

Personality Edit

Though Eeez doesn't speak much he seems to be very well-mannered, such as when he wanted to give Allen the silver pendant he cared for so much that Tyki had gotten him (in reality, Tyki had stolen it from the body of General Kevin Yeegar after brutally assaulting him, the pendant actually being Yeegar's identification tag) as thanks for Allen returning Tyki's group's belongings.

Personal Statistics[1]Edit

  • Education: 2
  • Affinity: 3
  • Work Ability: 3
  • Mental: 3
  • Flexibility: 4
  • Proper Manners: 5

History Edit

Eeez is an orphan, and his overall appearance seems to suggest that he may be sickly.

Plot Edit

The Vampire of the Old Castle arcEdit

Eeez is first seen sitting silently as Tyki and his companions con Arystar Krory out of his clothes by playing him in an unfair game of poker.[2] Eeez sits by silently and watches as Allen not only wins back Krory's belongings, but also plays his way into winning the belongings of Tyki and his two older male companions (by cheating).

When the train arrives at a mining station, Eeez gets off with Tyki and the other two men, offering Allen his silver pendant when Allen returns the group's belongings.[3] Tyki scolds Eeez lightly for trying to give his 'treasure' away, giving Allen a deck of playing cards, instead, and telling Eeez to take care of the silver as the train rolls away, commenting that he went through a lot to get it.[4]

Eeez then walks with his hand in Tyki's as the group prepares to go to speak to the foreman of the mining station about jobs and food, but Tyki gets a call from a nearby pay-phone for a 'secret job' and turns Eeez over to the other two men.[5] Eeez asks that Tyki bring him more silver from his secret job, and as the two men and the child walk away, Tyki disappears.

Eeez's pendant swings outward to reveal the name of Kevin Yeegar,[6] the Black Order Exorcist General who was recently attacked and received grievous wounds that he first went mad and later died from.

Trivia Edit

  • Eeez's interests include the souvenirs he gets from Tyki, he likes Tyki, Momo and Clark (the other two men in Tyki's group), and he dislikes cold places.[7]

References Edit

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