Dankern is an isolated village in South-east Germany. Kanda Yu and Gozu were sent there to investigate

on a so-called haunted forest and a witch.


The location of Daukern

Landmarks and Architecture Edit


The haunted forest

Located in Bavaria, Daukern is a small village surrounded by a thick forest. The next city is Mittenwald. The forest was said to be haunted because of the akumas who had an adress in it. The forest is vast and verdants with many coniferous. The Town itself has a bell tower and classi european houses inhabited by seemingly fearful people.

The father of Sophia holds a shop in the center. At the edge of the village, we can find a small hut said to be the hut of the witch. Next to it there is a clear pond in which lotus flowers can be seen at a specific period of the year.

History Edit

The specifity of the village was the witch of Daukern: A woman who was chosen by the villagers to act as a scapegoat they could blame for their sorrows. During decades the tradition continued, replacing the witch with another girl or woman when the last witch came to die. Recently a young girl named Angela was ill and her twin sister left for Mittenwald to get money to pay her treatement. Unfortunately the old witch died in the meantime and the villagers chose another witch : Angela. Her father tried to prevent but he couldn't do anything to save her. The girl couldn't handle the strain of leaving alone in the hut and she died before her sister Sophia came back from the city. Sophia called the Millennium earl and her body became the akuma vessel for her late sister. She killed half the villagers and made the other half into akumas. The akumas started to guard the forest, preventing any intruder to reach the village. Hearing of the haunted forest, the black order sent a finder and an Exorcist to check if any innocence was involved, making the scene of the The Village Where the Witch Dwells chapter.

Yu Kanda killed all the akumas inhabitants including Angela. The town is now a ghost town.

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