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Originally titled "Komui's Experiment Discussion Room," the Discussion Room features questions asked by D.Gray-man fans and answered by Hoshino.

Volume 3

Komui's Experiment Discussion Room Vol. 1 [1]

  1. Q: The characters come from various countries. What's their common language?
    1. A: They speak English, the universal language. Even Kanda speaks English.
  2. Q: What's that rabbit that appears from time to time? Does it have a name?
    1. A: I made my Editory Y into an animal. Its name is Yoshi. Yoshi appeared in a one shot manga but I liked it so I kept using it (just to tick him off). Maybe one day I'll have an Akma that looks like him... just maybe (looks off into the distance).
  3. Q: What does the title, D.Gray-man mean?
    1. A: It's a word I made up and has various meanings. It could apply to Allen and the other characters as well... On a separate note, I was thinking "Dolls" for the title before I came up with "D.Gray-man." Other titles I came up before that were "Chronoa" and "Zone."

Discusson Room Vol. 2[2]

  1. Q: Is the Timcanpy that was on Master Cross's head the same one that's with Allen now?
    1. A: They're both Timcanpy.
  2. Q: Timcanpy looks like it's getting bigger.
    1. A: He's growing bigger every day (I think?). I got Editor Y's approval so I'm going to start making him bigger still!
  3. Q: Does the Earl really have rabbit ears?
    1. A: I wonder... Heh heh heh.

Discussion Room Vol. 3[3] There were quite a few non-D.Gray-man related questions so...

  1. Q: What kind of conversations do you have with your staff members, like Oi-chan? Who do you hang out with the most?
    1. A: We show each other our earlier manga creations and laugh about it. I think I hang out with Oi-chan and Miyazaki the most. We're always playing around and making Ghibli and Gundam characters wen we're working.
  2. Q: Is your assistant Oi-chan your nephew?
    1. A: No, he's my buddy.
  3. Q: Do you wear a toupee?
    1. A: Whaaaaaaa!!? (Slams desk!) I do not! I used to get teased about that when I was young...
  4. Q: What kind of music do you listen to while working?
    1. A: Final Fantasy Soundtrack and Dragonball CDs, etc.

Discussion Room Vol. 4[4]

  1. Q: Please tell us your profile
    1. A: I was born in Shiga Prefecture on April 21. I'm a Taurus and my blood type is O. I like curry, baths, the color black and curling up in bed. I hate bananas, milk and miso soup. I hate bananas so much I'll scream and toss it somewhere if I see one. I listen to Porno Graffiti, L'Arc~en~Ciel and Jazz. I'm fantastic at doing Ghibli imitation. I's gotten a lot more fun since my assistants Oi-chan and Miyazaki joined in. I drew my first manga when I was 21.
  2. Q: Which character is easiest to draw?
    1. A: The Earl and Hevlaska. The ones that are hard are Allen, Kanda and Master Cross... (Lots of main characters)
  3. Q: Where do you come up with ideas for D.Gray-man?
    1. A: While taking a bath. I have a tendency to fall asleep for six hours in the tub. My Editor Y told me to stop the other day.
  4. Q: Which pen do you use to draw?
    1. A: I use the Zebra G-Pen and Circle Pen. I use their standard models.

Discussion Room Vol. 5[5]

  1. Q: What kind of tempura does Kanda like?
    1. A: Pumpkin, sweet pepper and lotus root tempura.
  2. Q: Out of a 100%, how much trust does Komui command from his staff?
    1. A: 99% trust and 1% murderous hate.
  3. Q: Is Komui a coffee snob or does he drink instant coffee? Please tell us what kind he drinks.
    1. A: He's a coffee snob. He drinks Blue Mountain coffee.
  4. Q: Who's the dumbest and smartest out of Kanda, Allen, Lavi and Lenalee?
    1. A: (Dumbest) Kanda -> Allen -> Lavi -> Lenalee (Smartest)
  5. Q: How much does the Millennium Earl weigh?
    1. A: 85 kg.
  6. Q: What is the Gatekeeper's name?
    1. A: Alestina Drow Joanason P. Robathan Gia Amadeus No. 5. He's the fifth Gatekeeper.

Discussion Room Vol. 6[6]

  1. Q: Where did you get Timcanpy's name from?
    1. A: It's the name of a silver accessory brand name. I really like their stuff so I've taken some other character names from them too.
  2. Q: If Section Leader Reever were to make a career change what would he do?
    1. A: He'd be a private detective or a school teacher.
  3. Q: What kind of shampoo does Kanda use?
    1. A: He uses soap.
  4. Q: Did Allen really eat all that food in ten minutes in Volume 2?
    1. A: Yes he did.
  5. Q: What is love?
    1. A: ...I hope to draw that in this manga.

Discussion Room Vol. 7[7]

  1. Q: Why is Komui always wearing slippers?
    1. A: He wears them because they're comfortable. He also wears them because his feet start to stink if he wears shoes for long periods of time and Lenalee won't come near him when they do.
  2. Q: Does the Earl wash his favorite coat?
    1. A: Yes, he washes it. The Earl takes good care of his things so he takes good care of his coat too.
  3. Q: Why does Allen eat so much?
    1. A: In fact, all parasite-type Exorcists have a big appetite. They require a lot more energy as they have an Innocence lodged within them, compared to the Exorcists who equip their Innocence, such as Kanda.
  4. Q: Is Kanda a guy or a girl?
    1. A: No doubt about that one. He's a guy.
  5. Q: Is Allen left-handed?
    1. A: He's ambidextrous
  6. Q: Is there some contraption in Komui's beret?
    1. A: That's a secret. Apparently one of his assistants heard something coming from around that area but who knows...


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