Debt Crisis


Shakkin Kuraishisu
Chapter Information
Release Date November 23, 2006
Magazine Weekly Shonen Jump
Arc Noah's Ark arc
Night 99
Volume The Rouge Stage
Chapter Guide
Twin's Room
Lost the Key?!

Debt Crisis (借金クライシス, Shakkin Kuraishisu) is the ninety-nine chapter of the D.Gray-man manga series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino.


Devit and Jasdero continue to attack Allen. Allen notices that each place that it hit with a bullet freezes and wonders if the twins have a freeze ability. This is quickly dismissed though as they fire their red bullet and a giant fireball is shot. Allen uses his Cross Grave ability to avoid the attack but another attack is immediately fired at Allen which he cannot avoid, just at the last second Lavi and Krory jump in to deflect the shot back towards the twins. they manage to disperse the fireball with yet another new bullet(white), surprising the exorcists further. Lero goes on to explain that the twins powers are not from the guns, in fact the guns they bought themselves and aren't even loaded. The twins explain that although their mission is to find Cross is cannot be found in Edio so it's best they stay in the Ark and attack his apprentice. They show Allen the bills Cross left them to pay this affects Allen who then starts to act strangely, he says that compared to what he had to pay off for Cross their debt is minuscule and that his Master is a true demon. As Allen moves to attack again the twins use the "purple" bullet - deceiving glasses on the group. Suddenly the group can no longer see the twins and moreso the floor of their room is now covered with replicas of the key they need to exit the room.

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