Decision and Beginning

Chapter 4

Kakugo to Hajimari
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Decision and Beginning (覚悟と始まり, Kakugo to Hajimari) is chapter 4 of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.

Summary Edit

The Earl of Millennium ask Allen if he can really see the soul of an Akuma and if he can save them which give him a try in doing it. The Earl then launches the bullets to Allen, which has no any effect on him. Allen tells the Earl that he must not underestimate him because he only managed to hit him the last time was because he was protecting Jan. An annoyed Earl then calls a hundreds of Akuma's to kill Allen and Jan. Allen tells Jan to get out of here and tells him that he will destroy all of them. A confused Jan remembers his times with Jan until his mothers funeral calling Leo an idiot for trusting the Earl which he later puts the blame into him telling Leo only about the Earl but not about humans. He then yells telling Allen to destroy him. Allen then uses "Gross Grave" which kills all the Akuma's in an instant which the Earl escapes. Allen stares until he gets gone, which he later faints due to his injuries. Allen ask Jan to call a doctor. Jan tells him that he will call a doctor soon, which he ask him to faint. Three days later, Jan is creating a cross for on Leo's grave. Leo then tells Allen that he is going to the Black Order, which Allen tells him he do. Jan then tells Allen that he is going to his father's place to gain more power and knowledge. They give each other a fist bump telling that they both must try their best.

Characters in Order of Appearance Edit

Characters in order of appearance :

  1. Millennium Earl
  2. Allen Walker
  3. Lero
  4. Jan
  5. Jan (flashback)
  6. Leo (flashback)
  7. Timcanpy
== Quotes ==
  • (Allen Walker to The Earl of Millennium) "Don't underestimate me. I was shot earlier, but that was only because I was protecting Jan. It takes more than an Akuma Bullet attack to kill me."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen Walker) "Do you know Eastern proverbs? "Unskilled guns, but...The more guns, the likely they will hit" I've got plenty of Akuma to go around."
  • (The Earl of Millennium to Allen Walker) "I am The Earl of Millennium, the maker of the Akuma. I shall obliterate your puny "God" and lead the world to it's death with my Akuma. An exorcist, a soldier of life. You can't save this world no matter how hard you try. NEVER!"
  • (Jan to Allen Walker) "It's Leo's grave marker for now. He's been treated as a runaway and no one knows he's dead. So until he has a real grave someday..."

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