D.Gray-man Encyclopedia is a wiki-based encyclopaedia and community website that is dedicated to the D.Gray-man series written and illustrated by Katsura Hoshino. This wiki is owned and hosted by Wiki, Inc. The series to which wiki is dedicated to is a manga that has been many publishing pasts which the series first started in the popular Weekly Shōnen Jump which was weekly published then semi-monthly in another magazine that is related to Weekly Shōnen Jump and as final monthly in Jump Square because the creator of the series is ill.

The original owner of the D.Gray-man series is the manga artist Katsura Hoshino which many works of her own has been based on the series as well. This wiki has been active since April 29th, 2008 in order to make it a popular source of information and anything that you can find about the D.Gray-man series, but this wiki suffers from inactivity from members and administrators.

The series has been released since 2004 and counts aleady over 20 volumes and over 200 chapters and over 100 anime episodes. Since the anime has ended, the manga still continues and we are still hoping that the anime will resume quickly after gathering enough materials for creating it. The wiki is keep getting different kinds of modification and revamping modules. We're trying to add brand new lay-outs after the upgrade has been finished that must be done around each and every kind of wiki. We do not take the credits from the templates but give credits instead to Narutopedia for creating such great templates. This wiki is also meant to have their own source of information and not information that has been taken from other D.Gray-man fan websites. The D.Gray-man Encyclopdia is a English based wiki which means that no other language except language that has been included in the manga such as Japanese for the names, techniques etc.

Linage of time


The D.Gray-man Encyclopedia has been founded by Bon3z also known as ZeRO since April 29th, 2008 which the user has been inactive since then. The wiki didn't stay inactive after the inactivity of Bon3z, instead of that they where been holding a contest on which user would become the new administrator of the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia. During the contest the outcome came on two. Hlp922 has become the main administrator also gained bureaucrat rights and Shock Dragoon who was mainly serving Hlp922 as her main right hand. This wiki gained new administrators over the times which this wiki went under constantly revamping. During a trouble that has been occurred in March 2011 one of the administrators defected and went to find more ways to make the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia more attractive.

After many help from the administrator, but also from the editors/contributors that are mainly helping the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia, this website has become now how it actually should be. The D.Gray-man Encyclopedia is still under progress in completing each and everything that must be added.

Future Achievements

It can be sensed that the D.Gray-man series will end any time soon, so to be equal to stop alongside with the series we have many kinds of jobs that can help this wiki out to become more informational and popular among the D.Gray-man fans. Revamping is the major issue of this website. This wiki is getting revamped each and every time because there must be a style that fits this wiki but many times it has been failed. Not only the main page faces revamping, but the policy, the character pages, episode and manga pages will be revamped in order to become a powerful source of information about the D.Gray-man series.



Main article: Policy

The D.Gray-man Encyclopedia follows a very strict policy which is useful to help this wiki out to become one the greatest source of information. Evenly this is also meant to prevent editors with a short fuse when they are editing something wrong which is not meant the way how it should be edited. The policy has been introduced since the upcoming of the administrator KidProdigy known by his former user name ProGamerP9. He created the policy to help this wiki even more out and in hope that the editors would read the policy and understand what this wiki expect from them.

Editors mainly around every wiki are complaining about each wiki's policy which they are claiming that it is ridiculous and stupid to follow and that it can be too strict. Policies are the same as following the policy at the job you are working at, they are also following very strict policy which you must follow as employee. Evenly each editor can complain about the policy, evenly about the policy around this wiki, but the fact that it will be change has 0,02%. Each main editor around the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia must follow the policy, not only the editors but also the administrators as well. This wiki should be much more equal and doesn't need show off around that got promoted to a higher status.


See also: Editing

Each MediaWiki based website or said every website around the World Wide Web has a editing source. The websites that are using MediaWiki's can let each and every person edit each and every page around and evenly adding another article page. To edit a page that you like to edit you can click on "Edit this page" which you will see a entire field where you can edit a page freely but not too free, when you are editing a page you should watch on the wiki policy. You can add various of different features such as adding images, videos, image gallery, slideshow, autograph, templates etc.


This wiki has a very big dislike against vandalism. This wiki has also a very strange dislike against contributors with strange user names based on races, genitals or evenly hentai names or many other user names that are inappropriate to use around Wikia. Evenly we have also a dislike against contributors who didn't logged in or has not been registered around wikia. We will check each unregistered contributor who left a edit in the history page to see what section you have edit. This wiki contains also have a large amount of banning time. For editors with a user account they are save to get banned infinite unless they didn't do something horrible, but for unregistered contributors they can get banned infinite by any violation.


Main article: Administrators

The D.Gray-man Encyclopedia counts 4 administrators which three administrators has bureaucrat rights. If you have any questions for the administrators around the D.Gray-man Encyclopedia we are happy to answer them. If you have any questions that are hasty or written in a internet slang, then you would not gain you answer back. This wiki is a polite wiki which we are also talk polite to each other. But furthermore again, if you have any questions for the administrators don't be afraid and ask them, they are happy to help you out.


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