This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia fan policy. Read the policy clearly to prevent banning from this wiki.

Fan Projects Edit

There are various of fan relations, mostly fans are been called "Otaku" (オタク; Literally meaning "Nerd or Geek") special for peoples who love manga or anime or anything else related to the two. The obsession of anime and manga can come out that far that peoples creates their own images and theories of their favourite series. Many of community websites has been created for them where they can discuss about anime and manga and evenly make their own theory about their favourite series. Unfortunately, they cannot represent their own website due to the forums and any other otaku websites strict policy.

Fan Images Edit

Here at this wikia are fan images not allowed due to copyrights issues. The creator creates his own taste with the image of their favourite series. Evenly fan art is still not allowed evenly it isn't copyrighted at all, due that it isn't connected with anything of the D.Gray-man franchise and doesn't fit in the character pages. If you really want to upload your images that you've created we recommend you to create a fanon website, share your images with other community that loves the same thing that you do, or youtube.

Fan Theory Edit

It is also forbidden to come up with fan theories. The most popular fan theory is "Do Lenalee Lee likes Allen" which another person says "Yes she does", evenly it if it isn't true. This is strictly forbidden, because we are a wiki that concentrates on facts and not on theories. Fan theory can also be in close relationship with spoilers. We recommend you to go to a fanon website or create one, or go to an community website where you can share your fan theory of the series topic, but not on this website.

Fan Love Letter and Fan Pages Edit

Most worst thing of all is love letters to a character from a fan and creating fan pages. Both of them are extremely forbidden at this wiki which you can get banned on the highest level. Here are some explanations why you must not send any love letters to a character in their talk pages:

  1. This is a community wiki, contributors, visitors then can see that you've send a anime manga character a love letter. They then possibly think that you're weird because you fell in love with a anime manga character.
  2. It is creepy that a fan is actually a love letter to his/her favourite character that doesn't even exist (sorry for the fans who are taking it seriously).
  3. You're name can be spread first at unknown websites and then it goes round.
  4. There are peoples that can engineer and finding you IP address evenly if you have a username.

Fan Pages are extremely forbidden at this wiki, as stated above, due to these reasons:

  1. This is a fact based wiki and not a wiki based on fairy tales and lies.
  2. The series has been created by Katsura Hoshino, it has not been created by a French or Belgium cartoon artist where everyone can create their own story.
  3. Novels and Anime obtained the rights from Katsura Hoshino that hey can add their own story line and different characters, but with the same cast Hoshino created, so do not ask why the director from the anime and artist of the novel is doing it.
  4. It is annoying to watch.
  5. Editors who are creating fan pages are on a noob level of wiki editing (sorry to say that) and do not know what they must do.

Remember all the rules from this page if you're are a fan editor. If you really want to send a fan art, then go to the D.Gray-man fanon. The link is shown at the activity page.

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