This is a policy page of the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia about Quotes. Please read the policy before you do anything else that is unpleasant for the wiki.

Quotes are important sayings coming from a character that can also be reminded by a visitor or editor when there is a discussion or a argument about something. Each quote represents normally the characters personality to one of another character of the series. To create a quote, first create a page named "Quote:(name character)" and write within there the quotes of the receptive character that you want to show. Each quote must reflect the characters personality, and all new quotes requires a reference to which chapter and which page or did he said that in the anime so yes which episode. All changes to old quotes require a new reference, which means if the reference is incorrect or the page numbers are different they must be changed.

If you start a quote first you must create a page as stated above with you must start with "Quotes" as same when you are creating a template page to create a new template then you always must start with "Template". Once the page has been created, put the header == Quotes == as starting and create the quotes starting with "*" this at each quote that you have created. Please do add the category [[Category:Character_quotes|{{PAGENAME}}]] which the quotes can be found back.

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