This is the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia civility policy, do follow this policy on how we communicate or behave to each other.

Rules Edit

Overall Edit

  • Do not be demanding, like you want to have the things your way evenly if you're a administrator without bureaucrat rights.
  • Administrators has been seen as right hands of the bureaucrats also as equals with some sort things.
  • Do not be demanding on talk pages towards Administrators or Bureaucrats and do not follow a discussion evenly you are not English and do not blame it on the internet cause you're writing it not the internet.
  • If there is any inactivity, the administrator or contributors must not use it against each other as a reason.
  • Talk to each other with respect.
  • Respect anyone edits.
  • Do not support vandalism.
  • Do not point at another wiki if there will be heavy vandalized around here saying that they are coming from that wikia.
      1. Because they do not support vandalisms.
      2. Because they are challenging the vandalism their self.
      3. Only point if they are coming from the fanon wiki's.
  • Helping another one is option to be civil.
  • Do not be creepy and say that you have this or that in saying in someone userpage and then tell the same person that or that you know him from another wiki pointing that he said that in his user talk page.
      1. The user can possibly think that you are stalking him/her.
      2. The user can possibly think that you like him or not.
      3. The user can hate you because some of it can be private.
      4. You do not understand what the person's true intentions are.
  • Everyone got their own ambitions.

Notes Edit

If the community cannot be civil to each other, than the both party will get banned, evenly if you are a administrator, rollback or bureaucrat. Evenly, only bureaucrat can help you out.

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