This is the Blog and Talk Page Policy of the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia. Please follow this policy to communicate and understand each other very clear and much better.


Talk Pages

  • Everyone is free to talk with each other but on a civil manner.
  • If disagreement occurs, do not start with literally with "I won't agree", which can mean that you are selfish and that you only want to end things your way.
  • Do not exchange any spoilers, websites of better nudity, hentai, hentai information, or any kind of information that contains illegal or inappropriate.
  • Do not attack one of another contributor by a disagreement, this will be set in a ban.
  • Do not attack one of another contributor by a disagreement with scolding him/her, this will be set in a ban.
  • Do not ask the administrator or anyone else of template, mediawiki codes exchange.
  • Try to communicate on a civil way, if there is a disagreement with one of another contributor that thinks on his/her selfish way will be banned.
  • No selfishness.
  • Do not discuss about anything you disagree for.
  • Do not edit more than 3 times on the user talk page.
  • Do not send images to one of another contributor that is unrelated to the series of this wiki that is representing it.
  • Do not talk in hentai language with each other.
  • Talk about serious stuff that is happening at the wiki to the administrator.
  • Do not write love letters or something unusual to a character page.
  • Do not start a discussion that can be directly proven.
  • Do not start a talk page war about the character or other article pages, it will also automatically a direct attack on the user talk page.
  • Disagreement in blog or talk pages by inactive users or administrators doesn't count. If there is only one administrator disagree about it, it will be decided by a bureaucrat.
  • Do not attack the bureaucrat talk page, evenly you are a administrator.


  • If there is a event of in one of the blog pages made by one of the administrators around this wiki, the community can also participate in the discussion.
  • If there is an inactivity at the blog page and one administrator disagree with it don't count. The discussion will set forth by a bureaucrat if it will go or not, evenly there is not much of an activity.
  • Respect other comments on this wikia. If there will be unlikely discussions with each other about the topic then the blog will be closed.
  • Do not create a blog where you can find hentai images or videos.
  • Do not create a blog about name changing.
  • Do not create a blog about love for some characters about the series.
  • Do not create a blog that goes about Allen and Lenalee Lee.
  • Do not create a spoiler blog.
  • Do not create a blog containing things you like to sell to one of another contributor.
  • Do not create a blog containing false information like, "D.Gray-man will have a third season".
  • Do not create a blog that is pointless, like: hahaha i created a blog.
  • Do not create a blog containing information about another series instead of the D.Gray-man series.
  • Do not create a blog about vandalisms coming from another wiki that started to attack our wiki due to this reasons:
    • Other wikis do not supports vandalisms that have been vandalized their wiki.
    • Other wikis are trying their best to prevent vandalisms.
    • It is not sure if the vandalisms are coming from the wiki which "you" pointed.
  • We do not accept administrative requests in blog or talk pages.


  • If the administrators around this wiki has been inactive for the time being, do not create a "adoptive request" at the community central to adopt this wiki.
  • If a main administrator is inactive for a very long time and a disagreement occurs, do not remind him because he has not been here for a long time he will change or do something which you disagree on.