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Delete (Derīto (Sakujo) 削除) is the sixth volume of the D.Gray-Man manga series.

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The swarm of Akuma heads for an Exorcist named Suman Dark, who has betrayed his Innocence by revealing the name of his comrades to Noah Tyki Mikk. As a result, he has turned into a Fallen One, and is being destroyed by his Innocence. Allen and Lenalee struggle to save Suman, and Allen pushes his Innocence to its limits to save Suman's body; however, his mind has been broken by the experience. Suman's body is subsequently destroyed by Tease, Tyki's man-eating butterflies. Unable to move due to using the full power of his Innocence, Tyki destroys Allen's Innocence and punctures his heart.

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