This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia naming policy for naming characters, abilities, episodes, chapters etc. Do follow this policy for if you want to create a new character etc pages.

Notes Edit

Name Westernising Edit

Some characters from the series have Japanese names or maybe in the future there will be more Japanese characters introduce. We do not then use the same naming like they are doing in Japan from talking first of their last name to their first name. We name character directly from the first name to his last name, like:

  • Instead of Kanda Yu we are using Yu Kanda.

This is actually not a big deal because most of the characters in the series having westernised names. This rule is only special for Japanese named characters in the series. If he got no last name only showing his first name or no the first name unknown and only shows his last name, then use them.

Usage of Mid-dots Edit

In Japanese westernised names, there are mid-dots looking like this: ・, these are symbols special for western names including their last name to separate them, like Allen Walker: アレン・ウォーカー. If there are any western characters known, including Chinese names, they will have mid-dots in the middle of their first name ・ last name.

Do not use the Japanese naming system, by placing first the last name of the character and then the first name of the character, like this.

  • Walker Allen (ウォーカー・アレン), that is completely pointless.

Viz Media Translation and the Character Books Edit

Viz Media Edit

The ones who are translating the Japanese manga into English language are various kinds of manga companies, but the most famous of all is "Viz Media" known for their translations of various Jump manga's such as: "One Piece", "Naruto", "Bleach", "Bakuman" and evenly "D.Gray-man". Various readers of Viz claiming that Viz Media is a very bad translation company, knowing for screwing with the words of various Japanese meanings and titled them their own way. But we are using Viz Translated titles around his wiki because it is very understandable for the reader instead of using fan translation. If we are using fan translation titles means that the tankōbon volume where the chapter belongs to must get translated in the US by Viz Media. The title names will get changed after Viz releases a new volume of D.Gray-man.

Character Books Edit

Although we are using Viz Media's title translation, the one that we are mostly using are the names coming from the character books. Character books are created by the author him or herself with naming that he or she likes to have or how he/she named them. If Viz's translation is not correct to that of the character book, then it will not be used here as original translation as well. Character Book informations are the most important information coming from the series gathering more information about characters, locations, manga information, the life of the author and many kinds of things. We prefer to use the Japanese Character book versions instead of Viz translation character book.

Character Naming Edit

It is important how the character has been named by the author or by a fan translator. Western names are very hard to translate and very hard to understand by readers or evenly translators. The character data book are an important source for that, which can help us to name the character correctly. We do not change the character names because it was "said in the volume" or "chapter", doing that so will get you banned. Naming in character pages are also forbidden, evenly to make things clear here are some set of rules what you never must do by naming characters:

  • Do not rename the character pages for no logistic reasons:
    • Do not say that it was said in the volume, chapter or do not evenly give us the link to a fan translation website.
    • Do not change the named in the character article page because it was said in the volume, chapter or do not evenly give us the link to a fan translation website.
    • Do not rename character pages without no any good reasons.
    • Do not rename character pages only after you got permission from a administrator.
    • Do not use Viz translated character names.
    • Only use character book character translated names.

Important is do not translate the naming from yourself, especially if it is a western name. Some visitors are evenly making war with administrators when the name got changed from their favourite character after reading only fan translated sites. Here are some important naming where you must have been caution for:

Ability Names Edit

Most important is also the names of the abilities the characters are using. We do not use Japanese styles names but only English names, which is more understanding for the visitors as well. If the ability name got a very strong name such as: "He the one who protects" will be denied and are using the Japanese name because it then suits better. Do not come with crazy fan translation or with constantly short naming texts such as "Clown Clown" in "Kuraun Kuraun" → "Clown Clown".

Translations Edit

At this wiki we are using the {{Translation}} template, which you must use it like this: {{Translation|'''Name'''|Kanji|''Rōmaji''←(<nowiki>'' comes automatic</nowiki>)}} see the full explanation at the template because this was only a example.

The translation template can be used for every kind of page that need to be translated easily. If you translate the rōmaji of the template or everywhere around this wiki, do not create one capital letter in the title naming, because it is not a whole sentence. The rōmaji translation must be like this: "Heiwa e no Kakehashi" instead of doing it like this "Heiwa e no kakehashi".

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